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   News and Reunions! 





Cadet Reunion.


Were you a member of the Air Training Corps or the Australian Air Force Cadets?? If so, the Air Cadet Alumni Association wants you!!


It is intended to establish an Alumni made up of at least 1000 former ATC and AAFC cadets as well as former and current staff members from around Australia.


So, what is an Alumni?


An Alumni, in its simplest form, is a group of people who have a shared past experience with an education organization or institution. Formal alumni arrangements often exist with high schools and colleges, many ex-students are attracted to join an alumni organization because they value the learning opportunities and experiences provided by the school.


Why you ask??


The Alumni would provide support to today's Air Cadets. It will:

·        Facilitate contact among former cadets and staff

·        Share information and news on current AAFC squadron events

·        Provide former cadets and staff with a worthwhile opportunity to contribute to an organisation they value, and

·        Help raise funds to assist extra AAFC cadet activities.


If you would like further info click HERE.


The Interim Alumni Association Website can be found HERE.


If you would like to register, click HERE.



30 Sqn Anniversary.

 30 Sqn badge

Dave Cook wrote, “The latest RAAF News has some detail re the 70th Anniversary of 30 Sqn... The CO, Wg Cdr Sharyn Bolitho has said she would like to make contact with some of the people from the Bloodhound era. I have forwarded her your contact details as I think a good proportion of the Bloodhound era people would be Rad Techs.


We got in touch with Sharyn who says:  “As you know, 30SQN was reformed on 1 July 2010 as part of our Base Support and Reserve Administration at RAAF Base East Sale. We have over the last 18 months developed some excellent links with the 30SQN Association, mainly from WWII and just post WWII era, however we have not had any connection with the Bloodhound era, 1961-68 and my intent is to try to grow a database of all ex 30SQN members.


Part of trying to establish the links included approval from DSTO Scottsdale to gift the Bloodhound Missile they have had as a gate guard to No 30 (City of Sale) Squadron. I have enclosed a copy of the article I submitted for the Air Force News (See HERE) for those who may not have seen it as well as two photos of the Bloodhound as we prepared to remove it from DSTO Scottsdale (about 65klms north east of Launceston, Tas) to transport to RAAF Base East Sale last December.


Bloodhound at Scottsdale


On 9 March 2012 we are holding a small commemoration service to mark the 70th Anniversary of the formation of No 30 Squadron. I would be appreciative if you could send this to your network (whether by newsletter or email) so that those members that were part of 30SQN at some time could have the chance to attend. I have enclosed an invitation, you can download it HERE.


The Bloodhound missile will be on display then, but will only have had some minor cosmetic work done on it. It was unfortunately in some need of restoration and so after our anniversary, the intent is to fully restore it to its former glory (with the aid of the Air Force museum at Point Cook) and then have a specific ceremony to mark the placement of the Missile at the front of our headquarters (the end of this year all being well). A separate invitation will be extended to all Bloodhound era members as then.


I also note that if any of your network live near Point Cook and wish to be part of the restoration, I can always see if this is possible, as the work is through volunteers anyway.


The ABCP email address is listed for RSVPs on the invitation. I am also happy to take any emails so that we can grow our own network of 30SQN personnel.


Loading Bloodhound onto float at Scottsdale, Tas.



Sharyn has also found, what she has been told, is a Yellow River radar dish trailer and command post trailer. It seems this equipment was used to track the missiles, does anyone know anything about these things??

If you want to join the 30 Squadron Association, you can email Sharyn HERE.



30 Sqn’s History.


Formed at Richmond, New South Wales in March 1942, No 30 Squadron was quickly deployed to New Guinea, becoming the first RAAF Beaufighter squadron to see action in the Pacific Theatre. The Beaufighter, with its heavy cannon and machine gun armament, proved particularly effective against Japanese shipping and troop barges.



