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News and Reunions!  



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Ian “Jake” Jacobsen, ex 34Sqn, 35Sqn, 38Sqn and CFS (and others), is setting off to organize a “Seniors across the Nullarbor” sortie on 50cc scooters in September 2014. Jake aims to raise needed funds for Beyond Blue and to raise the awareness that Seniors still have it after all.



Jake, as usual has put in a great deal of detailed planning and is now looking for some additional specialist assistance.


The Radschool Association has taken up the challenge – more on that later but we’ll be asking for you to put your hand in your pocket to support this very worthy cause.


You read the concept plan HERE and if you would like to be involved, you can read the Expressions of Interest document HERE.




Vietnam tour.


Phil Brooks wrote, he said:  “I’m a member of the RAASC Vietnam Veterans Association and Diamond Valley Vietnam Veterans Association. A couple of years ago you very kindly provided publicity for the Grocers and Gunners Vietnam tour. Would it be possible to do the same for our 2013 tour? It’s all for a good cause, as during the tour we raise funds for charities in Vietnam.


In 2012 we raised around $1600 for the Hanoi Blind School and two H’mong village schools in Sapa. I’ve attached a tour brochure for your information (see it HERE).


You might also be interested in the 2012 tour article, published for the Diamond Valley Vietnam Veterans Association (see it HERE). I have about eight berths available at this stage. Last year we had three ex 35 Sqn members join us to add a bit of class to us Army bods and this year I have ex 35 Sqn and 9 Sqn members.


The tour is designed for those who have an interest, not only in Australia’s military commitment to Vietnam, but also an interest in the culture of this fascinating country. It’s four/five star, all inclusive and designed for couples. On past tours, the Australian Defence Attaché has joined us for one of our dinners, which has been an added bonus. An invitation will be extended to the current attaché, who is RAAF, to join us for our next tour.


Accommodation for the 2013 tour is:



Caravelle Hotel

Vung Tau

Imperial Hotel (built on the site of the Badcoe Club)

Danagn/Hoi An

Vinpearl Hotel


Melia Hotel

Ka Long Bay

La Bhaya Cruises


Victoria Resort


I look forward to some of your members joining us on our tour.


Always enjoy reading your newsletter. I might have mentioned in a previous email that I was posted to the Army Survey Regiment, Bendigo in the mid 80’s and had a very pleasant day at the Radio School, Laverton for Bones Day. I recall the RAAF were very hospitable, got us all drunk and then brought out the A team, who were stone cold sober.














Retired RAAF Engineer Officers.


A team of ex- Engineer Officers lead by GPCAPT (Retd) Brian Duddington, AM, is currently working to establish a Queensland Chapter of the RAAF Engineer Officer Association (REOA), the charter for which will be similar to that of the long-established Melbourne association of the same name.


Please see the REOA website (www.reoa.org.au) for details.


The charter provides a sound basis for the establishment of a “club” that would satisfy the needs of a defined group of people of similar background and professional interest while promoting the ideals of mateship and camaraderie in a relaxed and benign environment.


If you have any interest in joining the team or know someone who may, please contact Brian on M: 0417 625 213   W:3637 3833 or  E-Mail: Duddo8@bigpond.com.au.”








Judging by the frying pan that just flew past my head, I must have done something wrong.

I can't wait to find out what it was.



WRAAF Reunion.


Kerry Brocket would like to remind all ex-WRAAFs that the next WRAAF Reunion will be held in Perth WA, 11th-13th October 2013.


The girls below at the 2011 Brisbane reunion, lunching at the Brekky Creek Hotel.


L-R around the table: Dianne Cardy, Jeanette Brookes, Roslyn Curran, Kerry Brocket, Maxine Moore. At end Lorry Cameron, Kate Lunt, Marie (sorry no surname) Jane Dowdeswell, Lindy Crimean and Carmel Homewood.


For more info go to http://www.wraaf.org.au/ or email wraff2013@hotmail.com.au/






11th Light Horse Military Museum


Russ Walker got in touch, he said, “I was wondering whether you might include some info on our new venture in the Caboolture district of Queensland in the Radschool Magazine. I am a member of the 11th Light Horse Military Museum Association (Caboolture Troop) which is located at the Caboolture Historical Village. The Light Horse Troop has a display in the Village and artefacts which cover from the Boer War to Vietnam. The Village is visited by thousands of people each year, mainly school children


You may be aware that recently the RAAF offered retired F111 aircraft and escape capsules to museums that could suitably display them, but under quite stringent conditions. I went along to the RAAF presentation with a team from the Village however the terms and conditions were far more than the Village and the Troop could meet or afford.


However, being innovative types we developed a plan to build our own Air Museum at the Village and to build a full scale model of the F111 in front of the wing. This is planned using techniques usually applied in model aircraft. The completed "airframe" will be covered with a layer of fibre glass and then painted in RAAF colours. The airframe will be fitted with two GWS model aircraft simulators and TV screens so that it will be just like flying a real plane. (similar to flying a radio controlled model)


In addition to the F111 model there will be at least three information kiosks with DVD presentations on various air related activities. There will also be two further kiosks fitted with Microsoft Flight Simulator software.


We currently have six large glass fronted display cupboards in which we hope to display a range of interesting materials from the RAAF or any other air related activities. This is the area where we are seeking donations or loans of material from ex- serving members. As Desley and I have been downsizing we have realised that we have a 50 year collection of "good junk" too good to throw out to the tip but is certainly interesting enough to be put in the museum. Accordingly, the Air Museum has become my best friend for lots of stuff that I simply did not wish to part with. Hopefully this will be the case for many who read the magazine.


We will be opening the Air Museum in stages. The new building at the Village will be finalised by the end of April 2013 and we hope to have the electrics and air conditioning finalised by the end of May. The F111 model is being prepared as a big model kit in my shed and will be taken to the Village and assembled there.


The information kiosks and reading material will be available by June 2013 so we will have a basic display operating by June. This includes donations that have been offered by local ex servicemen and women. Uniforms badges, insignias etc.


We believe that his is a most important museum for commemorating the sterling service made by the F111 and the men and women who flew, supported and maintained them We are also looking for people who might be interested in assisting in the project. There are many different aspects from ticket writing to preparing narratives for display items, to construction work. We have a number of electronics people but more are always welcome. We also need people to be present at the museum to explain the display to visitors on an ongoing basis.


I would be most grateful if you could let people know about the project via the magazine. I am the Project Coordinator on behalf of the Caboolture Historical Village and the 11th Light Horse Museum.


Anyone wishing to assist or provide donations can contact me on this email address: russell.walker39@gmail.com






Indonesian confrontation.


There is a Tri-Service commemoration ceremony planned for the 50th anniversary of the embarkation to Indonesia. See HERE.







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