25 Pilots Course




Back Row L-R:   RG Sweeting,  DG Little,  AJC Beirman,  RAJ Patterson,  PT Dart,  PM De Rouffignac,  IJ Wilson,  RG Hewitt,  BJ Dwyer,  EG Shearer.


Centre Row L-R:  AM Parer,  MB Mitchell,  AJ Willmett,  JD Grant,  NJG Watling,  DD Blackley,  SO Smith,  BF Hamblett,  GR Rohrsheim,  PA Day.


Front Row L-R:   JA Turner,  TA Neill,  JA Angus,  IJ Reese,  MV Curtis,  CK Callins,  PT Arnold,  DMS Darcy,  RW King.




We have the names of the people in the pic below, but unfortunately, we can't put the names against faces, if you can help, please do.



Standing L-R:   Chris Blackley,  Mick Curtis,  Ian Reese,  Steve Smith (Navy),  Harry Hansen (Navy),  Graham Rohrsheim (Navy),  John Grant,  Terry Neill,  Nick Watling.

Seated L-R:   Bill Bierman,  Peter De Rouffignac,  Mick Parer,  Peter Arnold (Navy),  Bob Patterson,  John Turner,  Peter Dart.


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