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In Memory of:




Richard “Stix” Chambers.


Ted McEvoy advises us that Stix Chambers passed away on Thurs 05th April, 2018. Ted says “Stix,” who was on 14 Appy, and who lived in Cairns, had suffered from Leukaemia and had been crook for a while with that dreadful cancer. Poor bloke has had to put up with bone-marrow transplants, chemo therapy, etc. The cancer had been under control for a while but did flare up from time to time.


The funeral service for our old mate was held in Cairns on Friday 13th April at 10am – I’m sure Stix would appreciate the irony of the date!!




Kevin Duffy.


Noel Roediger advises that Sqn Ldr (retired) Kevin Duffy passed away on the 21st March 2018, he was 95 years old. His funeral service was held on the 3rd April. The RAAF gave a full contingent, the Ode of Remembrance was read and The Last Post was played. Kevin served as aircrew in the RAAF during WW2, enlisting on Jan 1943 and reached the rank of Warrant Officer before being commissioned.


Click HERE to see an article in the Nov 2008 edition of the RAAF News, supplied by Noel Roediger.




Ian Cooke.


The Djinnang Association advises that Ian Cooke of Perth passed away on the 5th March, 2018. Ian was on 9 CommsOp Admin Course in 1983.  Sorry, we don’t have any further details.




Ken Vandenberg.


Peter Nelms advises he recently attended the funeral of Ken Vandenberg.



Ken was a Radtech and worked on the Mirage for many years at Willytown and Butterworth. He was killed in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday 18th April 2018. Ken was the brother of Bill “Bags” Vandenberg, ex-RAAF Apprentice and Sabre and Mirage Pilot, who was killed on the 24th June 1976 in A3-61 whilst undertaking a night practice bombing mission.


Ken’s funeral was held on the 3rd May at the Leura Memorial Gardens in the Blue Mountains after which family and friends held celebration of Ken’s life at the Blackheath Golf Club.




Phil “Tubby” Hughson.


Neil Hunter advises it is his sad duty to inform you of the passing of Phil 'Tubby' Hughson, on Monday,07 May 2018 as a result of a massive heart attack. Phil’s Funeral Service was held at the Wyndham Chapel in Werribee on Thursday 17 May 2018.




Pat Seymour.


Jennie, Pat’s wife, advises that Pat passed away on the 9th May, he had an operation in Feb and recovered very well then sadly just recently took a turn for the worst.


He was very disoriented and was admitted to Townsville hospital later that day and we lost him on the Wednesday, they did not seem to know what caused it but think it may have been a reaction to some medication. We held a Poppy Service and a celebration of his life on the 18th May at the Ingham RSL. 


Pat joined the Air Force in 1967 he was posted to Radschool at Laverton where he trained as a Rad Tech Ground and on completion was posted to Townsville, then Sale in 1973 which is where Jennie met him in.


Pat and Jennie were married on the 7th Feb 1976, after which he was posted to Butterworth. On return to Australia, he was posted back to Laverton in 1979, then to OpsCom a couple of years later. Altogether, Pat and Jennie spent 7 years in Victoria which was good for their kids schooling. In 1986 Pat was posted to Darwin and in 1989 he resigned from the permanent Air Force and the same day enrolled in the active reserve, was posted to 13 Squadron and went into recruiting.


They left Darwin in 1998, by then he was working as a Radio Officer on the Oil Rigs and always had to fly out of Perth, he worked 4 weeks on and 4 off so still was able to spend time in the reserves, which he did until 2005 when they bought a News-agency in Halifax Nrth Qld. They sold that in 2009 and came down the road to Lucinda to retire but being unable to sit still for 5 minutes, Pat joined the Coast Guard, The Lions Club, and became the Area disaster Management Warden.  Although seeming to be always busy, he always found time for his Music. He played in a couple of bands and always went to the different Aged Care homes every Friday morning for the past 12 years to play for the oldies


During his service time he went back to school quite a few times and got an Electronics Engineering Degree.


Jennie says: “I could not have wished for a better husband he had a big heart and would do anything for anybody and that’s something I will never forget.”




John Francis Etherington


(Warrent Officer Retired) John Etherington, born on the 29th May 1939, passed away, after a brief illness, on the 9th May 2018. Together again with his beloved wife Barb and his canine friends. Much loved father, father-in-law and grandfather. The funeral service for John was in the Chapel of the Norwood Park Crematorium, Sandford Street, Mitchell (ACT) on Friday 18 May 2018.




James Claude “Jim” Mercer.


John Sambrooks advises the passing of Jim Mercer. Jim served as an engine fitter/loadmaster with RTFV/35Sqn in Vung Tau (Wallaby Airlines) from November 1965 to July 1966. He was born in Maleny in Queensland on the 16th October 1939 and passed away on the 16th May 2018. He was 78 years old.


There was no Funeral at Jim’s request. Jim had dementia plus liver and heart problems. Hilda, his partner of 38 years, told Sambo it was heart failure that Jim finally succumbed to.




Max Edward Munro


Bevan Greenwood advises that an old mate of his had recently passed on! Max Edward Munro, an ex Fireman, late of Robina, Queensland, passed away, aged 78, peacefully during his sleep, after a long battle with ongoing Heart problems. Max left adult offspring and his wife Karen, who is tragically suffering from Alzhiemers, and is currently in care. Max was later cremated in Bundaberg, ashes hopefully to be interred in a wall of Remembrance.


Bevan says he found out about Max`s passing when I rang his brother Doug in Cordalba, as I hadn`t heard from Max for some time, and I have been a "bit off" after an accident and have been side-tracked with the recovery process!




Phil Hughson.


Neil Hunter told us of the death of Phil Hughson who was a Telstech and who left us on the 7th May 2018. Phil passed away from a massive heart attack on Monday, 7th  May.


He served for 20 years and retired as a FSgt. He lived in Wyndham Vale (Werribee), with wife Irene, whom he met while on posting to Butterworth in the early days of his RAAF career. He is survived by his wife Irene, and three daughters.




Richard George Crawford.


We have been advised that “Rick” Crawford passed away on the 18th March after losing a 16 year battle with a brain tumour. Rick was a Radtech and served with 2 Squadron in Phan Rang in Vietnam from April 1968 to April 1969.


Sorry – we don’t have any further details.




Karel “Charlie” Kranenburg.


Charlie left us on the 26th April, 2018 – a mere 3 days short of his 80th birthday. Charlie was born in Java in 1938, and with his family migrated to Australia. As a young bloke he had an interest in aircraft and so joined the RAAF and was trained as a sumpie. When he got his 3rd hook, he was posted to 38Sqn at Richmond and when in late 1967 the RAAF decided to have its aircraft maintenance bods cross trained, Charlie ran the cross training school in the hangar at 38Sqn for bods working on the Caribou. When 38Sqn got its 3 Daks, Charlie also ran the conversion school for the trades.



He did a tour of Vietnam with 35 Sqn from June 1969 to June 1970 after which he was posted to Amberley where he was eventually promoted to Warrant Officer.


When he took his discharge from the PAF, he immediately signed on again in the reserve.


He and his family never left the Ipswich area, and he became very involved in the local gliding club.


His funeral was held at the All Saints’ Anglican Church in Booval, near Ipswich, on the 3rd May 2018 after which, in his honour, family and friends enjoyed light refreshments in the Church grounds.  





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