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Bob Hambling got in touch, he said “Sadly, Bill Leeming passed away in Toowoomba on Sunday the 29th May. He has been in poor health over the last 5 years and his condition worsened in the last 2 weeks. He served at RRIS 1AD (Radio Repair and Installation SQN) as a CPL in the early 60’s and then had a tour of duty in Ubon. RRIS operated out of two fibro shacks on the tarmac near Air Movements at Laverton. The unit would install electronics gear at bases around the country and also repair anything electronic that was returned to the stores system as “Repairable”. Some of the work entailed stripping radio gear completely, having the chassis electroplated and then the item being rebuilt entailing enormous man-hours. Much of the gear was obsolete and probably ended up in disposals after repair.


 Bloodhound Mk11 SAM project.

Far side of table:   Bill Leeming, Kev Davis, Geoff and Rosie Forsyth, Norma and Bob Hambling.

This side:   Tom and Cathy Rix, Beryl Leeming. Jenny and Max Porter.


Bill was also on the Bloodhound Mk II in England, Cyprus and Singapore as a WOFF before being commissioned. He served a stretch in TELENG at HQSC and then at BSQN Pearce before retiring. The photo above was taken when about 25 RAAF members were serving at 112 RAF SQN in Cyprus as part of the Bloodhound Mk11 SAM project.


We were sampling our first taste of Kokinelli wine in Cyprus, unlimited quantities of this red wine (vintage about last week) were served free with a kebab dinner for the princely sum of about $1.50.




Neil Hunter advises the passing of Doug Arnold. Doug was admitted to Werribee Hospital Palliative care unit on the 4th June in an attempt to better manage his pain however, his condition rapidly changed for the worse and he passed away that evening. Doug ArnoldHis funeral was held in Altona on Tuesday 7th June.


The photo of Doug (right) was taken at a Telstech reunion held at Laverton back in May 2008.


The following message was received from Val Arnold, wife of the late Doug Arnold:  “Please could you pass the following message on to your members. My family and I would like to give our heartfelt thanks to those who could make it to his funeral and those of you who have sent messages of sympathy to us on Doug's passing. It was deeply gratifying to know that so many of you held Doug in such high regard. I'm sure that if Doug was still here he would tell you all to get your prostrate checked out. Also if you do have cancer DVA may cover your expenses, even if you did not serve in a war zone. Doug was and didn't. Thank you all again, Val Arnold and family”




We heard from Jacqui Clough who told us the sad news that Will Clough had passed away towards the end of 2010. Unfortunately, we have no further details.




Steve Hartigan advises the passing of Tom Kajevic in Gatton (Qld) Hospital on the morning of the 27th June 2011. Tom, who was a crewy with 5 Sqn, had been ill withHelicopter Crew Badge multiple problems and appears to have died from a heart attack. His funeral, which very well attended with over 40 people, including about 20 from 9 Sqn, was held at the Gatton Cemetery on Monday 4th July. The service was a graveside funeral with the RSL providing the ceremony with the Australian flag and was very moving.


The wake afterwards was held at the Gatton RSL and gave folk a good opportunity to celebrate Tom, catch up with one another, swap stories and contact details. Some of us had not seen many fellow service folk for near forty years.


Tom’s sisters Vera and Maria and Tom’s partner Diane, wish to pass on their heart-felt thanks for the support and well wishes from the many people who attended and for those who sent on their condolences.




With regret, Dick Tracy advises the death of two 6 Intake (the Pansies) members (the Pansies passed out at Wagga on the 10th Dec 1954)  Jim (David) Tully died towards the end of June when his Spyder motor cycle hit a pothole near Scone and Jim was killed when he was thrown into the roadside guard rail. He became a Flight Engineer on the C-130A Hercules in 1966. In 1974 he left the Air Force to join Cathay Pacific Airways as a Flight Engineer. After Cathay he retired to Raymond Terrace. He had a heart attack whilst riding his Motor Bike on the New England Highway on Tuesday 16th August, went into hospital on the Wednesday and passed away on Saturday 20th  Aug. He was 75 years old and loved doing up, and riding old motor bikes. He was buried on the 29th August at the Garden of Remembrance, Carbrook.


My other close mate Bill McAloney died on the 27th June after collapsing while visiting his son David at Bathurst. He was medivaced to Sydney but he never regained consciousness”.



Alun Rundle


Ernie Gimm advises that Alun Rundle, shown here on 91 Telegs in 1969, passed away peacefully in his sleep at midday on Sunday 22nd July. He was in hospital in Plymouth in the UK after a fall sometime around the 4th July.


It is not sure whether the fall caused his condition or his condition caused the fall. Alun leaves his wife, Jean (nee McCrath).




Gerry Hemy advised that Ron Tyler passed away peacefully on the 8th August 2011 at the St. John of God Hospital, Subiaco. Ron's funeral was held at Karrakatta Crematorium (Norfolk Chapel) on the 11th. August.




Steve Hartigan advises it is his sad duty to notify you that another of our ‘fold’, Alan Bielby (Crewman) died suddenly at home on the 12TH August..Alan was a ‘gunny’ with 9 Sqn in Vung Tau from December 1970 to December 1971, he was 64 years oldMore information will be passed on when known.

Shorty Stevens




Ian Pilbeam advises the sad news of the passing of Glenn (Shorty) Stevens. Glenn lived at Wellington point, a bay side suburb of Brisbane and passed away suddenly on the 20th August, 2011. Ian says he followed Glenn into the WOE position on the F-111 Avionics Upgrade Program (AUP) Project for the final six months.


Glenn was a truly outstanding man and great mentor. He will be sadly missed by many, especially those in the F-111 AUP community. He was buried at the Great Southern Garden of Remembrance, Crematorium Chapel, Mt Cotton Road, Carbrook, Monday 29th August.


He was only 65 years old.



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