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News and Reunions!




RADIO Reunion.


John Broughton (on the left in the pic opposite) and others are planning a reunion for Ex-RAAF Radschool bods (and bodettes) which will be held at the Kedron Wavell Services Club in Chermside (Brisbane) on the 22nd and 23rd April 2016. Anzac Day next year falls on a Monday so the idea is to hold the reunion on the Friday (22nd) (a meet and greet) with a dinner on the Saturday night (23rd) then those that wish can march under the Radschool Banner on the Monday.


There are other events planned too, you can see more about the reunion by going HERE. Unfortunately, if you haven’t already registered, you’ve left it too late, due to catering requirements, the doors are now closed.


We’ll have lots of pics in the next issue.




35 Sqn Freedom of the City.


John “Sambo” Sambrooks, the People’s Champion and also the Secretary of the RTFV/35 Sqn Association advises that a Freedom of the City march/parade will be held in honour of 35 Sqn in Cooktown (Qld) on the 6th August, 2016 – and we’re invited. IThe parade is being organised by a CPL Renae Halley from 35 Sqn.


The RAAF’s plan is:

  1. 35SQN Executives and parade members arrive on a FRIDAY.

  2. Conduct FOC march the following SATURDAY.

  3. conduct a post parade fuction on that SATURDAY.

  4. organise a 'social' event with local residents the following SUNDAY (ie: cricket match and BBQ lunch).

  5. all 35SQN members depart late SUNDAY or MONDAY.

The Freedom of the City was given to the 35 Squadron in 1998 as a result of the close ties between the Squadron and the Cooktown community over several years.


Sally Eales, the Tourism and Events Officer with the Cook Shire Council has offered the local accommodation options available in Cooktown and you can see the list  HERE.



I only drink a little but when I do I change into another person and that person drinks a lot!



RAAF Base Tengah, Singapore Reunion. 


Phil (Sharky) Johnson is seeking those who served at the base and who would be interested in a reunion. If you're interested, contact Phil on 0419 798 951 or skidmark89@gmail.com

The reunion is set for Friday 15th July 2016 for with Meet & Greet at the Townsville RSL, sit down dinner for Saturday 16th July 2016


12 Engineering Course, Frognall 1966


The Froggers boys and their gals got together top reminisce their time at Frognall, 50 years ago!!


They made a video of the occasion - and you can see it below:






Planning Ahead.


Many members of the veteran community are reaching a stage in life in which they may be considering the impact that bereavement could have on their loved ones. In particular, they may be thinking about what they can do now to assist their loved ones manage such an event in the future.


Planning Ahead has been developed by the DVA and is designed to provide information to help veterans and their families prepare for bereavement. The personal information and checklists will help ensure that important information is available to families when it is needed.


Many ex-service organisations and a number of other key organisations have assisted with this booklet, including the Public Trustee’s Office, the Law Society of New South Wales, Tobin  Brothers  Funeral  Directors  and  the  Australian


Pensioners and Superannuants Federation. The cooperation and contribution of these organisations has been invaluable.


The services and organisations listed in the booklet, including the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, are always ready to provide whatever assistance you may require.


You occupy a special place within the Australian community. The Australian Government and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs are committed to listening to your needs and responding in a way that recognizes your importance in Australia’s past, present and future.


You can download the booklet from HERE.


There is also a checklist that can be used to record the contact details of important people, businesses and organisations that may need to be notified in case of your death. You can get that HERE. There is also a Personal Information Sheet (HERE) which will help your family with personal information in the difficult time following bereavement and if you choose to complete and retain THIS FORM (your medical details) it might be useful too.





East Sale Reunion.


All East Sale people are invited to the 2016 reunion which will be held at the Coolum - Peregian RSL Club on the Sunshine Coast from Friday 18 Nov to Sunday 20 Nov 2016.


It’s a way off yet, but doesn’t hurt to block out the dates in your diary now. Click HERE to download a flier.




Caloundra Memorial Wall.


Bob McInnes, an old RAAF box packer and now the OC of the Caloundra RSL Club recently got in touch. The Caloundra RSL, definitely the best Queensland RSL Club outside of Brisbane City, has recently dedicated a memorial wall in their Memorial Gardens which has been built at the back of the Club under their refurbished Iroquois. The wall is to honour members of the Australian Defence Forces who have served in both times of war and times of peace and who have helped build the Australia we all enjoy today.


Any Navy Ship, Group or Base, any Army Platoon, Company or Regiment and any RAAF Squadron, Section or Base is eligible to have a plaque placed on the wall and be remembered.


2 Squardron (Phan Rang) is the first Unit to be remembered.


All plaques will be the same size and colour and will cost about $120 (depending on wording). It is not intended to “over-verbiage” the plaques, just a few simple words, crests and dates, as above, are all that is needed.


If you would like to have your unit represented on the Wall, get in touch with Heather Christie via email to sub.secretary@caloundrarsl.com.au or you can ring her on 07 5438 5800. Once you’ve sorted out what you want, Heather sends your request off to their plaque manufacturer who will build and mount the plaque and will bill you direct.


This is a wonderful initiative and every ADF Unit should be in it.



The people who wonder whether the glass is either half full or half empty miss the point.

The glass is refillable.




RAAF Vietnam..


RTFV-35Sqn has advised us that this year the Brisbane group will be holding their ANZAC Day post march get together at the Jade Buddha in Eagle Street. Some years back, when the Jade Buddha was called "City Rowers", RTFV-35Sqn used to meet there but was forced to look elsewhere when the business was sold and closed for a long period during renovations.


RTFV-35Sqn has got together with 9 Sqn and they propose to hold the "get together" under the "RAAF Vietnam" banner.


Interior of the Jade Buddha..


They have thrown the invitation open to any RAAF people who served in Vietnam (and their partners) to join them on the day. The 3 Sqn Association, which represents blokes who served in Malaysia have agreed to join them and they hope that 2 Sqn will join them in 2017 after the agreement they have with their current establishment expires.


Cost for the day is $25 per person which includes entry fee and wonderful food (see HERE). The Jade Buddha has agreed to provide XXXX Gold at a reduced price of $5 per schooner.


So, if you were with 10SU or HQ or with a Herc supply unit (or any other unit) and you would like to join the RAAF Vietnam mob after the march, let "Sambo" (the People’s Champion) know johnsambrooks@optusnet.com.au so you can be catered for.


The view from the balcony.






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