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John Thomson.

 John Thomson

John Mathwin passed on the sad news that John “Tommo” Thomson, the boy from Corowa, passed away on Sunday the 18th December. Apparently he went to sit out in the sun and was found some time later, unconscious. He had a massive brain aneurism and was rushed to the Swan District Hospital where he was admitted in a very serious condition.  He was placed on live support until family were notified then later that day, about 5.00pm, the life support was turned off and he died shortly afterwards. His funeral was held on Thursday 22nd December. Tommo was on 41 RTC and had been living in Perth WA.


Described by many as “that brash, noisy, entertaining and loveable rogue” he will be sadly missed.




Chris Cross.


Neil Hunter advises it is his sad duty to inform the passing of well know ex WOD, Chris Cross, in Townsville on Friday 16th December. Chris’s funeral was held on Wednesday the 21st December at Morley’s Chapel Townsville at 2.00pm and was followed by a wake at the Thuringowa Bowls Club.




Roy Brandli


Wng Cdr (Ret) Roy Frank Brandli, died on the 27th Dec 2011. Roy joined the 10th Light Horse Regiment on 17 December 1941 as a part-time Army member. His regiment was called up for full-time duty after the declaration of war on Japan. He transferred across to the RAAF on the 13th October 1942 and was trained as a Wireless Air Gunner under the Empire Air Training Scheme (EATS).WAG Crest


His initial training took place at No. 4 Initial Training School Victor Harbour, South Australia. After categorisation as a Wireless Air Gunner (WAG) the next part of his training was at No. 1 WAG School Ballarat, Victoria, followed by the gunnery part of his training at No. 3 Bombing and Gunnery School East Sale. He qualified as a WAG on 17th September 1943 with the rank of Sergeant and was sent to No. 2 Personnel Depot at Bradfield Park, Sydney, for overseas posting. He sailed on the Mariposa for USA en route to the UK for further training and service in Bomber Command.


At War’s end, he returned to Australia on the Aquitania, arriving in Fremantle on 26 November 1945, and was discharged on demobilization. He rejoined the RAAF on 28 February 1946.


Roy's last appointment was as Commanding Officer of No. 3 Telecommunications Unit (3TELU), retiring as a Wing Commander. He spent 35 years in the RAAF. Some time ago he wrote his war memoires for the Gold Coast Branch of the Air Crew Association, you can read it HERE.




Peter NatoliPeter Natoli and Bob Hodgson


Fred Romeyn has let us know that Peter Natoli, ex 38 Sqn RAAF sumpie, was posted to 2 FTS in Pearce after Richmond, sometime in the early 1970’s. He took his discharge in Perth and bought a hotel not far from the RAAF Base. Some time ago, he suffered a massive heart attack and did not pull through.


Pete, shown in the photo at right with Bob Hodgson down below, (click the pic) was a helluva nice bloke – why is always the good blokes……




John Robertson


Peter Holmes advises the passing of Sqn Ldr (R’td) John Robertson who died on the 28th December 2011. John joined the RAAF in 1951 as a Wireless Air Gunner and was eventually commissioned. After discharge, he lived quietly on the West Coast of Tasmania. He was buried in Ulverstone (Tas) on the 3rd January.




Dave Thomas


John Cridland advises us that Dave Thomas, ex Teleg, has passed away and his funeral was held on the 30th January, 2012 at the Rockhampton Memorial Gardens. A wake was held for Dave at the North Rockhampton Bowling Club. Unfortunately, no further details.




Graeme 'Father' McKeown


We were told and printed that Graeme has passed away. Thankfully this is not the case, Graeme is still with us. Sadly though, it was his wife Barbara who passed away.  Thanks to Diane Dirou who put us straight.


Sorry Graeme and sorry to all Graeme's friends who we would have given a nasty shock.




Daphne Harcourt


Richard Harcourt, ex RAF and who has provided us with a lot of information on Butterworth, advised us that his wife of many years, Daphne, lost her fight with cancer on the 6th February.Richard and Daphne Harcourt


Richard’s daughter Debi penned the following words:  “A blanket of fog has descended over the land like the blanket of sorrow that has covered my world. My beautiful Mum lost her battle with cancer today, safe in my Dad's arms. Thank you Mum for the wonderful childhood you gave me and Robbie and have carried on giving us all our lives....the adventures and laughter we shared with you and opportunities you gave us...you've always been my Mummy and my best friend. Always there for me...for us all...taking my Scott and Robbie's Jo as your children too...never judging...even when we got things wrong...only ever putting your arms around us, comforting, encouraging, welcoming and so proud of us all....and I'm so proud to be your daughter...you made me who I am. You're a true lady in every sense of the word and everyone whose lives you touched will remember what a selfless, caring, wonderful lady you are. I'm so proud of you Mum...you battled this awful disease for 2 long years...never complaining but only worrying for us and for Dad. At peace now Mum...no more pain...I will miss you more than words can ever say...heartbroken....”


Amen to that – tb




Bill Crouch.


Bill Crouch, who was a sumpie with 9 Sqn from July 1970 to July 1971, had been fighting cancer for some time and saw the Surgeon on the 6th December for the results of recent pathology tests. There were some areas of concern and these were put down to his recent post op experience. It was expected that he would start a course of chemotherapy soon.


Sadly, Bill passed away on the 15th February while in the Hawkesbury hospital and was buried at the Richmond Lawn Cemetery on the 22 February 2012.




Lynton Thomas Winn


Steve Hartigan advises that Lyn Winn, a pilot with 2 Squadron from September 1970 to July 1971, recently passed away. Unfortunately we do not have any further details.




Stan Buswell


Ralph Dix passed on the sad news that Stan Buswell, ex instructor at Radschool in the 60's and 70's and later to become an Engrad in the Base Squardon Circuit, passed away on the 4th January, 2012. He was 71 years old. Stan joined the RAAF as an apprentice and was on No 11 Radio Apprentice Course that trained at Frognall and finally left in 1979. He ran his own electronics business for a time then taught at a TAFE College. He had been in poor health for the past few years following several minor heart attacks. His heart function had reduced to about 20% of normal capacity and he was on oxygen for most of the day. His daughter advised that his passing was peaceful. Frank Alley knew Stan quite well and told us about Stan’s health problems some time ago (HERE).


His Funeral was held at Pinaroo Memorial Park in Joondalup, WA Perth on Friday 13 Jan 2012 at 2pm.




John Robertson


Peter Holmes advises the passing of Sqn Ldr (R’td) John Robertson who died on the 28th December 2011. John joined the RAAF in 1951 as a Wireless Air Gunner and was eventually commissioned. After discharge, he lived quietly on the West Coast of Tasmania. He was buried in Ulverstone (Tas) on the 3rd January.




Jack O'Malley

Kerry Harrington has advised that Jack O'Malley passed away in his sleep on Monday morning, 20 February, 2012. His family is having a memorial service for Jack in the Geographe bay Yacht Club, King St, Busselton (WA) at 1230 on Monday 27 Feb 2012.


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