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TAC Reunion.


Justin Baldwin sent us this. These blokes were at Radschool from 1982 to 1984..


TAC Reunion

L-R:  Steve Creese, Greg Fuller, Justin Baldwin, Gavin Healy, David Jensen



RAAF Willliamtown Base Medical Flight. Christmas, 1989.

RAAF Williamtown Base Medical Fliht


Click the pic for a bigger view and to see names.



SAR helicopter crew.

Exercise Kangaroo '92, Darwin.


SAR Chopper Darwin


Click the pic for a bigger view and to see names.



The Moral Leadership course, Ballarat 58


Arthur Comer sent us the photo below but he is unsure of 2 names, can anyone help and he would like to get in touch with anyone on the course – if you are, let us know and we’ll put you in touch with him


Moral Leadership Course

Back row L-R:   LAC McLauchlin, LAC Smallwood, unknown, LAC Horton, F/SGT Comer, LAC McCoan, AC Impson, LAC Smith, LAC Bone

Centre Row L-R:   FLT/LT Warnock, F/OFF Morrissey, SQN/LDR Henderson, AVM Albiston (Padre), AVM Ray Russell (Padre), Wng.Cdr Dennet, FLT/LT Arnold, FLG/OFF Eric Casey

Front Row L-R: LAC Watts, LAC Fletcher, Cpl Cyril Cyster, W.OFF Ernie Laming, LAC Tickner, unknown, LAC Daley?




Don't try to understand women - women understand women,

and they hate each other!



158 RTC


17 August 1982


158 RTC

Back Row L-R:   Dave Marchant, Morris Guido, Steve "Snow" Roberts, Neal Tully, Bruce Bellamy, Richard Smithdale, Michael Meacham, Bryan Morgan.

Front Row L-R:   Peter Connolly, Rod Taylor, Peter McGrath, SGT ?, Craig Brook, Gary Smitham, Doug Wilson, David Street.






127 RTC.


Bill Beaton sent us the photo below, but unfortunately, we don’t have any names.  Can anyone help??



127 RTC



680 RTC

July/October 1964.

680 RTC

Back Row L-R:   Norm Brown, Roger Bailey, John Cross, Lindsay Shipard, John Hamilton, Bob Angel, ? Murphy, Kev Blair, Bob Reid, Barry Leeson. 

Middle Row L-R:   Robert Fraser, Neville Whetter, Stan Megaw, Reg Brooks, Ray Edwards, Frank McCarthy (DI), ? Rinaldi, Neal ?, Len Grinham, / Moore, Allan Jones. 

Front Row kneeling L-R:   Dennis Clunes, Mick Johnson, George Spriggins, Bob McIntosh, Roger Treadwell, Allan Robertson, ? Wilson, Phil Clifford, Gary Culbert, Rod Meldrum. 

Front Row sitting L-R:   Chris May, Clive Renshaw, Brian Feeney, Bob McKenzie.



51 RMC

October 64/June 65.

51 RMC

Back Row L-R:   Ken Marks, Peiter Geurtjens, John Strauss, Liam Rossister, Terry Boyle, Bob Mietus, Col Beveridge, Mick Johnson, Phil Clifford, Geoff Byles, Rod Phillips, John Kemp. 

Front Row L-R:   Terry Walters, Ray Shales, Brian Calder, Phil Carne, John Callaghan, Glen Stevens, Les Ramsay, Mick Paget, Roger Bailey, Dave Ramsay, Murray Gill.



34 RTC

May 66 - 67.

34 RTC

Back Row L-R:   John Venn, ‘Hoot’ Gibson, Bob Watts, Phil Bentley, Geoff Ryan, Bob Lutzow, Col Bolin, Geoff Waterson

Middle Row L-R:   Geoff Turpin, Leon Friend, Theo Jansen, Dan Slattery, Terry Boyle, Doug Meyer, Sid Ruskin, Roger Bailey

Front Row L-R:   John Parker, Geoff Byles, Dick Shipman, ? Sullivan, ‘Woofer’ Lynch, Peiter Geurtjens, John Negus.



