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Radschool Co's


We know there’s been lots of sleepless nights with everyone wondering just “when are they going to publish the list of names of Commanding Officers - Radio School”.


Well wonder no more, here they are!


01 Nov, 1945

06 Aug, 1947


28 Mar, 1949

02 June, 1952

22 Sept, 1954

01 Mar, 1957

29 Feb, 1960

22 Jan, 1962

04 Jul, 1964

28 Jun, 1968

Wng Cdr W.J. Guthrie

Wng.Cdr. R. Kingsford Smith DFC

Wng.Cdr. J.E. Reynolds

Wng.Cdr. A.A. Slight MBE

Wng.Cdr. G.E. Prosser

Wng.Cdr. W.T. Taylor

Wng.Cdr. R.J. Fairbank

Wng.Cdr. W.C. Blakely OBE

Wng.Cdr. E.R. Hall

Wng.Cdr. R.K. Starkie


20 Dec, 1971

29 Nov 1973

15 Apr, 1975

17 Jan, 1978

06 Jan, 1980

13 Oct, 1981

13 Dec, 1984

10 Sep, 1986

15 Jan, 1990

1 Dec, 1991

Wng.Cdr. A.J. Benson

Wng.Cdr. W.J. Thorn

Wng.Cdr. F.J. Wrigley

Wng.Cdr. J.E. Townsend

Wng.Cdr. R.A. Bean

Wng.Cdr. D.R. McCarthy

Wng.Cdr. H.H. Bock

Wng.Cdr. J.M. Dallimore

Wng.Cdr. V.D. Robinson

Wng.Cdr. E.W Gidley



Vet Affairs Benefits.


“VETAFFAIRS”,  the newspaper produced in Canberra for the Veteran Community, recently reported that a majority of answers to questions most people have about the various benefits and services provided by the Dept of Veterans’ Affairs, Australian War Graves, Veterans’ Review Board or the Vietnam Vets Counselling Board can now be found on the Net.


This resource, termed DVA Facts, is now available at www.dva.gov.au/factsheets/default


There you’ll find answers to most of your queries on pensions, allowances, health, housing services and grant schemes. It’s an easy site to get around in, so if you’ve got any questions, and like us you hate the “for this dept press 1, for that dept press 2, press 3 to hear it all again, etc, madness that everyone with a telephone seems to use these days (bring back the PMG we say), try the net.


All files are in PDF format so you’ll need a copy of Acrobat Reader, but you can download that from the site also if you don’t already have it.


John and Maureen Mathwin - at the Perth reunion.



34 years ago.


It doesn’t seem that long, but it was actually 34 years and 14 days ago now that the old money gave way to the new. That was when the £sd money went into history and with it went some wonderful Australian words - words like zack, bob and quid that were once such a part of the language. You wonder how something so common could have just disappeared. Everyone expected the words to carry on with the 5¢ piece being the new zack, the 20¢ being 2 bob, and the $2 note being the new quid. Didn’t happen!


Those who were at Laverton for that Monday in Feb of 66 will always remember the mad rush to ASCO for morning smoko when everyone wanted to spend some of their old money just to get some of the new stuff as change - and didn’t it seem strange stuff. Didn’t even look like money. The first hour after smoko was completely devoted to the new money, and everyone had their ideas on it.


Everything is like that though, nothing lasts. Who would have thought the world could have survived without valves, ganged tuning capacitors, AVO’s, scope irons, relay burnishing tools, punched tape, morse keys, even type writers. Gone.


When you sit and think about the things that have gone since 1966 it’s very surprising just how big the list is. What is equally surprising is the size of the list of things that are now so common but didn’t even exist in 1966.


Ain’t life wonderful!!!



Reunion Pics.


When we scanned the photos sent in from the various re-union nights we found some faces in the backgrounds, though we don’t have all the names for them. You’ll know who they are though, so we thought you’d like to see them and we’ve included them here. Because they’ve been, in some cases, blown up considerably, the quality is not all that good, but that won’t matter.


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