May to June 1969




Names are those on the course, they are in alphabetical order and do not correspond with faces.

If you can help associate a name to a face please do.


Andrew C.M
Andrews  K
Angus F.C
Britza D.P
Cain B.M
Cansick P.J
Caulfield S.M
Collinet C.I
Colman C.A
De Haan C.J
Doyle K.M.A
Dyer S.M.C
Etherton J.J
Ewens M.A
Frahn S.A
Friedman H
Graham K.J
Harris C.V
Harvey L.R
Hext J.E
Hills M.R
Hindricks D.E
Hope  R.L
Hutley L.A
Hyem A.J
Jackson R.M
Johnson I.F
Kirkwood  M.E
Klein R.C
Lambley J.M
Lehmann S.H
Marrs C.H
Martin K.L
Mccarthy P.M
Mcgrath J.A
Mckenzie P,R
Muston R
Reeves M.J
Reynolds S.A 
Robinson J.C
Rogers S.A
Sturgeon S.L
Taylor S.E
Vanderkyl W.E
Wallace H.J
Ward C.A.J
Warner G
Worsley W.M


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