During the Battle of the Bismarck Sea, one of the decisive engagements of the Pacific Theatre, No 30 Squadron Beaufighters, flying at mast height, provided suppressive fire for following waves of allied bombers. The Japanese, under the mistaken impression that they were under torpedo attack, made a disastrous tactical error and turned their ships towards the Beaufighters, leaving them exposed to attack by American and Australian bombers. Eight troop-laden transports and four destroyers were sunk in this battle for the loss of five aircraft, including one Beaufighter.


The day after this battle No 30 Squadron attacked the Japanese base at Lae. Catching the base defenders unprepared, the Beaufighters destroyed six Zeros on the ground and extensively damaged base facilities.


Throughout the war, No 30 Squadron Beaufighters ranged far and wide, attacking targets in the Celebes, Ambon, Ceram and the Halmaheras. Operating at low level, Beaufighter crews had little chance to escape if their aircraft was crippled and consequently high crew losses were to remain a hazard of Beaufighter operations throughout the War.


After the War, No 30 Squadron undertook Target Towing and Special Duties at various Bloodhound on display at Point Cookbases throughout New South Wales, until the unit was disbanded in 1956.


Equipped with Bloodhound surface-to-air missiles, No 30 Squadron reformed at Williamtown New South Wales in January 1961. The role of the newly formed missile squadron was to provide high-level air defence for Australian military bases and industrial centres. A permanent detachment was based in the Northern Territory in 1965. Until its disbandment in 1968, No 30 Squadron had the distinction of being the RAAF's only surface-to-air missile unit.


Reforming in July 2010, No 30 (City of Sale) Squadron is now responsible for combat support and base operations functions at RAAF Base East Sale




Carbon pricing.


The Government has passed the relevant laws and the carbon tax will come into operation on the 1st July. The Government has approved an increase in pension payments to enable those on a pension to meet the increase in costs. You can read more about it HERE.



Several days ago as I left a meeting at our local RSL, I desperately gave myself a personal pat down. I was looking for my keys. They were not in my pockets. A quick search in the meeting room revealed nothing. Suddenly I realized, I must have left them in the car.  Frantically, I headed for the parking lot. My wife, Diane,  has scolded me many times for leaving the keys in the  ignition. My theory is the ignition is the best place not to lose them. Her theory is that the car will be stolen. As I walked around the car park, I came to a terrifying conclusion. Her theory was right. The parking lot was empty. I immediately call the police. I gave them my location, confessed that I had left my keys in the car, and that it had been stolen.


Then I made the most difficult call of all, “Honey,” I stammered. I always call her “honey” in times like these. “I left my keys in the car, and it has been stolen.” There was a period of silence. I thought the call had been dropped, but then I heard Diane’s voice. “Ken” she barked, “I dropped you off!”


Now it was my time to be silent. Embarrassed, I said,  “Well, please come and get me.”  Diane retorted, “I will, as soon as I convince this nice policeman that I have not stolen your car?”



Iroquois A2-1022


On Friday the 16th March, starting at 1.30pm, Iroquois A2-1022 will be commemorated at the Caloundra RSL – and you are invited to attend. The time to begin forming up will be 1300 hrs as the march must commence at 1330 hrs. Wear medals. The map below may be handy if you’re unsure of the area (Click it for a bigger view).


A dedicated project team, from the Caloundra RSL Sub Branch, was involved in finding an aircraft that had seen Operational Service in South Vietnam (SVN). (See our story last issue HERE.) They sourced Aircraft A2-1022 at Nyngan which was owned by the Bogan Shire Council.


The Bogan Shire Council agreed to release this Air Frame for a suitable replacement. A huge task has been achieved by the project team, through commitment, dedication, resourcefulness and craftsmanship. They have restored a non-military Huey to an acceptable museum standard copy ‘circa 1966’ as if it had seen service.


The restorton crew - taking it easy!


