Vol 78

Sept 2022

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In Memory of:

Page 2



Building the Boeing 737.

Farewell to the Winjeel.

RAF Tornado lands at Bull Creek Aviation Museum.

The C-130 Hercules.



ANZAC Day, Brisbane 2022


Bull Creek.

Currumbin, Qld.

Geraldton, WA.

Mt Isa.

RAAF Amberley.




Arthur Fry:

Amazing people I've met - Sgt Cross.

History repeats itself.


Computer Information:

Anti-virus software - how it works.

Anti-virus software - which is the best?

Basic Computer Security.

Ctrl +Z - what does it do?

JPEGs vs JPGs - what's the difference?

Make Windows show file extensions.

Picture in Picture mode.

Why wasn't there a Windows 9?

WiFi - don't use it for everything.

WiFi vs Ethernet - which is the better?

Word count.



23/84 Superman Course.

34 Air Movements Course, 1968.

64 RTC.

66 TrinOps.

Caribou Loadmaster's Course, 1969.



Update Sept 2022.


DVA Issues:

A new minister.


DVA Services avbl on DVA TV.

Gov't hiring staff to remedy backlog.

Help to overcome lack of computer knowledge.

Making a claim.

Mental health care avbl through DVA.

Pension rates - WEF 21 Sept 2022.

The trend in Pensions.



Don't believe everything you read in the newspapers.

Funny? - no it ain't!

Going to Heaven.

Hint for bachelors.



A Loadmaster explained.

A very clever SCAM.

Amberley Air Tattoo.

How to get there.

ANZAC biscuits - how to make them.


Birdwood House, Geraldton, WA.

Coal fired power stations - why we need them.

Do men take longer to poo?

Download speed - how much do you need?

Electric vehicles - are they the answer?

Enter and Return. What's the difference?

G'day Bill.

Internet - how did it start?

Jazz in the hangar - QAM.

Little America in the Pilbara.

Mayday,  mayday,  mayday.


Phan Rang's Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Qld Community Philanthropy Awards.

Rigby cartoon - Butterworth.

Ridgy Didge Ozzies.

Samsung - make videos look better.

Sky diving.

Stop putting your phone in rice.

Stop using Flashlight apps.

Transfer elec power wirelessly.

UK Veterans' Card.

What's the difference between HP and BHP?

What's the white stuff on chocolate?

Why do leaves fall?

World population at a glance.


Get togethers.

Canungra Combat Challenge 2022.



9 food and heart health myths busted.

A hug a day keeps the doctors away.

Bananas are good for you.

Coffee is good for you.

Covid - where/when did it start?

Eggs are good for you.

Noise - how loud is too loud?

The invisible trauma - PTSD.

Turn potatoes into a health food.


John Laming:

Flight Directors - a fatal attraction.

Flying the Squawker Haunter.


My Story:

Platypus Charity.

The mighty Herc.



Adam Bandt disregards Australian Flag.

EV charging points - a mirage.

Jacinta Price on Indigenous Voice in Parliamant.

Ukraine and nuclear bombs.

Welcome to Country ceremony.


Page 3 Girl:

Marie Henson.


People I meet:

Ros Curran and Candy Hardy.



You could win a souped up Kymco Moped.


Requests for help.

86 Teleg people - where are you.

Looking for info on 78 Wing in Malta 1952 - 58.

Looking for info on Adcola soldering iron.

Looking for missing 2 Sqn Honour Roll.



Djinnang reunion - 2022.

Mirage mob get together.



Scootavillers return equipment to Amberley.



Units, Squadrons and Bases:

1 SD Maintenance 1983.

5 Sqn.

F-111 troops.



ANZAC biscuits - how to make them.

ANZAC Day, Mt Isa.

ANZAC Day, Sydney.

Canungra Combat Challenge - Finish.

Canungra Combat Challenge - Obstacle course 1.

Canungra Combat Challenge - picking up loads.

Canungra Combat Challenge - river crossing.

Canungra Combat Challenge start.

Canungra Combat Challenge - the Band.

Canungra Combat Challenge - uphill run.

Canungra's Vietnam grove.

Hercules C-130 air Mobility.

RAAF marching ANZAC Day Brisbane 2022.


Where are they?

Korry Dean Baker.

Jennifer Marheine.



A pleasant afternoon in the sun.

Marie Kearvell on parade.

New recruits in Brisbane heading for Course 158.

Point Cook WRAAFs 1963.

Robyn Dickson - Point Cook 1973.

Somewhere in Brisbane 1963.

Women's role in Air Force history.

WRAAF's 16th birthday.

WRAAF dining-in night, East Sale, 1967.

WRAAF Officers - 1968.






This is the first copy of the RAM we've been able to produce since April. We're sorry about that but Scootaville took up nearly all our time and when added to the time I spent doing what I was told around the house, there was no time left for anything.


Thanks for waiting!!






Scootaville has been run and all those involved have voted it a success. We raised $25,000 for legacy, made a bunch of new mates, saw a lot of the country  previously unseen, met some lovely and very generous people, had fun with primary school kids - and are very determined to do it all again in 2023. Work has already begun on planning for next year with the proposed route HERE though that might have to change depending on the availability of accommodation etc - we'll do a run out there soon to check things out.  Next year's event will be a bit longer in both distance and time and we'll be back on scooters instead of bikes, though we won't be using the 50cc Mopeds as originally planned. After completing the 2022 trip we've realised the little Mopeds wouldn't stand a chance tackling outback Queensland's hills and distances, their not being available was actually a God-send, we were forced onto Honda 125cc bikes, all of which did a superb job and although being flat out for the 2400km, apart from one flat tire, didn't miss a beat. Says a lot for Honda's engineering.


Next year we'll be onto bigger engined scooters which means you'll need a motor bike licence to be able to ride. If you don't have a licence, there will be a limited number of supporter spots available. So - if you want a great time, want to meet a great bunch of people and raise a heap of funds for legacy, start planning your leave, your time off, or whatever - now. 


Ted Mac took a heap of photos and videos of the 2022 trip, we'll have a story of the event in the next issue, in the mean time, here's some video he took while in Winton.




More later.






Guess what!!  We're holding another raffle and once gain you could win one of those magic little Kymco Mopeds. This one has had a bit of work done to it and it gets along quite well. The proceeds will enable us to buy a bigger scooter which we'll evaluate for Scootaville 2023.


Once again, Legacy is the beneficiary so if you haven't already bought a ticket(s) please do. There's more info and how to get your tickets HERE.




Buying a new car?


If you’re contemplating buying a new car, we could save you thousands. The Radschool Association has done a deal with Australia’s biggest car brokers whereby you can purchase a car (your choice of make, colour, specs etc) at fleet discount prices.


One of our blokes made use of this facility recently and bought a Toyota Rav4 and saved thousands. You can too!


To see further details, go to the Radschool Assoc home page (HERE) then click on “New Car Purchase”.






Current financial members can now receive a 12% discount on the base rate of the day when hiring a car from Thrifty. If you’re thinking of hiring a car or an SUV or a people mover, this could save you heaps. If you’re a member, send us an email HERE and we’ll send you the promo code.





Our aim is to have this site error free – but that’s probably impossible. But with your help I reckon we can get pretty close. If you see any errors, be they punctuation, spelling, links that don’t work, facts wrong etc, (no matter how small) please let us know so we can fix them.


Thankfully, Ken Morris, who lives over in the West, proof reads our print before it goes public and points out our many errors, not a lot escapes him I can tell you!   


Thanks Ken.





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