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140 Trainee Fitters Course (Filies)

July 1981.


Back Row L–R:   L. Hazlewood, A. Chapman, B. Goodby, ? Moores, l. Mann, S. Watts, B. Tooth, C. Fraser.

Middle row  L-R:    ? Fishbourne, W. Constable, B. Andricic, ? Webster, R. Carrol, G. Scott, ? Woods,

Front row L-R:   K. Manning, S. Marriott, C. Kuster, L. Knight, Sgt C. Pike (Spike), T. Killeen, P. Pisarek, T. Heywood.




Laverton Airmans’ Mess, 1965


Barry Carlier sent us this pic, taken one lunch time.


Barry says, “The bloke on the left is Trevor Haley, and I am behind him in the queue.  Sorry but I don’t know the others”.












Barry (left) taking a brown bottle breather.






Kangaroo III – Townsville, 1979.

Ron Ostrenski‎ sent us this pic. (You can click it for a bigger view)


This particular aircraft (A8-146) which started life with 482 Sqn in December 1973 as a C model, was modified to a recognisance (RF) model at 3AD in 1980 and sent to 6 Sqn. It was retired in 2010 and was one of the aircraft that was scrapped and buried out near Ipswich in November 2011. (See HERE)



34 Sqn.


Alan Shanley sent us this.



He says “For the ex-34 Sqn people here. I found this unique picture of the three aircraft types during my time as AEMO ('76-'79). In the foreground looking larger than it should because of the perspective is a Mystere 20, also known as a Falcon. It was an eight passenger executive jet. Next is a BAC 111; it carried about 30 pax in VIP fit, compared to over 100 as a passenger airliner. Beyond that is a HS748 prop-jet. The range of types allowed us to go into most airports. It's sobering to realise I left the squadron nearly 35 years ago”.


Nugget Bowden says “I well remember while at 34 I was backing a BAC111 diagonally on the hardstand between 34 and 5, pointing the noisy end at the demountables that were 5SQN Elec and ground running the thing. Kidney bouncing experience!!!!”




72 Clerk Supply. (1972)

Graham Denham sent us this.


Back row L-R:   Ernie Scot (?),  Earl Longstaff,  ? Belbin,  Gary Slade,  Peter Beer.

Middle Row L-R:   Neil Gray,  Al (The Goose) Evans,  Don’t know,  Greg Rush (Ex Army and Queens Shooter),  Ernie Mason (nick-name - The Ferret).

Front row L-R:   Frank Erdelyi,  Don’t know,  Margaret Taylor-Parkins (Mousie),  Noel Irving (Instructor),  Graham Denham (Me) and the Pygmy?



In most advertisements, the time displayed on a watch is  10:10.



Something you don’t see every day.


Peter Smith was quietly fishing up near Maroochydore recently when one of Paradise Seaplanes Wilga Warbirds came passing by. Peter reckons it scared all the fish too as he didn’t get a bite!!




75 Sqn Butterworth 1981

Paul Rourke sent us this.


The pic was taken on the hard stand opposite 75 Sqn Hanger, between safety equip. section and the main hanger at, just down the road from 3Sqn to the north and 478 Sqn to the south. The white huts were the safety equipos.


The girl in the bottom leg of the 5 was Di Capus, the first female, other than medical staff, to be posted to Butterworth.




All of the clocks in the movie "Pulp Fiction" are stuck on  4:20.


Fast Sikorsky S 97 Raider Attack Helicopter for US military.


The Sikorsky S-97 Raider is a proposed high-speed scout and attack compound helicopter under development by Sikorsky Aircraft. Sikorsky plans to offer it to the United States Army's Armed Aerial Scout program.


First proposed in response to a Request for Information for the Armed Aerial Scout program in March 2010, the S-97 program was formally launched on 20 October 2010. It is intended as a possible contender for the United States Army's requirement for an Armed Aerial Scout to replace the Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. Other military roles are possible with the U.S. Special Operations Command having expressed interest in the concept as a replacement for the MH-6 Little Bird, and the possibility of adapting it for civilian applications also exists.


Sikorsky is also using the technology and design process, along with partner Boeing, as a basis from which to develop a high-speed rigid rotor co-axial design called SB-1 Defiant for the army's Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator (JMR TD) programme. The JMR TD is the precursor to the army's estimated USD100 billion Future Vertical Lift (FVL) programme, which is meant to replace the army's UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopters and AH-64 Apache attack helicopters.


Sikorskyt are building two prototypes, the first of which was scheduled to fly at the end of 2014. They have invested $150 million and its 54 suppliers (who provide 90% of the parts) are spending the remainder of a total of $200 million on the two prototypes, but production models must meet the $15 million unit cost budgeted for the program.



