Vol 54

Jun 2016

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Sadly, in the few months since our last issue, we have once again lost some very good mates. (Page 2)


Our lovely Page 3 girl this issue is Sandy Palmer and we have lots of old time pics. (Page 3)

How do you tell if you’ve got malware, how do you protect against hackers and why can’t you connect your Gmail account through Outlook. (Page 4)


We have another look at the old base at Ballarat and the Snake Pit at Laverton is no more! (Page 5)

John Atkins had a terrible time in the RAN – and no-one seems to care!  And why are so many Vietnam Vets going back to live in Vietnam? (Page 6).


Andrew Berriman and Stuart Ritchie tell us their stories. (Page 7)

The Djinnang people got together again for one of their memorable knees-up and the Army's 7th Brigade put on a show. (Page 8)


What you need to know about E10 and the truth about tyre wear.  (Page 9)

The Qld branch of the REOA recently held one of their meetings at the old Vic Barracks complex in Brisbane. (Page10)

If you’re looking for Health Insurance, perhaps Defence Health could suit you. (Page11)

Jeff takes us on one of the Wallaby runs from his time with the Caribou in Vietnam. (Page 12)

Once again, Brisbane turned out in their thousands to show their gratitude to the serving and ex-ADF personnel. (Page 13)

Ex-Radschoolers held a fabulous reunion over the weekend 22/23 April, all thanks to John Broughton. (Page14)

More on the Radschool reunion,  the Saturday night dinner. (Page 15)

Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown, quite a man. Are pilots losing skills and thus losing control? (Page 16)

Sick Parade. (Page 17)

We’re looking for a few people, perhaps you can help. (Page 18)

This is where you have your say. We look forward to getting your letters - so please keep them coming. (Page 19)

Here’s the news, all the news, the whole news and nothing but the news. (Page 20)



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RAM thought for the day.


Once you realize how valuable you are, you will find it hard to keep the company of those who do not.







The response to our membership questionnaire was outstanding, we received hundreds of replies and suggestions and we’ve decided to go with the following.


·                1 year’s full membership for $12.00

·                Life (5 year’s) full membership for $50.00


Annual Membership will run from July one year to June the next, with this year’s annual membership expiring in June 2017. As we’ve said, full membership is not compulsory, you can still receive the RAM which will remain open, free and available on the net and we’ve decided to limit life membership to 5 years because as we’ve recently discovered, we’re all mortal and 5 years could very well be a lifetime.


So, if you’d like to contribute and help us with the ever increasing costs, please join as a full member.


If you are already a member (ie: if your name is on this LIST), please fill in the form below and send it to us, if you haven’t already joined (if you're not on the list), please use the form HERE.


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Please transfer your joining contribution to:


BSB: 124-021       Account number: 1048 7401      Title:  RAAF Radschool Association.

Bank:  Bank of Queensland.

and include your name in the "Remarks" window on the deposit.


You can of course pay more if you wish!!



AND!!  If you work for a firm that would be kind and generous enough to sponsor the Radschool Association, please get in touch.






If you're having a reunion and you would like us to cover it and publish it, let us know and we'll see what can be done.






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