A2-1022 is now in Caloundra and has been restored to display standard at ‘circa 1966’. It will be housed and displayed as part of the planned Caloundra RSL Sub Branch Military Display. If you are going to attend would you please email Steve Hartigan HERE with details and he will forward them to the organisers. This will help streamline their work load. It would of course be good to see a great roll up on this special occasion and to be able to support the team who have managed to complete a huge task so successfully.


You can see details HERE.




Frognall get together.


This is an early (heads-up) planning notice for all ex-Froggers, including Detachment dudes who have the same/similar status as '54 Mont Albert Road mainstream Froggers', even though some of them think not.


If you were an engineer cadet at some stage in your life and did not enlist for Academy, ie: Direct Entry, Undergrad or ADFA, then by default, you should be an ex-Frogger. That said, the ADF aerospace engineering fraternity is well connected and collegiate, so if an ex-Frogger has the courage to sponsor and chaperone an other-than-ex-Frogger ADF or ex-FrognallADF aerospace engineer (including ground mech and crystal crackers), you are allowed 1 each, but will be held responsible for their behaviour at Wagga during their stay. Their behaviour has to be in-line with Frognall values and traditions, and any guest not measuring up will be banned from future attendance...... and labelled a pussy-cat.


Heads up all ex-DCS and ECS Froggers. The last-best (or best-last) Frognall reunion is planned for May 2012 at RAAF Wagga. Similar in style and tone etc to the last one held in Sep 2005. After seven years, the itch is back and over the last 3 years I have been approached by a growing number of ex-Froggers to organise another one. Well, all-right, you asked for it.


Each course is asked to nominate a course rep/spokes dude and indicate below which weekend suits most or all of your course member mates who intend to participate. These two weekends have been selected to deconflict with all reasonably foreseeable family unfriendly weekends such as Easter - so the Catholics can top-up after Lent, school holidays across all states, Mothers' Day, public holidays and obvious opportunities for long weekends, etc. The last one backed onto Father's Day, and some gripes were fielded over having to get back for AM hours Fathers' Day activities. I thought a Frognall reunion for Dad was a pretty good Fathers' Day pressy.


Otherwise folk were happy. So this one is intended to be even better timed than, and as-well executed as, the last one.


We have $389.58 left in the Defcredit Wagga Frognall Reunion account, tiding over from the last reunion in 05. I ask that each course rep indicate a preference below (on behalf of the course) for how that kitty is used.


Intended general format:


Travel Friday


Friday:                   Early-bird drinks and snacks in Officers' Mess 1800-2300 Fri evening


Saturday AM:         Activity Sat AM (options may include: golf, tour RAAFSTT, sight visit RAAF acft if present and crew available to open and tour, Temora Aviation Museum deployment, RAAF Wagga Heritage Centre site visit)


The main event:      Reunion Sat 1830-on in Airmen's Mess, noting we cannot start earlier to allow recruits and trainees time to eat their evening meal and clear decks (a little earlier than normal, not too early)


Refreshments:        Eskies surrounding the room with ice, beer, wine and softies. Frognall 'themed' wines for tables


General:                 Sit in Course clusters on tables: prize for course with biggest roll-up, another for worst looking pineapple jacket and combo dress: which should be neat collared shirt, trousers, shoes, with jacket optional to suit temperature, which should be a warm-mild autumn. Frognall pineapple-jackets always appropriate, if they still fit somehow.


Food:                     Buffet meal, ala Frognall Cadets' Mess routine, but much nicer. Course reps to advise any special dietary requirements for religious or health reasons - with name and restriction please


Accommodation:     Make own arrangements. A subsequent email in early 2012 will advise recommended establishments, prices and contact details. Currently serving ADF folk may be able to stay in limited on-base accommodation - at cost (DS standing rate for off-duty OPSA Mess Accommodation) - pending determination of RAAF Wagga Officer course numbers at the time, who will have priority of access.)


