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Avalon Air Show Special.

April, 2011


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The fabulous Avalon Air Show was on from the 1st to the 6th March, 2011.

Laurie Lindsay and I went along and Laurie took along his trusty little Kodak instamatic,

a pocket full of cartridges and half a dozen flash cubes  and we got some good snaps!!


This is how we saw it.


Caribou Cargo brochure cover

The Show was an excellent opportunity

for Exhibitors to show their wares to prospective buyers.


See Page 1





It was the 90th anniversary of the RAAF

and they were there in force.


See page 2




Air Nostalgia DC 3


Civilian Aircraft were there in abundance, some luxurious, some economy class,

some old, some new.


See page 3





USAF B-1 Bomber

There were many military aircraft at the event, but the B1 bomber from the USAF stole the show.


See page 4




Robot and John Gleeson

And what would a show be without Volunteers,

but volunteering for what,

that is the question.


See page 5





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