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September, 2011


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Sadly, in the few months since our last issue, we have once again lost some very good mates.


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Our lovely Page 3 girl this issue is Flt Lt Catherine Munro who is the Admino at 33 Sqn, Amberley. We also have photos of courses from a long time ago.


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If you’ve just bought a Mac, Sam tells you how to transfer the data over from your old PC. And, he shows how to save ink/toner on your printer.


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Col O’Brien has sent us a bunch of photos taken at Ballarat yonks ago and Joy Hutchinson sent us some from a recent RAAF Assoc meeting at Coffs.


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There’s been some confusion about who gets a set top box and who doesn’t – Ted sorts that out. And there’s a Bra war going on in Qld, Ted’s got a grasp of that.


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John McDougall, ex-Caribou Loady and F111 sumpie, tells us his story.


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The un-necessary anxiety imposed on those young Army blokes has finally ended and the old CO2 topic has re-emerged.


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Allan George is back on deck, haven taken a break and swanned around the US for many weeks. He has a close look at the Cowra Breakout and other stuff.


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Dot Harris

The Djinnang Association got together again on the 28th May.


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A lot of people suffer from Sleep Apnoea, check it out here and is depression caused by the weather?


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33 Sqn’s new Tankers are arriving at Amberley and Dick Harcourt has the good oil on the UK’s code breaking section during WWII.


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Ted Strugnell has been researching the ‘myth’ of the lost Spitfires of Oakey.


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August was a busy month for the RSL, VP day and Vietnam Vets day kept them busy. We find out what is planned for Iroquois A2-1022.


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A few people are doing a lot to bring some fairness to the DFRB/DFRDB issue, but you have to help. If you are affected, join them.


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Back in 1969, Australian Forces Radio was set up in Vung Tau.


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A few blokes are not as well as they should be,


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We're looking for a few people, perhaps you can help.


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This is where you have your say. We look forward to getting your letters - so please keep them coming.


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Your say


If you've got a reunion coming up, or if you've got some news, let us know and we'll publicise it.


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All legal action has finally ended against a group of Australian commandos involved in a disastrous raid in which, tragically and accidentally, six Afghan civilians died. Thankfully, the Director of Military Prosecutions, Brigadier Lyn McDade lost her case before a Military Judge and the soldiers, whose job it is to carry out orders at huge risk to themselves, can now get on with things. They have had to live a dreadful and anxious life since that incident in Feb 2009. A judge, who it seems knows a bit more about how the Army works than does McDade, has thrown the case out.


We admit we do not have access to all the facts in the case, but, relying on what has been reported and what is out in the public domain, it looks very much like it was a political decision to bring on the charges - but why?? Lyn McDade


Surely McDade would know that the Aussie soldiers did not, and would not, deliberately set out to kill innocent civilians. Surely she is not suggesting that they would?? If this were so, then why the charge?


Surely she would know that those young blokes were involved in a live fire incident, people were trying to kill them. An interesting question, and one that has to be asked, is, if she was in the same situation, what would she do??


All McDade has done now is cause enormous anxiety in the Defence Force ranks – all solders will surely be worrying whether they could be next – if, when under enemy fire, they accidentally kill or maim one or more civilians, could they also be on a manslaughter charge. Unfortunately, we feel that this could lead to Australians losing their lives – there is no room for hesitation when under fire. There's an old saying, "He who hesitates is lost,"  when under fire, I think that saying is right on the money.


Taking it to extremes, what if the artillery kills one or more civilians in a barrage, or what if civilians are killed during a RAAF bombing raid – could these incidents become chargeable offences?? It was McDade’s decision to bring on the charges against those Army Commandos and because of her decision, there is now considerable unrest in the ADF.


The people in the real ADF are distancing  themselves from her. Defence Force chief General David Hurley said “"The legal processes that were adhered to in relation to this matter were independent of the chain of command," and the Defence Minister Stephen Smith said he would now ask the director of Military Prosecutions Brigadier Lyn McDade to provide a comprehensive assessment of the case and of circumstances which led to it being finalised.


But still she was recently re-appointed to her $100,000 pa job.


The best thing a new government could do is dump the Office of Military Prosecutions and return discipline in the military to senior officers who know how the Services work.


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