Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 42

Page 17

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Sick Parade.


If you know someone who is a bit crook,

let us know so we can give them a shout out..



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Colin Cliff


Ernie Gimm tells us that Colinís cancer problem is going quite well. He has recently completed a course of BCG infusions and will have another course in six monthís time. In Feb, he underwent another bladder examination and biopsies to see if the problem had worsened and apart from all that he says he feels really good. Colin hopes to be at the Djinnang reunion later this month Ė we all wish him the best.



I know the word diputserom sounds bad,...but it's more stupid backwards.



Laurie Lindsay


Laurie recently had a TURP, which is an acronym for Transurethral Resection of the Prostate, or which could also be called a prostate rebore. He decided that if he was ever going to win a peeing competition against his grandsons, that area needed some heavy maintenance. He says one major result of this particular problem was that of aiming, with the result being he was always shooting high. He decided to go into hospital and get the fix


When the day came, he was shaved, sedated then wheeled down to the theatre and given an epidural. For some reason, he says he doesnít know whether or not it was deliberate but he woke up during the procedure and saw a large colour monitor showing what was going on. He says he was watching as the surgeon was chipping bits of his nether region away and giving a running commentary - he says he found it interesting.


Heís been out of hospital now for a bit over a month and he finds the occasional bit of blood in his urine but the doc told him to expect that as the wound takes about six weeks to heal. He says he hasnít tried the other function of the prostate yet, but thereís plenty of time.


He says it was certainly worth doing and anyone who has problems in that area should see their doctor ASAP. He says beforehand, as soon as he broke the seal, he was going back to the toilet every 10 minutes. He used to wake up after two or three hours for a prostate pee and he could not get back to sleep because of the 10-minute rule. He ended up reading or watching TV for about three hours every night.


Now he says, itís bliss.



Ted Ilton.


We met up with Ted Ilton recently. Ted lives on the Gold Coast and reckons he is finally starting to feel the effects of his 80 plus years. He says everything is getting just that little bit harder and unfortunately, he's had to give up running up sand hills.


He recently sold his unit which was in Qld and moved just over the border into NSW and into a retirement villa. He also sold his car and is looking for a little scooter which he reckons he'll use to get up to the supermarket, the coffee shops, the Club, the doc when needed and also over to the beach to watch the girls go by. We had a peek into his room and by the amount of leather gear hanging in his cupboard we reckon he might be telling everyone he's buying a scooter but don't be surprised if we next see him on a giant Harley.


Ted took us to lunch at Ron Workman's RSL Club at Currumbin to try the sole which he says is the best he's ever had and after hopping into one we have to agree. If you're down there, try it, it's unreal.


Over the years Ted has collected a lot of historical RAAF material which he couldn't take with him to the new address. A lot of it is irreplaceable and he didn't want to just 'toss it out' so he has given it to us and we'll share it with you in future issues.


We really enjoyed the day, Ted still has his sense of humour, he's got lots of stories to tell and we'll have to do it again.





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