Pt Cook.  13th  Jan to 12th Feb 1965


Back Row L-R:   LM Burton,  HA Fathers,  AJ Anderson,  CA Wright,  HL Heath-Woodhams,  CF Frahn,  AM Saroglia,  J Leckie,  RW Whetstone,  DP Bennett,  JV Watson,  A Parise.

Middle Row L-R:   HA Fraser,  LM Bestwick,  CA Kotz,  M Laverack,  BA Broadley,  BJ Evans,  AE Miller,  G Chambers,  HM Quosdorf,  HL Fulker,  GN Hardaker,  BF Mellow,  JP Rowe.

Front Row L-R:   VM Browne,  AV Dodds,  CA Mills,  LP Barkley,  Sgt Ford,  Sect Off Cass,  Sqn Off Dines,  Sgt Webb,  PD Nelson,  SL Henderson,  J Wright.


Queensland girls - at the airport on the way to Melbourne




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