Vol 64

Dec  2018

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Sadly, in the few months since our last issue, we have once again lost some very good mates.  


See Page 2.

Our lovely Page 3 girl this issue is Crissie Wessels and we have lots of old time pics.


See Page 3.

Solid-state batteries will be the next big leap forward.


How to run a mail-merge from within Outlook and Windows has a new disk clean tool and more!


See Page 4

Currumbin RSL has renamed its Vets Support Centre after Ron Workman.


An Orion went to Caloundra and a Mirage put down safely at Evans Head.


See Page 5

  • The most recent pension rates,

  • A trip to Butterworth

  • Adrian Cronauer

  • Mirrorless cameras

  • Exemption from GST

  • and more

See Page 6

Peter Condon tells us about his flying career in the RAAF, including his time flying the

 Bird Dogs in Vietnam.


See Page 7

35 Sqn received the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry streamer to add to their Colours.


The RAAF Aircrew Commemorative Day was held at the Qld Air Museum at Caloundra and 114 MCRU got together at Kedron Wavell Services Club.


See Page 8

Perth got a new bell. 

Car engines are going hi-tech,

Brain freeze, what is it and how do you cure it? 


And more!


See Page 9

Geoff Spackman and I have a good look over Kapooka.


See Page 10

Fat-free, is it the answer? 

Flu shots, should you get one? How to lose weight

and more.


See Page 11.

Jeff remembers his time flying the old Caribou in Vietnam back in 1966/67 and Caribou A4-264 crashed at Camden.


DVA Brisbane held their annual Christmas party.


See Page 12.

Armistice Day was celebrated

all over Australia.

Kedron Wavell RSL Sub-Branch held a ceremony too.


See Page 13.

The OC 82Wing hosted the annual Associations Day at Amberley.


See Page 14.

The Airman Aircrew got together at the CSI club at Ipswich


Page 15

Mystery at Eagle Farm.  John tells how fate stepped in and he wasnt required for a flight  that flight ended in tragedy when the Lincoln crashed into the mountains west of Brisbane.


And more!


See Page 16

No-one sick this episode but we look at the Productivity Commissions advise on closing the DVA.


Page 17.

Were looking for a few people, perhaps you can help.  


Page 18.

Frank Alley spent a bit of time in China he sent us a lot of photos of his visits to various museums.


Page 19.

The Herc boys and their ladies got together at Richmond for the 60th anniversary.


And! Heres the news, all the news, the whole news and nothing but the news.


Page 20.



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RAM thought for the day.


Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight






Merry Christmas everybody, may your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

and may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy.

We look forward to catching up again in 2019.





Buying a new car?


If youre contemplating buying a new car, we could save you thousands. The Radschool Association has done a deal with Australias biggest car brokers whereby you can purchase a car (your choice of make, colour, specs etc) at fleet discount prices.


To see further details, go to the Radschool Assoc home page (HERE) then click on New Car Purchase.






Were working on obtaining discounts for financial members of the Radschool Association. If youd like to benefit from these discounts, and youre not a member, scroll down to the Membership section below, fill in the relevant form and well send you the info.


Current financial members will receive an email from us soon with info on how to obtain a 12% discount on the base rate of the day when hiring a car from Thrifty. With the holiday season upon us, if youre thinking of hiring a car or an SUV or a people mover, this could save you heaps.




Veterans Card.


Back in June 2018 we wrote to the Minister for Veterans Affairs/Defence Personnel, Hon Darren Chester MP, suggesting the Government should introduce a Proof of Service card (see HERE). This was followed up with several bits of correspondence and eventually we were offered a meeting with the Ministers advisers in Canberra. On the 21st September, we met in Canberra with David Roberts and the delightful Louise Hooper (right), both advisers to the Minister who gave us about an hour of their valuable time and where we discussed the proposal.


Shortly after, we received THIS from the Minister.  Good News!


As most know, TPI/EDA Vets have access to free Government transport within the state in which they live. State Governments issue a Veterans Travel Card however, the holder of the card is entitled to free transport only within that state. We asked Louise Hooper if there were any plans to make the card a national benefit. She replied: I understand that harmonisation of state benefits was discussed at the Veteran Ministers Roundtable that was held on 27 October.


Thats great, we think it is still being discussed but fingers crossed!




While in Canberra, we also met with the Sarah Huy from the office of Amanda Rishworth (right), the Labor Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs. We didnt get a personal response, but we did get this Media Release.




Savings for veterans.


Once the Proof of Service Card or Veterans Card as it will be called, is implemented, major corporations will be encouraged to offer special services and/or discounts to holders. Businesses will be encouraged to offer discounts on everything from groceries to power bills.


The details of the card will be worked through with state and territory governments and businesses. It will be separate to the Department of Veterans' Affairs health cards but will be similar to the approach adopted by Canada and the US. Already Woolworths, Coles, Kmart, Bunnings, Target, NRMA and Clubs Australia have signed up, while Westpac has expressed support for the idea. The reported percentages where between 5 and 10 per cent.


At present, many businesses and services find it hard to identify who is a veteran, with the problem most acute in states such as NSW and Queensland, each of which are home to more than 80,000 veterans.






Back in November, Virgin Australia announced plans to allow priority boarding for members and ex-members of the Australian Defence Force. They offered military veterans the chance to board first and acknowledge their service during in-flight announcements.


Full marks to them, we thought it was a wonderful initiative but for some inexplicable reason, some didnt.


