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Bill and Win Coyer. Bill saw our last edition and writes.


“I saw our photo in the 29 Feb issue, and am writing in response. From Richmond I was posted to Amberley and then to Darwin in 1971. After Cyclone Tracey in 1974 we were given the option of either staying or going - we stayed and I was eventually discharged here in 1979. I then worked for the NT Gov’t for about 10 years, then after a few more years “back yarding” fixing TV’s etc (I noticed that once they stopped using 1S2’s in ‘em, they got harder to fix - tb) I decided to retire and now live in Malak - a northern suburb of Darwin.”


“Win and I now share our time with our grandchildren and I’m the President of the Darwin North RSL.”


Good to hear from you Bill - I know a lot of blokes have asked about you and will be pleased to see you’re fit and well. The look on Win’s face (above) leads us to ask something like “Wonder where his right hand is this time”, but we won’t. - tb



We haven’t found Fred Holtman yet, someone must know where he is—surely, but we did get some further info on his bed. (This has to be the most talked about and well known bed in the history of the RAAF). Ted Washbrook from the West writes;


I don't have any real news (about Fred’s whereabouts) but when I was posted Z grade to Darwin in 1975, I was given the bed that Fred Holtman had used. It had 18 inches welded into one end of it and a small mattress was made to fill in the extra length.


I never saw Fred at that time or again for that matter, and I have often wondered what happened to him as I played basketball against him in Sydney before joining the RAAF, must have been in the early 60’s. Anyway keep up the good work..


Thanks Ted—the search continues, and we wonder where that damn bed is now too!! - tb



We recently received a letter from Kev Carroll who will be remembered by all the queer traders who were posted to 38Sqn during the late 60’s early 70’s. Kev, who was OIC queer trades at the time, went through Radschool in 1955 when it was at Ballarat, and after a time in the field eventually swapped his ‘ralls for a set of blues (and his “A” for an “O”). He writes,


“I’m not usually a joiner, but noting the effort that is being put into your association and the newsletter, I consider this a worthy cause.”


Thanks Kev, good to hear from you again after all those years—tb   



Meaningful Misconceptions:

Abdicate--v., To give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.

Willy-nilly--adj., Impotent.



Ed Ward, who won the inaugural wine competition writes:


“Thanks for the bottle of wine which I was thrilled to win. I would like to encourage all other ex-Radschoolers to participate in the association’s activities. We all like to share experiences and recollections of the good old days, and if all readers would just contribute a little something, we will all be the better off for it.”


Thanks for the kind words Ed, we’re glad you enjoyed the wine.  And yes—just a little something would be great.  tb



Tony Lohrey who now lives up the Sunshine Coast way (in Qld) writes:


I’ve recently joined the merry band, and I’m very glad to be a part of it. I’m looking forward to the next reunion to meet some old mates, have a drink or two and of course swap a few lies. I left the service in 1997 after 21+  wonderfully fulfilling years, and miss it like I’d never thought possible.


I’m now in the IT business, and business up here is booming. We’re into business systems advice, crisis recovery, capacity planning, virus eradication, bulk advert drops, internet domain creation and management—all a far cry from WOFF radio.


Good to hear from you Tony, unfortunately, there’s still quite a bit of water to flow down Eumundi Creek before the next reunion, but we’re working on it.—tb



4 little angels!!!   Jim Cameron, “Blue” Silk, “Dollar” Geary, and Pete DeJonge. Not a radio bloke among ‘em, but damn good blokes, and real good mates to a lot of people. We know where one of the quartet is (g’day Pete), does anyone know where the others are??



John “Porky” Donohue (Inst),  Bill “Goat” Lewis (Elec),  Ron ………(Sumpy), Col “Nuddy” Knudson (Framie)  and John “Nerk” Broughton (Radio), an ever vigilant Duty Crew if ever we’ve seen one, “hard at it” at a bar-b-q in North Richmond in about 1968. Last we heard, Porky was living in Brisbane, Nuddy was up Hervey Bay way, and Nerk was in Newcastle.


Does anyone know where the Goat ended up, and unfortunately, at time of printing we couldn’t remember Ron’s surname—though someone will, and hopefully they’ll let us know.



“People will accept your idea much more readily if you tell them someone else thought of it first.”      -     Nana V.



This very interesting (and cropped – tb) photo was sent to us by Don Cureton who now lives in Brisbane and says; “I was searching through my archives and came across this photo which was taken at Appy Sqn during one of those social occasions Allan George mentioned last edition. (We bet the teachers never got to see this one—tb) I was on 21 Appy and took the photo early in 1968. I’m having trouble identifying the bloke starring centre stage, but I reckon it’s Dick Naylor (with hair), but he denies it, and reckons it’s Tom Richards.


Don suggests we run the photo and see who owns up. He also suggests that if no-one volunteers we could hold a competition and the winner would be nominated as the lucky bloke in the pic.


(We reckon we should hold a competition and make the prize for the winner a complete copy of the photo. We’ve had to get the old scissors out and whack a chunk off the bottom—just to protect the kiddies—you know how it is!!). Does anyone know any of the faces, the one to the left in the white shirt looks a little familiar.



A polar bear walks into a bar. The barman says:-


“What’ll it be mate?”.

“I’ll have um ah ah ah ah um ah ah—a beer” says the polar bear.

“Why the big pause" says the barman.

”I don’t know” says the polar bear “they’ve always been like that”



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