34 Pilots Course.


No 1 BFTS Uranquinty Jun 1958



Back Row L-R:   DH Gibbs,  Hedley R Thomas,  RM Serich,  AD Patterson,  Les W Morris,  Bob SD Stewart,  Bill J Cape.


Second Row L-R:   TG Bergelin,  JK Black,  Eric G Miller,  Ron E Lawford,  JF Wilson,  Peter D Griffin,  Alfred Phillip Tremain,  Don Melvin.


Front Row L-R:   AE Green,  VJ Daly,  PJ West,  SBE Courtier,  Terry EK Wishart,  CRL Patten,  AP Adams,  MJ Alves,  Rob D Spratt.


The photo above was taken at the start of the course at RAAF Uranquinty … the rank for RAAF members was Trainee Aircrew (T/AC) although that was refined to Trainee Pilot (T/P) for those proceeding to the flying stage three months later. Trainees wore the laurel wreath surmounted by an eagle on both sleeves and were destined to graduate as Sergeant Pilots.


Graduation photo.

1 AFTS Pearce Sept 1959.

Standing L-R:  Bill Cape,  Les Morris,  Alf Tremain,  Peter Griffin,  Ron Lawford,  Don Melvin,  Bob Stewart,  Hedley Thomas.

Seated L-R:   Rob Spratt,  Albert Riley,  Terry Wishart,  Eric Miller,  Brian Courtier,  Neil Ralph,  Peter Adams.


Three months prior to graduation (upon the departure of 33 Course who graduated as Sergeants) 34 Course trainees were “elevated” to Cadet status and were the first course to be commissioned as Pilot Officers on graduation.   They were also the last course to fly from RAAF Uranquinty. 




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