27 Pilots Course




Back Row L-R:   BT McNight,  PJM O'Sullivan,  JM Blair,  L O'Connor,  JD Campbell,  IO Lawson,  GLC Falkiner,  MC Williams,  CH Wilson.


Centre Row L-R:  MJ Forrest,  LR O'Neill,  KR Page,  LC Bannerman,  RR Croft,  BE Dunsdon,  MJ Falls,  JW Ankers,  HR Morris,  DR McAlpine.


Front Row L-R:   AC Jory,  MC Ellis,  PT Colbey,  AC Theak,  Barry Seedsman,  WJ Shepherd,  CR Mercer,  R Willimczyk,  E Sandstrup.



We have names for the pic below but unfortunately we can't put names to faces. If you can help, please do!


JD Campbell   (Navy)

GLC Falkiner   (Navy)

JM Blair   (Navy)

AC Jory

BW Seedsman

E Sundstrup

HR Morris

RJ Walsh

R Willimczyk

RR Croft

CR Mercer

LC Bannerman

AC Theak

PT Colbey


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