Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 38

Page 18

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Where are they??



    Where are they now?






Fred Holtman


Bob Charman saw our request for info on Fred Holtmann, he wrote  “Fred currently lives in SA and until recently was captain of the local CFS where he trained my daughter in the cadets. He has softened a little since he was my DI at 1RTU, but only a little……”



The wife asked me what I was doing on the computer last night. I told her I was looking for cheap flights."I love you!" she said, and then she got all excited, That night we had the most amazing sex ever..........Which is odd because she’s never shown an interest in darts before?



Peter Ey


Rocky Dalmolen was trying to locate on a former 9 Squadron member – Peter Ey. He says "Peter was one of the secondees from the RAN during the period when we had a number of RAN guys join us. I spent a lot of time in Canberra and Vung Tau with Peter.


The reason for my request needs a little explanation. Recently my wife and I travelled to the UK and spent almost a week in a small village called Moulin, which is now part of Pitlochry. The hotel has an Inn attached and over the evenings we became friendly with a few of the locals. One particular evening we came to share past lives etc and one of the locals (John) latched onto my mentioning the word "Huey". He said that only certain people tended to call helicopters that. Further sharing resulted in him telling me that he was in Oman in 1980 and came to know Peter Ey, and as he put it, spent a lot of great times at the bar, etc. He tells one story where Peter and/or his crewman (who also flew with Peter in Vietnam but he couldn't recall the name, nor does the photo he had help as the person has their back to the camera), bragged him out of bed at about 2.00am to 'fire up' the radar as they had been put on alert - apparently there was a bit of tension between Iraq and Iran at the time and they were getting all a bit on edge.


However, John has lost contact with Peter over the years and I offered to try and see what could be done. A bit freaky coming across someone in a little Scottish village that knows an old mate. Hope you can help".


Rocky Dalmolen

9 Squadron (May '68 - May '69)


Unfortunately Rocky, we have some bad news for you. Steve Hartigan has advised that Peter Ey died of cancer several years ago in SA – tb



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