21ST Jul to 20th Aug 1965



Names are those on the course, they are in alphabetical order and do not correspond with faces.

If you can help associate a name to a face please do.



Andaloro A
Atkinson P.M
Bancroft M.L
Barton P.A
Bickley Sandra
Broniszewski I
Chalmers B
Clarke M.J
Donehue L.
Fenton J.F
Gatti M.R
Hince C.J.
Jacks V.M
Jamison C.L
Jefferey Y.D
Kelly N.L
Kidman Linda
Kyte Lynette
Lanigan P.A
Mackay J.F
Maliszewski Helena .K
Moran D.J
Nicholls  LEE
O'keefe S.M
Parkes Roslyn
Rhule C.A
Rigoll  M.E
Ring M.G
Shaw ? E.L
Stark V.A
Stern A
Urnezius A
Vidler E.M
Ward J.E
Wesley F.L
Wesley Faye
Willes M.J


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