Memorabilia:           "2012 Frognall Reunion : the best-last-best Wagga reunion" hat, shirt and stubby-cooler: under price and availability research - TBA


Memorabilia:           Bring any special memorabilia you care to display on a table for mates to ponder and ridicule.


Special guest:         Almost 80+ year old WOFF Ret'd Ted Heskett, (retired WOD), local resident of Wagga Wagga. Courses 21 thru 25 should remember Ted, I guarantee you he has not forgotten any of us.


Sunday:                 Recover, Chapel service for Engineering community, and p-off without stealing anything from the Base, Mess, or each other (apart from a good time together).


Cost:                      Apart from memorabilia, I aim to keep the cost under $51 for the meal and drinks (apart from spirits)


Further details can be obtained from Grp Cpt Christopher Crowley by emailing HERE




I pointed to two old drunks sitting across the bar from us and said to my friend:

"That's us in 10 years". He said "That's a mirror, dip-stick"!




More on Frognall.


Wng Cdr Ian Gibson sent us this.


A scheme which provided the RAAF with graduate engineer officers for 25 years closed on the 12 December, 1985, after a graduation parade at Frognall which is in the Melbourne suburb of Canterbury. The parade was reviewed by the Air Officer Commanding Support Command, Air Vice-Marshal Peter Scully. From its beginnings in February 1961 as ‘Detachment A’ of the Radio Apprentice School, then Diploma Cadet Squadron from 1962, and Engineer Cadet Squadron (ECS) from 1976, the unit administered officer cadets who were studying for engineering diplomas and degrees at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. 


Until 1976 the squadron shared facilities at Frognall with the Melbourne Telecommunication Unit, which had occupied the site since its acquisition in 1942. 


With the closure of the ECS, future intakes of RAAF engineer students attended the new Australian Defence Force Academy. The base at Frognall closed down in March 1986 and was sold by the Commonwealth a short time later. Residents of Mont Albert Road are known to have heard ghosts with celebratory spirit making late-night noise on odd occasions, strangely reminiscent of the 61-86 era.




RAAF No 9 Squadron (Disbanded) Commemoration


9 Sqn Logo



In July this year, RAAF No 9 Squadron (Disbanded) is holding a Commemoration, Reunion and 40th Anniversary of Commencement. Members have been calling for a reunion for many years, now is the time to support it. The details are as follows:



20 JULY 2012 (FRIDAY)

Ipswich RSL Services Club, North Ipswich.

·       Meet and Greet, Fellowship and Registrations (1800 hrs)

·       Full meals are available at the RSL at your own cost on Friday night.



RAAHC (1030 hours to 1430 hours, actual timings to be confirmed)

·       Welcome

·       Commemoration Ceremony

·       Huey 771 ‘talks’ to the assembly

·       Light luncheon and refreshments for attendees dry foodstuffs – sandwiches, biscuits, cake and refreshments – tea/coffee, wine and beer.

·       Attendees visit the RAAHC aviation display areas.


Note.      All 9SA Members and families, widows of ex No 9 Squadron personnel and descendants, will be ‘bussed’ to and from RAAF Base Amberley/RAAHC originating and ending at the Ipswich RSL Services Club (bus costs will be included in the attendees’ payment for the 40th Anniversary / Reunion Dinner). However, there will be a few 9SA Members who are also RAAHC Volunteers that will be required to arrive prior to the buses and they will use their bona fide RAAF Amberley Base access passes in the usual manner to attend the RAAFHC facility.


·       Ipswich RSL Services Club, North Ipswich - 40th Anniversary / Reunion Dinner commencing 1800 hours (Dress smart casual)


All drinks are to be at attendees cost.



22 JULY 2012 (SUNDAY)

Ipswich RSL Services Club, North Ipswich

Recovery Breakfast and Fellowship



Cost and Payment:


Cost of the event is $145 per person. A $50 deposit is required when nominating and is not refundable. Payments can be made through the 9 Sqn account in the normal procedure (remembering to put your name on the payment details) or by cheque to 9 Sqn association and sent to PO Box 635 Gatton Qld 4343.


