45 Pilots Course

Point Cook

January 1962 - November 1962



Standing L-R:   Don Cockerell (Army),  John Walsh,  Geoff Lumsden,  Kev Merrigan,  Gerry Nolan,  Harvey Ritchie,  Dave Voight,  David Rogers,  Ron Slater.

Seated L-R:   Tony Karpys,  Don Jordan,  John Spencer,  Charlie Barnett (Army),  Barry Williamson,  Kev Gosling (Army),  Ian McInness, Hugh Hopkins,  Dave Scanlon.



This course graduated from RAAF Pearce on the 10th May, 1963, having flown the Vampire.

Wings were presented by the WA State Governor, Sir Charles Gairdner.



Graduation Photo.

Standing L-R:   Ron Slater,  Harvey Ritchie,  Kevin Merrigan,  Geoff Lumsden,  David Rogers.

Seated L-R:   Tony Karpys, F/O Don Jordan,  Ian McInnes,  John Spencer,  Hugh Hopkins,  Wally Walters.


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