Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 37

Page 19

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Your say!



 Your Say!





We heard from Sqn Ldr Gary Meyes, he says, “Firstly, let me congratulate you on a great magazine. The picture on No 5 Mini computer course back in Vol 36 brought back some (sometimes extremely fuzzy) memories for me. The names of the unknown members, as far as I can recall are: No 5 Mini Computer Course


Back row: 2nd from left, Mick Frey, 3rd from left, Nigel Dunn, 4th from left, me. Front row: 2nd from left, Ron Daley; 3rd from left Dave Marchant; 4th from left Keith Starks and 5th from left Rory O'Connor.


The instructors were Peter Outtrim, Noel Pettit, Geoff Norman and another SGT who's nickname was "Stalky" (something do with size of a particular part of his anatomy I believe) but I can't remember his name for the life of me.


Keep up the good work fellas”


(Thanks Gary – flattery will get you everywhere – tb)



Gary Broughton  says “It's sad to hear of the demise of the blokes who were influences in our lives. I read with some sadness of the passing of Tony Pitt, while at the same time being absolutely bloody delighted that Ron Oddy is still alive and well. While at Laverton I recall that Tony had a problem with a car purchase he made from a local dealer. At the time I was a trainee at Radschool. I knew Tony for a lot of years and really got to know him later. Tony had ordered a particular car but, when delivered, he maintained that it was completely different to the order. If I recall correctly, he maintained that the vehicle was the wrong body type (panel van instead of whatever he really wanted), wrong colour and wrong capacity.


For some time after that Tony ran a campaign to warn everybody on base against making a purchase with this particular car yard. He even supplied copies of the contract and it was highly informative. The contract appeared to have small panels cut out of the carbon so that what was written on the front sheet didn't make it through to the underlying copies. So what Tony thought he was getting was not what was on the copy he received. So the yard delivered whatever they wanted him to have. I never did find out how that campaign ended.


Years later, when I was at 1AD and he was a WOFF at Radschool, he was entirely disgruntled with the choices we had available to us at the polls. The Australian Democrats just started kicking off at the time and Tony was a passionate supporter. He was instrumental in setting up the Laverton Branch and invited his friends along. I went to one meeting but was completely put off by a very large, ignorant (socially and educationally) young woman who proudly pronounced from the lard filling the chair that she had never voted. Unfortunately, you can't filter out the rubbish from political involvement. I figured that the Australian Democrats were attracting the fringe dwellers, of which I am not one, so I never went back. I also firmly believe that including any allusion to democracy in the name of a political party invariably proves to be an oxymoron.


Last I heard, Tony had retired to QLD and was last seen at several elections on an ABC news report handing out how to vote cards at some polling booth or other.




Sue Rothwell wrote, “Hi, my husband stumbled across this article whilst Googling my Dad, Don Tighe, who hasJeanette Kiorgard and Don Tighe been deceased for the past 30 years. The article was about Jeanette Kiorgarrd and my Dad was in a photo with her at Frognall. It was a photo we hadn’t seen before and we where thrilled to see it.


A day doesn’t go by without thinking about my Dad so it was really special to see this article. I would love to let Jeanette know that we read it and how special it was that we found this photo. My husband can’t believe he even thought about Googling my Dad. It's funny how things happen. Thank you sincerely.


(We put Sue in touch with Jeanette - tb)




Dave Cook read Sam’s story in our previous edition on transferring data from the PC to a Mac, he says. “I have converted to an iMac recently and have easily and quickly transferred all my MS Outlook and MS Internet Explorer Contacts and Web Stuff via a memory stick. Mind you, I thought it was going to be a problem but with a bit of trial and error I got it done. What could I lose by trying? I’m also using MS Word and Excel. The wireless mouse and keyboard are great and I do not miss the numerical pad on the RHS of the keyboard. However, the mouse is using batteries at a rapid rate (every 3 weeks) which I put down to the photo manipulation in Photoshop.


The only complaint I have is about the iPhoto not automatically recognising any other photo software such as Picasa (which my wife loves) or Adobe Photoshop or Elements. I have persisted with this problem and have now completed repairing about 1700 old family photos, from negs and positives, from my Mums' linen press.


Love the whole concept of the magazine so keep it up. 


Regards,  Dave Cook, ex Framie (1959 to 1987).


p.s. Had the pleasure of working with Al George in PNG so appreciate his humour” !!


