Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 37

Page 18

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Where are they



    Where are they now?






Fred Holtmann.


Michael Smallman, who is now in the Army, would like to contact Fred Holtmann. He says, “I was doing a search to see if Fred Holtmann was still around as I have lost touch with him many years back and would like to find out if he is still in Adelaide just to say hello and a big thank you for all the stuff he did for me when I was at Air Force Cadets.


If you can help, let us know and we’ll pass on the info to Michael.





Radio Technologist Apprentice scheme


Last issue we heard from FSGT Nigel Worthington who was looking for info and or photos on the Radio Technologist Apprentice scheme. He’s still looking and has offered the following:From the ground up book


The Technologist Apprenticeship scheme started in 1982, there were 10 intakes (9 at Radschool) until TTR started in 1992 and it got scrapped. RAAFSTT trained Instrument, Eleco, Engine and Airframe TECH-APs in Wagga during this period and Radschool trained the RADTECHs (Air and Ground)


I found an old photo of the 1992 TECH-AP intake at Radschool through a search function on the website (can’t find it now) and it made me think there might be more. The book “From the ground up” lists all the members of the TECH-APs who graduated from Radschool but we don’t have any records or history


Unfortunately, none of the old TECH-APs from Radschool that I've been able to contact have been able help.


If you can help, let us know and we’ll pass on the info to Nigel.




John Maxwell Goodsell


Rob Farrell is looking for John (known as Max) Goodsell who flew Caribous with 35 Sqn from August 1967 to June 1968. He says “The reason I am asking is on the 24th May 1968 in A4-193 we were on a 006 mission, when we got hit by ground fire while trying to land at Ca-Mau in a heavy storm. While about 5klm north east of the Ca-Mau airstrip we were caught in enemy cross fire and a round struck the nose wheel steering gear, came through the floor, struck the elevator trim wheel then continued upwards and entered Max’s helmet and struck him on his right cheek bone. Max collapsed and Ian Cooper, the co-pilot, took over flying the aircraft. Max was helped from his seat by Bob “Pong” Dexter (Loady) and a couple of US news reporters who were along for the ride and made comfortable down the back. Ian Cooper landed the aircraft and Max was taken off and was given first aid. The aircraft was flown back to Vung Tau by Ian Cooper with Pong in the right hand seat.


Since then I believe "Pong" has passed away and Ian was killed when his Machi crashed in East Sale. I was the Assistant Loady on the above flight. I’d like to catch up with Max again.


If you can help, let us know and we’ll pass on the info to Rob.


Gary Kimberley sent us this photo which was taken in Port Moresby early in 1967. The print was taken from a slide so unfortunately the quality is not the best.…


38 Sqn, Det A, 1967

L-R:  Stu Cooper, Max Goodsell, Nick Warling, Ron Raymond (R2), Gary Kimberley



Jack Espie


In our last issue, Graham Tidswell was looking for Jack Espie. Peter Holmes saw the article and says he knew old Jack Darby Espie well. "Firstly he signed me up in the RAAF in May  '47, then we met again in '51 when he did a test pilot’s course at ARDU. I was in charge of ARDU radio maintenance and had set up a " radio facilities"  room. This contained every type of radio in aircraft at that time. The reason being, you can't get 12 pilots into a mustang at once to learn to operate a Bendix 5043, etc. This was about the time a fellow course friend, Snowy Edwards, crashed in a Vampire over Laverton. No radio, big investigation....


Jack’s sister lives in Tassie and I was informed last year, can't remember the exact date,  that he had passed away. Aged 86 – sorry to have to pass on the sad news."




Terry Horsley and Lindsay Gale.


 Tery Horsley and Lindsay Gale

We’re still looking for these two blokes who were on 41 RTC at Laverton in 1967.


Toyota Corona

Terry used to drive at a million miles an hour everywhere and Lindsay had one of the first shovel nose Toyota Coronas on base.


 Can anyone help??






Allan O'Connor


Allan O'Connor and John Mathwin




We have been looking for Allan O'Corror for some time, and we're pleased to say we've found him - still living in FNQ.


Allan, left in the pic, is shown having a cold one on the rock wall at Brighton beach, in 1967.


Only sissies drink stubbies, real men drink the biggens.






Win and Bill Coyer

Bill Coyer


We're looking for Bill Coyer, seen here with wife Win at an Airman's Ball back at Richmond in 1970. Last we heard, Bill was living in the Darwin area, if anyone has any info, please let us know.









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