29TH M arch to 28TH April 1967


Names are those on the course, they are in alphabetical order and do not correspond with faces.

If you can help associate a name to a face please do.


Anderson D.V
Avery L.M
Bensted L.S
Bird D
Blatnik D.R
Brown Y.P
Burgum M
Collins B.J
Devenish A.E.K
Duffie V.M
Eyles F.J
Gillian A.I
Greenwood C.A
Halton K.M
Hornsby R.G
Huener D.M
Humbert L.A
John M.J
Johnson B.L
Knight  W.A
Logan C
Longden G.P
Murton J.R
Parker L.K
Parsons N.A
Paterson M.P
Payne M.J
Perry M.F
Ralph G.I
Sharpe J.C
Sullivan R.S
Swain E.A
Weir  A.M
Woodings P.M
Wren N.E


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