(Thanks Dave – though, pleasure??  working with Al George??  If you’re still looking for a good photo handling program, see Sam’s story on GIMP back on Page 4 – tb)




66 Telegs

Mick Fargher wrote, he says, “Re; Page 3 Vol 36, 66 Telegs photo : Back row is not Lionel Rose, it's Lenny, front row is Graham Robertson and Don Wood. Great Magazine. I was surprised anyone knew Geoff Craig as he was a MT Fitter and worked in the bus depot in Biloela when he got out of the RAAF. I also knew his brother, Bruce, who was also in the RAAF,also as an MT Fitt. He ended up a Manual Arts teacher at Biloela high school until he retired........I’m the good looking chap front row last on the right.


(Thanks Mick, we’ve amended the entry – tb)




Douglas Barthelson  saw the article in Vol 35 where John Kelly was asking for a copy of the photo with names of 103 Telegs course. Doug had most of them and we’ve amended the article in Vol 35 to show the names. Doug was quick with and knew all the girls’ names – wonder if that means anything…




Radschool Instructors 1984

We heard from George Vicino who said:  Re Volume: 36 Page: 3, in the photo titled "Radschool Instructors 1984", the chap in the centre of the first row next to Paul (Ferret) Atkins is Sam Gillis and the chap on his right is Ray Vicino, not George Vicino. Ray is my brother and we were both in the RAAF at the same time.


People always got us mixed up. I even ended up with Ray's medical records on posting once, and when I arrived on posting at Edinburgh SA where Ray was already posted, I even got Ray's pay.


Thanks Ray – fixt it - tb.




Ken Hunt says:  “The reference to Ballarat on page 5 of the latest Magazine sure brought back memories. There were a few old motor bikes there in 1955, the only one I remember was ridden in by Dick Campian from Adelaide one leave weekend. Dick used to ride passenger in the side car races and his driver used the name R Soverhead. Things you remember.

 Ballarat Hospital nurses

The photo of Black Hill sure hit the spot. A couple of Nashos and a couple of nurses from the Base Hospital in our old A model Ford. Then after the movies in Lydiard Street up to Black Hill, eh! The other good spot (with nurses at night) was overlooking the pool at the Eureka Stockade.


Our 'drab' uniform had a drab cover over the blue peaked cap, I don't see that option in other photos. The guy on guard duty looked like our Nasho style, we had NO webbing only black leather belts etc. I must have been blessed I never stoked the boilers but I did complain about not enough hot water. (I wonder whether they are connected?)


We did not have enough prac time to build a full receiver but we did build amplifiers that oscillated and oscillators that amplified. Our group photos were similar to those shown and we always had berets dressed 12 different ways. We did not have a drab battle jacket, just long sleeved shirts. If it was cold we wore our navy pullovers UNDER the shirt.


We had no snow in the six months that we were at Radschool, but god it got cold. We had sleet build up on the door to hut 128 overnight. Out Ford was a tourer with no side curtains; didn't it get breezy coming 'home' along the pines road.


Keep the magazines coming, I look forward to them.




Ernie Gimm says We need to show more sympathy for these people.


·         They travel miles in the heat.

·         They risk their lives crossing the ocean.

·         They don't get paid enough wages.

·         They do jobs that others won't do or are afraid to do.

·         They live in crowded conditions among a people who speak a different  language.

·         They rarely see their families, and they face adversity all day ~  every day.


I'm not talking about illegal boat people ~ I'm talking about our troops!


Doesn't it seem strange that many Labor, Liberals, Greens and Independents are willing to lavish all kinds of social benefits on illegals, but don't support our troops, have reduced their pensions and are even threatening to reduce their pay and allowances?




Bob St John says “Both the Caribous, A4-210 and A4-234 are now in their new home at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) at Albion Park. A4-210 arrived first followed a few days later by A4-234, after a 3 hour 50 minute flight from Oakey.  I was fortunate enough to operate the flight as the Loadmaster on 234. It sort of was "ground hog day" for me as it has been 43 years since I left 38 Squadron. I went to Oakey as part of the "rescueA4-210 leaving Oakey team" and I was surprised  how quickly the workings of the aircraft came back to me and how good the condition of the aircraft was after sitting out in the open for the past 2 years.


I would like to thank you all very much for all the donations that are now rolling in. We do need to get the spares down from Townsville as both aircraft will need to undergo a major servicing before they fly again, a task that I am looking forward to achieving. We hope to have at least one aircraft up and running by the end of January and the second soon after. I will keep you all informed of our progress.


HARS is a voluntary organisation that relies solely on sponsors and donations so if you know of anyone that would like to donate towards the upkeep of the Caribous, please point them in my direction. We are all volunteers at HARS so all the money goes into the aircraft, I'm in for about $10,000 so far.


Once again, Thank you all for your help, the veteran community has really come to the fore and the response has been overwhelming......Thank you everyone !!!”




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