Payments can be broken down into manageable chunks of your choice and I will notify each person as payment is received. If I do not notify you within a short period of time then consider that your payment has gone astray and get in contact with me.


Payment is to be finalised by 30th June 2012 to allow us to finalise catering.





Accommodation is available and can be booked by going to the 9 Sqn Association web site and clicking on the 2012 Reunion button. This will take you to the Discover Ipswich web page. This page has accommodation listed in order of closeness to the Ipswich RSL. By clicking on an accommodation site you will find the cost and availability of rooms.


For those flying into Brisbane airport the train is available from the airport to Ipswich. Please note that the airport link train has NO concession rates, it is a private line.




A range of memorabilia, DVD's, CD's will be available on Friday and Saturday nights. It can also be pre ordered through me. We are expecting to have at least two new items of a floppy hat and a blue polo shirt and perhaps a sleeveless vest (with crest). Costs to be advised.


Commemoration port:


A commemoration port will also be available however to ensure you get one pre order through me. Cost of the port is $22.50 per bottle.


Any questions regarding the event or payment are to be directed to me.


Steve Hartigan.



Hans, a middle-aged German tourist on his first visit to Orlando, Florida , finds the red light district and enters a large brothel. The madam asks him to be seated and sends over a young lady to entertain him. They sit and talk, frolic a little, giggle a bit, drink a bit and she sits on his lap. He whispers in her ear and she gasps and runs away! Seeing this, the madam sends over a more experienced lady to entertain the gentleman. They sit and talk, frolic a little, giggle a bit, drink a bit and she sits on his lap. He whispers in her ear, and she too screams, "No!" and walks quickly away. The madam is surprised that this ordinary looking man has asked for something so outrageous that her two girls will have nothing to do with him. She decides that only her most experienced lady, Lola, will do. Lola has never said no, and it's not likely anything would surprise her. So the madam sends her over to Hans. The sit and talk, frolic a little, giggle a bit, drink a bit, and she sits on his lap. He whispers in her ear and she screams, "NO WAY, BUDDY!" and smacks him as hard as she can and leaves.


Madam is by now absolutely intrigued, having seen nothing like this in all her years of operating a brothel. She hasn't done the bedroom work herself for a long time, but she's sure she has said yes to everything a man could possibly ask for. She just has to find out what this man wants that has made her girls so angry. Besides she sees a chance to teach her employees a lesson. So she goes over to Hans and says that she's the best in the house and is available. She sits and talks with him. They frolic, giggle, drink and then she sits in his lap.


Hans leans forwards and whispers in her ear...


"Can I pay in Euros?"



Gunners tour of Vietnam


Phil Brookes got in touch, he says “I’m a member of the RAASC Vietnam Association (Army) and have been organising and leading the Grocers and Gunners tour to Vietnam since 2009. Our next tour is scheduled for November 2012 to coincide with Remembrance Day at Long Tan. Would it be possible for you to provide publicity for the tour? We had RAAF participation on our first trip and it would be great if some of your members could join us for the November tour to add a bit of class tour our lot.

 Mig 21 in Hanoi

The 23 day tour is excellent value, being all inclusive, including Singapore Airlines flight from and to Australia and four/five star all the way. It is specially designed for couples and those who have an interest in this fascinating country and Australia’s involvement during the Vietnam War.


I’ve been travelling regularly to Vietnam since 1996 and recently returned from six weeks in Hanoi, so have been able to select and inspect the best accommodation and restaurants. I also met the current Australian Defence Attaché in Hanoi, Group Captain Matt Dudley, CSC, who is keen to join our group for a dinner in Hanoi. I did this in 2010 and it was a great evening.


You can download a flyer HERE and if you want further info, please email me HERE.”



Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, yet the youngest you’ll ever be – so,

enjoy this day while it lasts.




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