Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 40

Page 17

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Sick Parade.


If you know someone who is a bit crook,

let us know so we can give them a shout out..



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Ted Ilton.Ted Ilton


Ted hasn’t been all that well lately, he’s had a repeat of an earlier pneumonia type bug which knocked him for a six - but he says he’s definitely on the mend and is slowly but surely coming good. Although he’s not far off getting a cake with 86 candles on it, he reckons he’s not ready for the Board of Survey just yet.


Get and stay well mate…….




Peter DeJonge.


That shy and retiring gentleman, Mr Peter DeJonge has not been well of late. It is believed that Mr DeJonge has for far too long ignored the howls of protest emanating from his overworked body and in the end it could just not keep up with the demands he would place upon it. Finally, bits of it have started to fail. First to go was an important piece of plumbing that is essential in supplying his overextended heart muscle with the blood that must be distributed to all extremities of his once youthful body. The RAM has discovered that doctors needed a 10mm reamer to clean out these essential pipes and to keep them open and uncongested it was necessary to implant a stent. It is believed that a 100mm section of an old Caribou augmenter tube was used. The sisters and nursing staff at the Alamanda Hospital on the Gold Coast, where this life saving procedure was performed, all said they were amazed at the wear and tear inflicted upon Mr DeJonge’s body and all wondered that it had kept functioning at all.


After the E service was signed off and a good cut and polish applied to the frame, Mr DeJonge was allowed to leave the hospital and once again take his place amongst the general populous.


When interviewed by the RAM, Mr DeJonge said he knew there was something wrong with the old bod – he said lately he had been struggling to put away his second carton of VB by morning smoko, whereas 12 months ago he would have been well into his third. His WOE, who goes by the name of Mrs DeJonge said she will now keep a close eye on the fatigue meters and ensure he is restricted to light duties. She said she has an assured method of enforcing the order by restricting Mr DeJonge to non-pleasures should he fail to comply. We know that will work.


Mr DeJonge is now on conditional servicing and will need further work to ensure all his bits continue to function as and when required.


From all of us - Stay well mate…….




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