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ANZAC Day Brisbane 2016.


Once again the weather Gods looked down on Brisbane favourably and blessed them with a fine though overcast day for the march, not too hot, just right for the thousands of people who stood for hours and lined the streets to watch and to clap and to cheer the contingents of Army, Navy and Air Force people who marched through their midst.


Each year the event gets bigger, people line the streets in some cases up to 10 deep and as the number of participants gets larger, they stay rooted to a spot for hours. Some come early bringing their fold up chairs, rugs and Eskys to ensure a good “spot” from which to watch the march, there are people of all ages, some elderly, some only infants, a lot of teen-agers - who said patriotisms was dying?


2016 saw the RAAF lead the march, it was their turn, next year they will be second off the rank, as the three services rotate from first, second and third annually. Being first means you don’t have that long wait before heading off and this year saw the RAAF contingent on the move only 25 mins after form up.


The Radschool Association held a reunion that weekend and took the opportunity to march in the parade under their own banner.


(Most of these pics have been crunched to allow them to open quicker,

you can get the HD version by clicking each pic.

All names left to right.)



They were led through the march by Peter Nelms who was on 12 RMT and who travelled up from the ACT to be part of the reunion and to lead the march.


A lot of the Radschool blokes travelled some distance to reunionise and to march, some coming from as far afield as Perth WA. Their weekend was a huge success and there is talk of them making the march a permanent feature of the ANZAC Day celebration.


Radschool bods about to step off, being led by Peter Nelms.




What they lacked in pizazz, they made up in spirit, marching in step was never a high priority for queer traders.


As usual, the WRAAFs turned out in force, adding a bit of glamour to a boring old mainly male event.


Malvene Dicker and Sandie Downes


The girls were a little better than their male counterparts, with several of them in step with one of the banner carriers.


Wally Jolley,  John Donohue,  Ted Strugnell.


Although Tom Mills wasn’t feeling all that flash, he still wanted to take part and to meet up with and have a yarn with some of his mates. A vehicle was arranged to take him over the route and as it had a big empty back seat two of my grandies, Luis and Harvey hopped in for the ride.


It was a very exciting day for the two young blokes.





RTFV-35 Sqn were represented, with about 60 of their members turning up for the march.


Trev Benneworth holding the out-rigger rope, with Rod “Rocky” McGregor and a worried John Donohue wondering how he’s going to carry that huge banner all the way around.


RTFV-35Sqn was one of the few RAAF Squadrons involved in the Vietnam War and even though most of the blokes who turned up and marched with RTFV-35Sqn spent time with many other Squadrons during their RAAF career, for some reason a majority choose to identify with the old Caribou Squadron.


We often wonder why this is so, was it because the old Caribou was a simple unsophisticated noisy old aircraft with oily round engines, was it because of the high morale enjoyed by all in the squadron, was it because the squadron was made up of great people, was it because of the wonderful “one in, all in” trips away where everyone worked their backsides off to keep the old girls serviceable and flying – or perhaps it was all of the above. Whatever the reason, whenever the RTFV-35Sqn Association has a function, people come from far and wide to be involved. This year Ron Raymond came all the way from Palmerstone North in NZ, where he has been instructing in the magic of flying at the local university – and it was great to see him again.


RTFV-35Sqn about to step off.  As John "Griffo" Griffiths was away on bivouac it was up to that dashing young man about town, John McDougal to lead the troops through the streets.




After the march, 3 Sqn, 9 Sqn, 1OSU and the Radschool Association bods with, in some cases, their ladies, joined the RTFV-35Sqn Association at the Jade Buddha restaurant in Brisbane for the annual “post mortem”. It is hoped that 2 Squadron will join the group next year and make it a true RAAF Vietnam get together.


The move to the Jade Buddha was forced on the group because of the huge numbers that congregated at the Port Office hotel after each march and where they had met for the past several years.  The upstairs room at the Port Office was just not big enough to handle the numbers so a move was necessary and as 9Sqn and RTFV-35Sqn used to meet at the old City Rowers years ago (now the Jade Buddha) it was decided to move back and even though entry was slightly more expensive all felt the far better facilities and the wonderful view of the river were definitely worth it.


The early close left a bad taste in a lot of mouths, that shouldn't have happened and you can bet it will be addressed before next year.





Part of the crowd at the Jade Buddha.


Some of those who attended:


Keith Beardsmore and Llew Jones.


Barry Stephenson (35Sqn), Ted Strugnell (35Sqn).


Brenda Hall, Jill and Michael Lee.


Pat Callaghan, Phil and Sandy Palmer.


Doug Angus, Ray Carpenter, Dave Pettigrew (all ex 35Sqn).


Brenda Vogelzang, Lois Jamieson.


Fi McCutcheon, Rick Storta (9Sqn), Kev “Catcus” Kennedy (9 Sqn).


The “Chuck” Connors fan club.


Trev Benneworth, Sue Trimmer, John Broughton.



"It isn't premarital sex if you have no intention of getting married."



Geoff Court (62 Pilot’s Course), “Rocky McGregor (Larrikin) and Liza (Jade Buddha employee).


Joe Vogelzang, Sue Trimmer, Jim Hall.


Kath and Peter Sutton, Pat Callaghan, Bill Evans.


Keith Beardsmore, Peter Duncan.


Kerin and Bob Golley (1OSU/9Sqn).


Kevin Erwin,  Kev Collins,  Rob Collins,  Graham McCombe,  Dave Muir-McCarey.


Leonie Kennedy, Margaret Flynn.


Maryanne, Margaret and Rob Collins.


Carla with daddyo John Donohue and Daniel McGill.



"You don't appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older.

Little things like being spanked every day by a middle-aged woman.

Stuff you pay good money for later in life."




Fletcher Shepherd, grandad Ted McEvoy, daughter Bree McEvoy.


Megan Coppings, Neil and June Handsley.


Peter Flynn (9 Sqn),  Don Weaver,  Barry McCutcheon (9 Sqn).


Mya McCutcheon, Matthew Hunt.


John Donohue, Trev Benneworth and a very friendly Wally Jolley.


Rob Stirling, Ron Raymond (R2).


Ron, who was a Flt Lt GD Pilot with RTFV in Vietnam from Sept 1964 to March 1965 and who subsequently spent a lot of time flying the trusty old Caribou, turned a spritely 82 in February and still spends as much time as he can on the water in his trusty yacht.



Suzette and John Armstrong, John Broughton.


Ron Faulkner, Adrian “Tiny” Everett, Chris Bramwell, Bruce “Scotty” Anderson, Paul Brammer.



"It's been so long since I've had sex, I've forgotten who ties up whom."



Sandra and Gordon Nicholls, Keith Kinch, Trevor Hill.


Sandra Sanderson, John “Sambo” Sambrooks – the People’s Champion!


Ted McEvoy, Andrea Butler, Sue McDougall.



"My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-bitch."



Terry Barker, Paul Smith, Max Jenkins.


Trevor Horne,  Rob Patterson,  Peter Levick,  John Gridland.



Trev Benneworth and Geoff Court.


These two blokes worked hard and partied even harder in Moresby where they worked for DCA back in the late 1970’s.



Ted McEvoy (35Sqn), Brent “Spook” Villiers,  Bruce “Slim” Hurrell.


The bar staff at the Jade Buddha, these people would have dispensed enough drink to float the Queen Mary – they had a busy day and did it well.


Click HERE to see the ANZAC Symbols and Traditions.






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