Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 40

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Page 3 Girl



Our lovely Page 3 Girl this issue is Aneliese Blair who is currently serving with 33 Squadron at Amberley as a Crew Attendant on the Airbus KC-30A tankers. Crew Attendants (CREWATT) provide safety, comfort and in-flight service to passengers and crew on aircraft operated by both 33 Sqn and 34 Sqn (VIP). When configured, the KC-30A tanker can carry up to 270 passengers and employs up to 8 Crew Attendants per flight.


Aneliese joined the RAAF in 2010 from her home town of Mornington (Vic), went to Wagga to do her rookies, then followed three postings to learn the trade, first to Townsville for a Combat Survival course, then down to Adelaide for Aviation Medicine, then over to Richmond for an Airman Aircrew Initial Course: (Click HERE for more info on the Crew Attendant mustering).


Aneliese has signed on for 4 years, (things have changed) loves her job and thinks she will stay with the RAAF for a while yet.



34 Tprinop Course.


Marie Findlay, who was Marie Browner when she was at Radschool, sent us this pic which is of 34 Tprinops.


From L-R:   Marie Browner, Married John Findlay (Dell's Brother), Dell Findlay, Married Paul Buckley Comsop-c or was it Teleg-c, Silvia Bell, Married Telstech, Frank Hodges. (Marie is not positive of this as it happened after she left Laverton).


'I've had bad luck with both my wives. The first one left me, and the second one didn't.'


40 Appy


We had the photo below in our last issue and we were unsure of any names Terry Haebich and Matt Oliver came to the rescue with a few, we’re still a bit short though. Matt says “The photo is of 40 RAC, though am not convinced it was March 86. They commenced in the January of that year and it seems a little quick for six of them to have been made up to Leading Apprentice. The female is Megan Bender and she was the first female Radio TradeApp (there were two female TechApps that started the year prior (4 TAC??)”.


Anyone know where Megan is these days??


Back Row:  All unknown.

Middle Row L-R:  Don't know, Jeff Gardner, Kurt Weston, Don't know, Don't know, Colin Mason.

Front Row L-R:  Greg Kerkham, Dave Brown, Shane Creanor, Megan Bender, Don't know, Don't know, Don't know.




8/86 Commsop Course.


8/86, the eighth Commsop Course in 1986, started in August 1986 and finished in May 1987. Annie Bloxson gave us the pic.


L-R:  Annie Bloxsom, Tanya Huxley, Leslie Eggins, Sgt Phil Coldwell, Neale Dane, Tracey Biggs, Melinda Baldwin.



'Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant twice a week.

A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.'



8/86 On Pass Out day.


L-R:  Tanya Huxley, SGT Phil Coldwell, Tracey Biggs, Annie Bloxsom, WGCDR John Dallimore (CO - Radschool), Neale Dane, Angela Teasdale, Leslie Eggins, Melinda Baldwin



The great question... which I have not been able to answer... is:

"Exactly, What does a woman want?"





Back Row L-R:   Yvonne Parker, Hayley Thompson, Mandy Moore, Sheryl Smith, Karren Miller
Middle Row L-R:  Sonja Munch, Tony Vickers, Greg Genge, Paul Rodstead, Shane Broomhall, Allan Mortensen, Julie Townsend.

Front Row L-R:   Not known, Not known, Not known, Dave Thomson, Not known.




DSC, Tindal, 1995.


Back Row L-R:   Barry Leadbitter, Darren Phillips, Kylie Hawkins, Russell Flanagan.

Middle Row L-R:   Peter Beach, Gary Harper, Roland Kettle, Ian “McGoo” McGown, Colin Hull, Mark “Vermin” Vermeeren.

Front Row L-R:   Mick Howles, Peter Coleman, Stephen Ellis, Joy Macpherson.


DSC stood for Discon Switching Centre.


Comm Centre, Wagga, Nov 1984


Back row:    Peter Kuno (TPHONEOP), Colin (Col) Greenwood (COMMSOP), Debbie Bateson (TPHONEOP), Jeffery Schofield (EDPOP), William (Bill) Callinan (COMMSOP)

Front row:    Carolyn Forday (COMMSOP), Di Hoffmann (Tatnell) (TPHONEOP), Dennis Greig (Base Radio Officer), Cassie Mitchell (TPHONEOP), Rhonda Ahearne (TPHONEOP) (Missing Sgt Peter Michael and Cpl Col Todd, both Edpop's)



Anyone know what this is, it’s got a mark on it indicating it is/was PMG equipment -  click it for a bigger view.






Back Row L-R:  ?? Edwards, Desmond Luplau, Ken Jones, Greg Jackson, ?? Gibson

Front Row L-R:   Kerry Devenish, ?? Fisher, Shay Simpson, ?? Gray.


We’re short some first names, can anyone help??



8 COMMSOP (1978).


Standing L-R:   Vicki Barnden, Cathy Boyle, Shelly Mathers.

Seated L-R:  Debbie Peisley, Janette Douglas, Kerry Forrester.



Two secrets to keep your marriage brimming

  1. Whenever you're wrong, admit it,

  2. Whenever you're right, shut up.



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