Lizards Appy Flight 3, 1963 (Wagga).

George Hatchman, who is an Historian and a member of the No 23 Sqn Association, sent us these pics.

Lizards 3, Flight 1. Wagga

Back Row L-R:   Geoff Hall, Don't know, Russ Haw, Dave Jimmieson, Bill Lingard, Reg Jones, Fred Fellowes, Barry Hatchman, Jeff Davies.

Middle Row L-R:   Don't know, Don't know, Don't know, ?? Kulkiewicz, Neil Imlay, Don't know, Mike Jackson, George Hatchman, Ivan Henry.

Front Row L-R:   Paul Neesham, Laurie Hulse, Jimmy George, Bob Ireland, ? Green, Brian Hill, Bob Lee.



1st intake of WRAAFs.


These two photos are of the first WRAAF course which was held after WW2 – in January 1951.


(Click the pics for a bigger view)


1st WRAAF Intake 1952


1st WRAAF Intake 1952

Can anyone help with names???


20th Anniversary.

These  two photos were taken at Richmond, in February 1972 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the formation of the WRAAF.   Click HERE for more information.


20th Anniversary of the WRAAF


20th Anniversary of the WRAAF




The teacher said “While reviewing math symbols with my third grade pupils,

I drew a greater-than ( > ) and a less-than symbol ( < ) on the board and asked,

"Does anyone know what these mean?"
A few moments passed, and then a boy confidently raised his hand.

"One means fast-forward," he exclaimed, "and the other means rewind!"



Course 2-87 Medical Assistants.

2-87 Medical Assistants

Front L-R:   Tracey Thomas, Carrie Hussin, Shirley Bouma, Cheryl Neal, Vikki Harbour, Christina Martin

Back:   Rod Lana (civvy).


The girls had just completed their plaster cast application training at 6 RAAF Hospital. Laverton, back in 1987 and were sporting casts on their arms.



Darwin 1976 Inter Service B/Ball


Darwin Interservice B Ball 1976

Back L-R:   Rita Tomba, Julie Blackwell, Helen Bird, Pam Nelson, Don Edwards (coach)

Front L-R:   Kate Lung, Rosie Manison (nee Staniforth), not known.

(The dog belonged to Pam Nelson.)


37 Radio Appy










37 Radio Appy.


  L-R:  Rod Ward, Mick Cates,

  Allen Field, Dave Walsh



37 Radio Appy reunion.

(2003 Brisbane)


37 Appy Reunion 1

L-R:  Lindsay Collett, Dean McFadden, Warren Ritchie, Peter Verwayen, Michael Cates, Gary McQueen and John Grace.

Below - Held in Beaumont St, Hamilton (19th Jan 2013)

37 Radio Appy Reunion 2

L-R:   Mark Horton, Lindsay Collett, Andrew Cross CSM (obscured), Barry Kleinschmidt, Darren Stuart, Geoff Yeatman, Angelo Fraietta (Phd), Graham Hunter, Michael Cates, Dean McFadden, Richard Engel and David Walsh.


First Appy reunion in Melbourne, June 1959.


Gene Fisk sent us this.


1st Appy reunion Melbourne 1959

Back Row L-R:  Errol Fisk (10th intake), Gene Fisk (5th intake), Kevin (saltbush) Burns (5th intake).

Centre Row L-R:   Alan Woodbridge (5th intake), unknown woman, unknown man, W/O Hec Crooks (ex WOD Apprentices).

Front Row.L-R:   Bill Frost (7th intake.his initials are actually K J, but was called Bill), Terry O'Keefe.


The reunion was held at Reception House, 9 Darling Street, South Yarra. Gene says the two un-named blokes are either 6th or 7th intake.  If you can ID them, please let us know.


Haven't dress standards changed (dropped??) over the years??



I recently saw a condom vending machine in a toilet, which had a sign on it which read:

"Tested to British Safety Standards".
Underneath someone had scrawled: "So was the Titanic."







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