Hanoi Beer Festival.


First organized in 2006 by the Hanoi Beer Alcohol and Beverage Join-stock Corporation (Habeco), the Hanoi Beer Festival has grown to become a tradition and an annual cultural event that is highly sought out by beer-enthusiasts, both local and from abroad. Those who are fond of the prestigious drink that has been part of Hanoi culinary culture for more than one hundred years will again be delighted. Besides getting to enjoy delicious Hanoi beer for free, a purchase of any Hanoi beer product (either canned or bottled) will get you another one free - ie; buy 1 get 1 free.


Entry to the event was VND20,000 (Dong) which is AUD$1.00 - and after that it's all free, Mr CUB, get yourself into gear - we need one here.


It was great to go to a beer event without seeing boof-heads, there was no unruly behavior, no fights, no drunks spilling beer all over the place - loved it!!


It was a great event - until they started to serve the food!!!