17 Radio Appy

Jan 1963 - 11 August 1965.



Standing L-R:   John Pergunas,  John Veitch,  Graeme Dennes,  Ron Clayton,  Keith Green,  Dave Weeks,  Brian Richardson,  Chris Short,  John Pickup,  Quentin Flemming,  Graeme Sinclair,  Nev Wren,  Graham Crawford.

Seated L-R:   Graham Trezise,  Peter Outtrim,  Bill Holker,  Mick Nicholls,  Pete Duncan,  Ray Carrington,  Leon Drummond,  Bob Matters,  Graeme Younghusband,  Peter Chappelow,  Tony Blyth,  John Foley,  Ian Kerr.


17 Radio Appy started with 48 members with 26 graduating. The Appies spent two years full; time at RMIT travelling by bus to the city each day. This was followed by eight months full time at Radschool.


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