43 Radio Appy

12 December 1990


Unfortunately we can't put faces to names, the names below are those that graduated. If you can help please do.

43 A

Back Row L-R:   Don't know, Don't know, B Chinnick, Don't know, P Aberle, G Harrington.

Middle Row L-R:   Don't know, S Danstra, C Elksnat, S Hull, ? Bates,  C Griffin.

Front Row L-R:   G Green,  ? Brown,  S Garedener, D Gray, A Hunt, B Haywood.

43 B


These are the names of those that graduated.


B Chinnick

SP Danstra

CH Elksnat

DM Gray

GM Green

CF Griffin

GW Harrington




BM Hayward

SR Hull

AD Hunt

BM McCaskill

JW Marshall

JA Minney

MJ Norton




BD Page

CR Pollard

LG Radcliffe

AP Rohan

WP Smith

TW Vacher

A Welstead



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