In February 2014, construction of the first S-97 prototype airframe was one-quarter complete. Simulated bird strikes testing had been conducted on the fuselage at speeds of up to 235 kn (435 km/h; 270 mph), the S-97's expected maximum flight speed. Drop tests were also performed to ensure the safety of the fuel tanks in the event of a crash. Sikorsky is exploring civil applications for the S-97, such as transporting personnel between offshore oil platforms. 


The first flight of the S-97 has been pushed to 2015.


The S-97 design includes variable speed coaxial main rotors and a variable-pitch pusher propeller, making the S-97 a compound helicopter. It has fly-by-wire control and dynamic anti-vibration actuators to cancel out shaking. It will be capable of carrying up to six passengers in addition to a flight crew of two in a side-by-side cockpit, however, the production S-97 is projected to be capable of flying with either one or two pilots.


Based on the technology from the Sikorsky X2 demonstrator, the prototype S-97s will be powered by a General Electric YT706 turboshaft (the same engine used on the UH-60M Black Hawk), however a more powerful engine, developed under the Improved Turbine Engine Program, is expected to become available. Compared to the OH-58D Kiowa, the S-97 has significantly increased performance goals, such as cruising speeds upwards of 200 knots[9] and turning at three times the force of gravity. Sikorsky also aims for an operating cost of $1,400 per flight hour.


You can see a Sikorsky marketing video on the aircraft by clicking the pic below.





Family Photo



These two pics were sent to us by Philip Morgan. This top pic was taken at Pt Cook back in 2001 and Philip thinks it was taken by Denis Hersey.


It shows a proper Herc (014) and 3 copy-cats.


The pic below was taken at Richmond, when 38 Sqn was in attendance and ruled the world.




In England, the Speaker of the House is not allowed to  speak



ARDU, Laverton.  1973


Eric Nothard sent us this,





Mntce Sqn East Sale.

Dick Tracey sent us this, it was taken in 1966.



67 Rookies Course, 1949


Laurie Edward sent us this pic of 67 Rookies course that was held at Laverton from 01 June 1949 to 24 August 1949.







Laurie (left) at Townsville, in 1954. Lot of changes since then, imagine working at a bench without a shirt today and with a pipe in your mouth.......why aren't we all dead???



The names of the continents all end with the same letter with which they start.



Do you get the feeling no one wants you???


Barry Ireland sent us this.  


Early in 1975 there was some serious flooding north of Kalgoorlie in the Leonora/Menzies area and we were sent up to assist. A65-102, AKA Mama, was sent along with a chopper with Mama flying bulk supplies from Kal and the chopper tasked for local deliveries to outlying communities. On one flight back Mama broke through the strip crust and got bogged, we tried to dig her out and in the end couldn't. Eventually we managed to pull her out with a front end loader, a 4WD and a couple of tie down straps. I have fond memories of Mama, she was a great old workhorse but her days are over, today she is parked up in Cairns with some serious corrosion issues


Mama came to Australia in May 1945 when she was delivered to 3 AD at Amberley after which she was taken on strength with 37 Sqn. In 1946, while in Darwin, she ran into a ditch and required a replacement main plane. In 1950 she was transferred to 38 Sqn and in 1953 it was off to 11 Sqn where she had another mishap. This time her starboard engine died in flight and she was forced to make a hurried landing 40 klms east of Carnarvon.



25 Sqn from Perth repaired the old girl after which the RAAF said, now that you’ve fixed her, she’s yours. She stayed in the West until 1955 when she was off east again, this time to Laverton where he spent time between ARDU and 1AD.


In 1958 it was back west again, to 25 Sqn, then back to ARDU in 1964 then down to East Sale in 1968 then up to Hawkers at Bankstown in 1969 for a service after which it was back west again to 2FTS at Pearce. In 1980 she was flown into Perth airport, retired from the RAAF and sold into the civilian register as VH-PTS. From Perth she was flown back east again, this time to Essendon


It was used as a backdrop in a TV film called "The Far Country" after which she was stored at Camden, Sydney (NSW) in 1987. In 1990 she was sold to South Pacific Airmotive Inc (Cairns), re-registered as VH-SPY, then in 1999 re-registered as N65388 then in 2011 sold to people in the US however, she never left Cairns. CASA withdrew her Airworthiness Certificate in April 2011 when it was found she now suffers from serious body cancer.




It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open




45 Telsops Course.


L-R:  Lois Shand,  Vicki Klien,  Lynda Fletcher.




Radschool Course - 1979.









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