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Vol 37

November, 2011




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Sadly, in the few months since our last issue, we have once again lost some very good mates.


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Our lovely Page 3 girl this issue is Bernadette Van de Tillaart who currently works for the Directorate of Regional ICT Services in Canberra.


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Sam tells us how to disable start-up programs in Windows machines and has a great tip on how to remove the background from photos.


See page 4

Weíve got photos of Appy courses from a long time ago and we have a look at an excellent book on the F111.


See page 5

Tedís got the latest pension rates and there are now new eligibility criteria in getting a Gold Card.


See page 6

Wng Cdr Ted Ilton, ex Admino, tells us his colourful story.


See page 7


40 years ago, a young 9 Sqn chopper pilot, Ron Betts, was shot and killed while supplying 3RAR in Vietnam. This is his  story.


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Allan George tells us where the old F111's will be displayed and recently he got on his bike for charity.


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What is Qantas really up to? And do you want to drill a square hole in a round peg??


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Itís official, itís better and safer to be born a woman!!


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Tim Flannery has predicted all sort of  dire calamities on us Ė we have a look at some of them.


See Page 12


11 November was Remembrance Day, we went to a ceremony at the Kedron Wavell Services Club


See page 13


Weíve received a stack of mail on the dreadful DFRB/DFRDB situation. What a sell out!!


See Page 14


A Vietnam Vet was fined for helping fellow vets, the world has gone mad! and we have a look at Brisbaneís  old trams.


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Good grief, no more deserts for lunch in the Airmansí Messes and the blokes in Caloundra have nearly finished restoring A2-1022. 


See Page 16.




A few blokes are not as well as they should be.


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We're looking for a few people, perhaps you can help.


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This is where you have your say. We look forward to getting your letters - so please keep them coming.


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Your say


If you've got a reunion coming up, or if you've got some news, let us know and we'll publicise it.


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Well, itís December with Christmas just around the corner, where did the year go? A lot of us will hop in the car in the next few weeks and head off for parts unknown to share the holidays with family and friends, to swap presents, to share a few drinkies, to generally just have a good time Ė and why not??


But, unfortunately, this year, like years previous, too many people will die on the roads. With lots of people on the road there will be lots off accidents, some caused by excessive speed, some caused by the excessive tiredness of the driver and some caused by the driver having had too many drinks.


This year a very intense TV commercial has been produced which brings home the terrible consequences of drinking and driving.


You can see it HERE.


Look at it and show it to as many people as you can, letís hope the number of accidents this year is less than last year.


We at the Radschool Association would like to wish you a happy and healthy Christmas period, and a wonderful New Year.


We look forward to seeing you all again in 2012.



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