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RAAF Radschool Association


Vol 40

Aug, 2012


ABN 18 477 110 847


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Sadly, in the few months since our last issue, we have once again lost some very good mates.


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Our lovely Page 3 girl this issue is Aneliese Blair who is currently with 33 Sqn at Amberley, plus we have pics of past courses. 


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Sam warns us of the pitfalls in installing Windows 8 trial version and has some good advice on other programs.



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We have a pic of some good looking girls and lots more photos of courses from years gone by.



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Ted and some mates went to Thailand and he tells us about it plus a lot of other stuff.


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John Laming flew the Lincoln with 10 Sqn and shares its quirky characterises with us.


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Enola Gay 2

67 years ago, on the 6th August, the first A Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. "Studs" Terkel was the pilot and he was interviewed in 2002


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Allan George has found a copy of the Video of the Japanese surrender at the end of WW2.


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Wilf Hardy read our story on 2 Sqn in our last issue and has written to correct us on a few points


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Is the PSA test for you? And how much water should you drink each day?


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Harrier 6


The RAF put the Harriers to rest back in 2010, now they have sold them to the US.



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Tony Element tries to explain RAAF life, and we have some photos of a recent Frogger’s reunion.



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The Djinnang Association had their annual reunion in Brisbane and 3 Sqn got together at the Cleveland RSL.


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9 Sqn brought Iroquois A2-771 home to Amberley. A lot went along to welcome it.


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324 Combat Support Squadrons recently celebrated 50 years since going to Butterworth.


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A few blokes haven’t been as well as they could be.


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We're looking for a few people, perhaps you can help.


See page 18.


This is where you have your say. We look forward to getting your letters - so please keep them coming.


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If you've got a reunion coming up, or if you've got some news, let us know and we'll publicise it.


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The Index is now finished - all references have been linked so if you're looking for a topic or a photo of someone, click on the Index link on the top of each page and just follow the links.





If you agree or disagree with anything in this Magazine - please let us know.

Click on "Contact Us" at the top of any page and have your say.





Most (but not all) of the photos on our pages have been ‘crunched’ to make them open faster. If you want a copy of any in their original condition just email us, use the “Contact Us” link at the top of page, tell us which one you want (Vol and page #) and if we have a better copy we’ll email it back to you.


This edition contains a lot of photos and if your internet connection is not all that fast you will find some pages will take a while to load. If this is the case, it is best if you just open the page and wait a little while until it fully downloads before trying to navigate through it.





We’ve had a lot of requests/suggestions to open a Radschool Facebook account. That has now been done and it’s there if you wish to join. A lot already have and it’s a great vehicle with which people can keep in touch. Search for RAAF Radschool-Association, ask to be a friend and you’re in.


Or go here






A few blokes suggested that we add links to useful (and free) programs in our Links page, we thought that was a good idea, so if you’re looking for a tried and tested and FREE program to do a particular job, you could find it HERE.


At the moment we’ve only included programs that run under Windows, if you know of any FREE and useful programs that run under the Apple label, please let us know, and if you have any suggestions for other Windows programs, let us know so we can include them.





If you use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, you will find that it does not like Flash Video – that’s any video that has the .FLV extension. This is unfortunate as more and more videos are being produced in Flash format. There is a cure though, you can download VLC Media Player for Windows from HERE, associate it with .FLV files and you won’t have a problem.






Please check the list of names and if you’ve joined but your name isn't there, please click on the "Join the Association" tag (there's one on the top of each page) fill in the details again and send it to us. If you’re not a member and would like to be, do likewise. Membership is FREE!


Also, if you change your address, or phone numbers or email address, or you just want to say hello, or you want to give us a tongue lashing, you can do so by clicking on the "Contact Us" tag, also at the top of each page and filling in the details. It's so easy even an instrument fitter could do it, it's all done on line, no printing out forms and no postage.


Over the past couple of months we have been able to put a bunch of people in contact with long lost mates - but that's only because we have your details. Please click on the Join the Association tag and fill it in, the more people that join the more we can match up.


If you just want to get the RAM, but don’t want to join the association, that’s not a problem either. Just click on the “Contact Us” link at the top of each page and fill in the details and tell us to add your email to the list. Then whenever a new edition is released you will be advised.


We don't and won't give out your details to anyone so there is no risk of you being spammed.






Membership in this Association is Free - we deliberately do this as we feel more people will join the Association and read our magazines while there is no cost involved. And that's the way we'd like to keep it - but!!


Costs are mounting up and we're planning to make the magazine a bi-monthly, 6 editions each year instead of the 4. We now get so much material sent to us that to continue to deliver the RAM on a quarterly basis would mean it would soon go to 300 pages - and we get requests from all over the country to go and cover various Association reunions but we just don't have the funds to do that. We'd like to - but we just can't.


So!! - we're asking for donations. If you feel the RAM is a worthy magazine and you can afford to make a donation every now and then (annually??) then please do. Please be assured, this is not a requirement, if you are not able to make a donation, or don't wish to, then that is not a problem, the RAM will still be produced and you will still get it, but it probably won't be as good as it could be.


If you wish to make a donation, (any amount) please do so direct into the Radschool Association's Bank account which is:


Title: RAAF Radschool Association.


Bank: Bank of Queensland.   BSB: 124-021   Account #: 1048 7401


Please put your name in the details window when you make your deposit so we know who to thank. We would prefer not to make public your donation as we feel this could cause embarrassment to those who are not able to do so.





We try and make sure this magazine is as accurate as possible and that it contains no errors. If you find any, be they incorrect links, spelling mistakes, factual errors, please let us know so we can correct them. You can contact us by using the link at the top of each page.



The Circle.


Channel 10 have dumped their morning show, the Circle. Good riddance we say, see HERE.





The past 3 months have been good for reunions/get togethers. We've been to the Djinnang reunion, 3 Sqn reunion and to 9 Sqn's "bring the bird home" celebration. And there's more to come.


If you're having a reunion and you would like us to cover it and publish it, let us know (well in advance if possible) and we'll see what can be done.




You can download the full magazine in PDF format HERE.

It is a very large file, contains 211 pages and will take a while to download.

The margins have been set so you can print on both sides of the page.




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