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Where are they now?



100 Year old Ex-RAAF Personnel.


So they can be rightly honoured, the Radschool Association is trying to contact all ex-RAAF personnel, both men and women, who have turned, or are about to turn, 100 years of age. If you know anyone who has or is about to reach that milestone, please let us know so we can contact them. Their details will not be made public but their details will be passed onto the RAAF's History and Heritage Branch which is keen to know of them. It does not matter what their mustering was, not does it matter if they served overseas or in a war zone, the only requirement is their age and that they served in the Air Force. 


If you know of someone who is ex-RAAF and has or will turn 100 within the next 12 months, please contact us here 100@radschool.org.au or you can or get them to provide their details here www.radschool.org.au/100




Ted Whitehead.


Angela O’Neil writes, Hello. I'm helping a friend do some research for a book he's writing on the Narromine Aviation history. In particular, I'm researching the graduates - and I'm having trouble finding any information about a particular graduate from the Narromine 5EFTS, Ted Whitehead. I noticed you had a photo of him on your website, in the 21 Pilots Course. I'm just wondering what this course entailed and whether you have any further information about what this course entailed and where it was held.


I was also wondering what the purpose of the '21 Pilots Course'? The person, Ted Whitehead, was, I think, a pilot graduate from 5EFTS in the war. So, was the course one that was specifically for trained pilots? If so, what did they learn? What year was the 21 Pilots Course?


You can get in touch with Angela direct at medangelus@gmail.com


(Angela, timing doesn’t seem right, I think perhaps you have the right name but different person (in 21 course) but if anyone has any info on a Ted Whitehead who flew during the war, please get in touch with Angela direct – tb)




Bob Aberneathy.


We heard from Paul Falconer-West who said, In 1970-1972 I was a member of the Baseball team made up of RAAF Frognall, RAAF Laverton and RAAF Point Cook members. Our coach was FLTLT Bob Aberneathy (right) who was a staff member of Radschool. At that stage Bob would have known me as one of the West twins from DCS, Paul and Peter West. Since marrying in 1979, I added my wife's maiden name to my surname and became Paul Falconer-West. I have just finished 46.5 years of Permanent and Reserve RAAF Service. How can I get in touch with Bob?


If you can help, please get in touch with Paul here  rpfw@multiline.com.au




Harold William Bolitho.


Neil Bolitho got in touch, he says: “My father served in RAAF No 4 Wireless Unit as a Wireless Recorder. His was on Course 4, in June 1944, at Central Bureau in Brisbane. He told us very little of his war experiences, but we do know he served in the Pacific - fairly sure at Morotai, and/or Labuan Island, Borneo. Not sure if he was in the Philippines. If you have any information about WU No4, I would greatly appreciate it”.


If anyone can help, please get in touch with Neil here bolmedia1@gmail.com




Jane Mills.


Dianne Marshall was stationed at 2SD as a transport driver in Sydney in the early 1980's and she is trying to get in touch with an old friend Jane Mills (right) who she says “is in one of the photos at your 2014 gathering. Could you please furnish me with some contact details for her? That would be appreciated.”


If you can help, let us know and we’ll pass on the info to Dianne.




Ian White.


Bruce Hurrell got in touch, he says:  “I have sought this information before, but the site has a much wider audience now so I will try again. I am trying to locate or get information about a Radtech Air named Ian White (Snow or Stretch). Ian joined, probably in early 1966 from Byron Bay and was possibly on RTU course 772. He went to Radschool and went out as a Radmech on Neptunes in TVL, returning to Radschool to complete his Radtech course on 16RMT from 68 to Feb 69. He was then posted to WLM in 69 and remained there until he discharged. Ian was madly into cars and eventually ended up with a Ph 2 GTHO Falcon and then raced a Twin Cam Escort with one stint at Bathurst.


If anyone has any info on his whereabouts or on his full name can you respond to this. He is the last unfound member of our era. You can contact me here:  brucewh2@gmail.com.”


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