56 Pilots Course

Oct 1964 - Mar 1966



56 AFTS Graduates

Standing L-R:  Graham W Haywood, Robert L Williams, Richard B Gregory, Cecil M Lucas, Graeme A Perske, Alan Aiken, Robert C Winckel, Dave W Del Fabbro, Stuart Cooper, Ian B Cooper.

Seated l-R:  Maxwell J Goodsell, Peter J Judges, Graeme A Szczecinski, W Stafford Lowe (Navy), Anthony A Casadio (Navy), Brian R Carter, Robert J Montgomery, Christopher J Hancock.


56 BFTS Graduates


BFTS graduated 2 Army officers, Lts Swales and McFerran, who did not do jet training and Mid I Misfeld who went to helicopters with Navy. Another Navy pilot who went to Pearce was Mid A Hammond who sadly was killed during training at Pearce Airbase.






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