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Sick Parade.

If you know someone who is a bit crook, 
let us know so we can give them a shout out..




Ian Johnston.


Kevin Poulton, the President of the Historical Radio Society of Australia got in touch, he says that Ian Johnston is very ill indeed, in palliative care. 


We’re sorry to hear that and will advise if there is any further news - tb.





Bill DeBoer


Bill got in touch, he said “I will be in Brisbane on the 20 Nov, going to the Holy Spirit hospital for day surgery, no not the heart, all good in that department, it is for a "Radio Frequency Neutromony" around my lower 4 vertebrae, (the world’s best Rad Tech may understand this) it is key hole surgery to deaden the ends of some nerves that are causing constant pain in my lower back.


I fly down from Rocky in the morning, admitted at 11 am procedure 12:30 and out at 5 pm, fly back to Rocky in the evening. Sandy is coming as my escort as I have to have general anaesthetic for the job and if I was on my own I would have to stay in hospital o/night, don't really want that.


Just hope it fixes it, been damn painful for too long.”


(We’ve heard from Bill – all ok now.)





Neil Smith.


Bill Collins got in touch, he says that Neil Smith has been very sick with a staph infection. Neil returned home recently and now seems to be recovering ok albeit very slowly. He has an IV cannula inserted fed by a 24hr pack to administer an antibiotic cocktail and this is likely to be so for up to six weeks. Also he has weekly visits to hospital.


Speaking to him via phone recently, he seemed talkative but still very weary and exhausted after a 3min walk around the house. Apparently, his renal function concern seems to be abating and he is hopeful of it returning fully operative. He and Maria also appear to be getting very good support in local area from friends.




John “Sambo” Sambrooks.


Recently Sambo took a sea cruise from Cairns, up to Honiara then over to various ports in PNG and then back to Cairns. While away, he got smitten by the titchy bug which as everyone knows is something to be scrupulously avoided at all costs. The titchy bug’s bite can result in a severe case of “Grillie” and unfortunately, Sambo succumbed.



In no time at all, his non-drinking arm swelled up and Popeye had nothing on him. The arm looked like the back of an armadillo and his lovely lady took one look at him and fearing the worse, ordered him out of the house and down to the hospital for a large dose of penicillin. She was relieved to hear the doc say “no, that’s not the problem” it’s not a penicillin fix, but we’ll keep him here for a day of so. Next time she saw him he was stuck in a chair with a drip in his good arm and several nurses fussing over him.


After a day or so of the hospital’s finest, he was allowed to go home, the arm (click it for a real life look) had gone down a lot, was definitely on the mend, but was still itchy.

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