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Djinnang reunion - 2023.

Mustering photos:




Telsops - TrinOps.

Page 3 Girl.




A lot of the pics on this page have been crunched to allow the page to open quicker.

You can get the HD version of each pic by clicking it.



Page 3 Girl.

AVM Barbara Courtney, AM


Commander, Surveillance and Response Group



AVM Barbara Courtney joined the Air Force in 1987 as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC). Having achieved all ATC related qualifications Barbara was posted to most ATC detachments as a controller, supervisor or commander. She is a qualified ATC instructor who has instructed at the RAAF School of Air Traffic Control, including a posting as Chief Instructor and has also instructed at the RAF Central Air Traffic Control School at RAF Shawbury in the UK.


Barbara has broad experience in Combat Support including Base Commander at RAAF Base Williams and was twice appointed Combat Support Commander for the Australian International Airshow at Avalon, for which she received a Chief of Air Force Commendation.


She has held a range of Staff positions including Staff Officer to the Chief of Air Force. On promotion to Group Captain she was appointed Director of Coordination for Air Force and subsequently appointed Commander of United Nations Command (Rear) at Yokota Airbase in Tokyo.


Reporting directly to the Commander of United States Forces Korea, she was responsible for overseeing planning of force deployment and staging options from Japan for United Nations Command signatory nations in the event of a return to the Korean War. For this she was awarded the Legion of Merit. She returned to Australia in February 2016 to the role of the Director of Integrated Air and Missile Defence and C4I in Air Force Headquarters, Canberra.


She deployed on Operations in 2003 and 2004 in Support of Operations Azure and Iraqi Freedom respectively. In 2011 she deployed to Afghanistan as the Commander of Multi National Base Command Tarin Kot responsible for all Combat Support for a base of over 8000 personnel including Australian and US Forces. For this she received both an Australian Defence Force Commendation and a US Army Commendation Medal. In 2018, she deployed to the Middle East Region as the Deputy Commander Joint Task Force 633 before taking up the position of Commander Surveillance and Response Group on 8 May 2019.


Barbara was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for exceptional service to the ADF in combat support unit operations, organisational reform, major international engagement, and strategic capability development for the Australian Defence Force in the Australia Day 2019 Honours.


Air Vice Marshal Courtney is a Command and Staff course graduate who holds a Masters of Aviation Management and an Advanced Diploma in Defence Studies and International Strategy. She is married to Andy and they enjoy travelling, reading, dining out and exercising their dog Sasseee.




I got myself a 'Seniors" GPS.  Not only does it tell me how to get to my destination,

it also tells me why I wanted to get there.



We're short a couple of names - if you can help, please do!


Djinnang Reunion – Brisbane 2023.


As they normally do, the Djinnang Association got together in May 2023 for their regular AGM, to once again meet mates from long ago and to have a good old fashioned knees up.  As usual, the reunion was held at the Paddington Tavern (The Paddo), not far from the Brisbane CBD and also as usual, those attending came from far and wide.




Those attending included:


Ron Faulkner, John Isaacs,  Warren Bryant.


Diane Webb,  Beth Golden,  Alison Cridland.


Kev “Hinchy” Hinch,  “Bull” Donald,  Des Williams.


Joy Costello,  Dory Costello,  Duncan Slaven.


Alison Cridland,  Bob Bland,  Barb Watson.


Standing:  Ros Curran,  Jillian O’Toole.  Seated:  Marie Henson,  Fran Brown,  Mark Brown,  Lalee Jagiello.


Standing:  Burt Freeman,  “Pygmy” McAndrew,  Colin Price.  Seated:  Jill McAndrew,  Rob Scott.


Brian Webb,  Dianne W ebb.


Burt Freeman,  Colin Price.


Alison Cridland.


Candy Hardie.


Ernie Gimm,  Shirley Watson.


Frank and Silvia Hodges,  John Mccormack,  Kerry Harrington,  Con Chatham,  Ron Bellert,  Ernie Gimm.


Iain Crapp,  Marie Price.


Jillian O’Toole,  Ros Curran,  Marie Henson.  (The three Scootavillians).


John Cridland,  Ray “RG” Thompson,  Lynn Beilby.


Jillian O’Toole,  Trev Benneworth,  Shirley Watson.     (I have absolutely no idea why???)


Kerry Harrington,  Gail McDermott.


Kim Stafford,  Tracey Stephens.


Lalee Jagiello,  Yvonne Trickey.


Marie Henson,  Robyn Russell.


Neil Snudden (This is why God gave us two hands!)


The AGM.


About mid afternoon, John Isaacs, the President, closed the bar and declared the AGM open. All committee positions were declared vacant and Bob Bland was declared Chairman.  Nominees were called for from the floor for each [position however, the members were so happy with the past Committee's performance that each past member was nominated to fill their past position.


Bob Bland.


New Commitee


As there was only one nomination for each position, the past committee was re-elected unopposed.  They are:


Tracey Stephens - Committee,   Gail McDermott - Secretary,  John Isaacs - President,  Alyn Hawkes - Treasurer,  Robyn Russell - Commitee,  Barbara watson - Committee.  Not shown, Brian Webb - Publications,  Kerry Harrington - Webmaster.


Then accompanied by a thunderous roar from the floor, the President declared the AGM closed and the bar re-opened.




Behind every angry woman stands a man who has absolutely no idea what he did wrong.




Mark Brown.


Mike Roberts,  Neil Snudden.


Nev Paten,  Duncan Slaven,  Rob Scott,  Burt Freeman,  Colin Price.


Iain Crapp,  Mick Windsor


Greg Smith,  Graeme Brownrigg,  Kim Stafford.


Alistair Kennedy, Trevor Wood.


John O’Loughlin,  Jackie Kiss,  Candy Hardy,  Kim Stafford.


Neil Snudden,  Ros Curren.


"Pygmy McAndrew",  Trev Benneworth.


Ray “RG” Thompson,  Ron Bellert,  Ernie Gimm.


Shirley Watson,  Brian Webb.


Shirley Watson,  Gail McDermott,  Jillian O’Toole.


Tracey Stevens,  Gail McDermott.


Shirley Watson,  Sylvia Hodge.


Tracey Stevens,  Ros Curren.


Trev Benneworth,  Jillian O’Toole.


Val Robinson,  Ian McKee,  Graeme Brownrigg,  Glenn Bell.


Grant Robertson,  Murray Crome,  Debbie Cavanagh,  Sue Cully,  Shelley Mathers,  Gary Francis.


“Bull” Donald,  Lalee Jagiello.


Bob Bland,  Trevor Wood,  Alistair Kennedy.


Jacki Kiss,  “Nipper” McGilvery,  Candy Hardy,  Ross Billiau.


Yvonne Trickey,  Shirley Watson.



Mustering photos.


Brian Webb valiantly got everyone's attention and over time got them to group up for the annual mustering photos.







Telsops - Trinops.







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