The Australia Defence Association (ADA) said the offer was lacking in common sense. Neil James, the executive director of the ADA said Virgin Australia's move to offer veterans priority boarding and a public thank-you on flights drew a reasonably critical response from his members. I think most people would like some practical help rather than what's likely to become a tokenistic gesture. He said the US-style of publicly thanking veterans for their service would not necessarily translate well to Australia. Theres a fine line between embarrassing them and thanking them and, in some cases, where theyre suffering a psychological illness, effusively thanking them in public might not necessarily help them.


Well, let me tell you something Mr James, you dont speak for me, Ill be forever grateful to Virgin for offering that benefit to be able to board early ahead of the rush, I think is fabulous and Ill accept it with both hands. Anyone, who for whatever reason doesnt want to accept it, can just sit tight and board with the masses. If you dont want it, dont put your hand up and dont try and stop others who do want it.


My old nan used to say, give them an inch and theyll want a mile!.  This seems to be the ADAs doctrine, instead of saying thank you to Virgin, they want to big-note themselves and grizzle. Well, bugger them!


Good for you Virgin. For me its a reason to fly with them.




EMAIL Blockage.


For some time, our site and our emails were blocked by the Defence gate-keeper if and when they contained a link or a Pdf document. Some years ago, we were hacked by some mob and some firms that provide Virus Protection black-balled us. We did get things cleared up and engaged a firm called Securi to ensure we werent hacked again. We would get a report every week confirming the site was clear but Defence, on the side of caution, continued to block us whenever we tried to send a link or a Pdf. And no matter how many phone calls we had to the RAAF and to Defence begging them to lift the blockage, they were having nothing of it. We believe this sort of blockage is standard procedure for the ADF.


Then we met with Louise Hooper in Canberra and she contacted Defence IT and we shortly had a phone call from a senior Navy officer and voila, the blockage has been lifted.


Thanks again to Louise and thank you to the Navy!!




2021 Celebration.


Weve had to put our preparations on hold until 1 July 2019 see the latest update HERE.



Were planning for the Sunday Concert event to be open to all in Melbourne and it could look like this below, youll definitely want a reserved seat. A thousand of those seats down the front will be reserved for those that attend the reunion were limited to 1000 for other events too, so if you think youll be able to attend, even though its a while off, we suggest you get your name in now. After we have 1000, youll have to go onto the wait list. At the moment we have 213 dont put it off, if you wait too long you could miss out.  Tell all your friends too get them involved.


Please click HERE and do so, the more numbers we have the easier it is when we discuss our plans with venues and sponsors.


We must stress though, this is not an official Air Force event, it is being organised by the Radschool Association.



Remember, the other day Celebration events are open to anyone and everyone who has spent time at Ballarat, Laverton, Point Cook, St Kilda or Frognall, its open to clerks, cooks, framies, pilots, instructor, even radtechs, its irrespective of mustering. The individual cost to everyone will be minimal as were down the road aways with sponsors and its looking good.


If youre an ex-WAAAF, ex-WRAAF or female RAAF and you would like a Girls-own night on the Thursday 25 March in the Officers Mess at Laverton, were pretty sure we can arrange this, it will all depend on whether there is enough demand (there isn't at the moment - there's only 3) and whether the RAAF has plans for the night which at this stage looks like they dont. Youll need to fill in the FORM though.


Weve also arranged to hold a Sleep Rough night to be held in the Melbourne Showgrounds to honour and remember those that went before us and fought in WW2. A lot of those brave men and women were billeted or worked at the Showgrounds during the war and this will be our way of remembering them. If you want a rough night out, we ask that you get sponsored as we would like this to be a fund raiser event for the RAAF Association. Bring your own sleeping gear but we'll supply the food and water.


Early in 2020 well need you to commit and fill in another form with all names, shirt sizes etc and soon after that youll need to make a payment but more on that later too. Remember, the cost to everyone will be minimal as were down the road aways with sponsors and its looking good.


Well be asking for volunteers later too, people to help with set up, team leaders, crowd management, waiters etc, more on that later too.


Remember, keep an eye on our UPDATE page for the latest info.






Weve decided to go with the following membership.


                1 years full membership for $12.00.  (now till 30 June 2019

                Full membership for $35.00 to 30 June 2021.


Annual Membership will run from July one year to June the next, with this years annual membership now expiring in June 2019. As weve said, full membership is not compulsory, you can still receive the RAM which will remain open, free and available on the net.


So, if youd like to contribute and help us with the ever increasing costs, please join as a full member.


If you are already a member (ie: if your name is on this LIST), please fill in the form below and send it to us, if you havent already joined (if you're not on the list), please use the form HERE.


First name:        Surname:   


Your email address:  


Membership type:                                           


Your State:                                                 Sum transferred:  $


In order to reduce Spam, enter the sum of 10 plus 10 in the window opposite.                                                                                           








Please transfer your joining contribution to:


BSB: 124-021       Account number: 1048 7401      Title:  RAAF Radschool Association.

Bank:  Bank of Queensland.

and include your name in the "Remarks" window on the deposit.


You can of course pay more if you wish!!



AND!!  If you work for or know of a firm that would be kind and generous enough to sponsor the Radschool Association, please get in touch.






If you're having a reunion and you would like us to cover it and publish it, let us know and we'll see what can be done.






Our aim is to have this site error free but thats probably impossible. But with your help I reckon we can get pretty close. If you see any errors, be they punctuation, spelling, links that dont work, facts wrong etc, (no matter how small) please let us know so we can fix them.





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It is a very large file, contains 330 pages and will take a while to download.


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