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F111 Course.


John Harris who was at Radschool at Ballarat in 1960-1961, and who now lives in the USA sent in the photo (left) of some of the blokes who went to the US in 1968 for F111 training. This photo was taken at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio Texes - which is where John now lives.


There would be some familiar faces here, does anyone know where the rest are now...


L-R:  John Harris,  Carl Sandford,  Bob Howden,  USAF officer, Sqn Ldr Roy Philpot,  Kev Bettiens and Roy Dash.



Then and Now.....


John Harris also sent in a photo of the blokes on his radio course. Unfortunately, there’s not enough space to show it to you this issue, but we’ll include it in our May edition. We’ve managed to snatch a couple of faces from the photo, and we can compare them with photos taken at the Brisbane reunion. It’s Bob Bocos on the left, and John on the right.







Well.......the response to the competition in Vol3 was certainly fierce. We received tons of entries, but unfortunately there can be only 1 winner. We know there will be wide spread wailing and gnashing of teeth from all those unsuccessful entries, but the winner is:- Ed Ward who was on 18 sigs course and who now lives in Silkstone, which for those of you that aren’t lucky enough to live in Qld, is out near Ipswich, just west of Brisbane. Ed has been sent his bottle of Sparkling Rinegolde along with his Radschool Association’s certificate of merit. Word has it that the mayor of Ipswich declared a public holiday the day Ed’s prize arrived, and there was dancing in the streets. The answer of course was “Tough Rubber Sheathing”. Everyone knew that!


A few blokes cheated, Adrian Heinrick cheated by daring to be an electrician in civvy life prior to joining the RAAF - he knew what TRS was because he had used it. We disqualified him almost immediately.


Now it’s your turn, you too can to win a bottle of that most magnificent of wines - the venerated Sparkling Rinegolde. This edition’s question which is once again 100% relevant and which you’ll all know because it’s as easy as pie is:-


What do “7 line feeds, 4 N’s” mean in a message? Easy again  —  right!!!!!


Send your written answers to us any way you like, email, fax, post - but please don’t ring. Entries should be in by the end of April 2000, and once again we’ll announce the lucky winner in our next edition. Judge’s decision etc etc etc......Go to it.






As you can see, our back page is now full. If things keep going the way they are, and there’s no reason to think otherwise, our May edition will have names on this page also - and that’s great. It’s all due to your efforts, and we thank you sincerely. Many of you have joined and have joined a mate as well. BUT!!!! - we can do with more. Please have a look at the back page, and if there’s a mate of yours not there, join him/her (we want some more hers) up.


All you need do is complete the application form and send it in - along with your $10 of course - and we’ll send your mate the current edition of the newsletter, along with a “With Compliments” slip from you. Your mate can live anywhere in the world - doesn’t matter!!!   Go to it - Please!!


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