Vol 80

Nov 2023

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In Memory of:

Page 2



2 Sqn Canberra - Last bombing mission.

Ghost Bat - Australia.

HARS Grumman Trackers.

Qld Air Museum's first aircraft - Canberra A84-225.

Wedgetail - now being used by the USAF.


ANZAC Day 2023

ANZAC Day 2 Sqn.

ANZAC Day Canberra.

ANZAC Day Scotland.

ANZAC Day Wallaby Airlines.


Arthur Fry:

Five years between Hong Kong postings.

Impressive items from my career.


Computer Information:

Browser myths.

Clear your browser history quickly.

Clone your hard drive.

Does HTTPS make the Internet secure?

How long do CDs and DVDs last?

How long do thumb drives hold data?

How to make video calls on your Android phone.

Inexpensive ways to speed up your PC

OneDrive's new PDF features.

Scam alert:  Photo sharing messages.

Scan a doc using an Android camera.

USB-C - what is it and do you need it?

Wireless charging - is it bad for your battery?



Diploma Cadet Sqn Staff - 1964.

Diploma Course People - 1957.

Engineering Diploma Courses.

No 7 Engineering Diploma and 14 Comms Engineering Diploma Courses 1962.

Nos 2, 3 & 4 Diploma Courses, RMTC 1959.

Nos 3, 4 & 5 Engineering Diploma Courses 1960.

No 4 Engineering Diploma Course 1960.

Nos 5 & 6 Engineering Diploma Courses & 13 Radio Appy Diploma 1961.


DVA Issues:

Better access to information for Veterans.

Commemorative medallion for Vietnam Vets.

GPs and Gold/White cards.

Help for homeless Veterans.

Help for those experiencing family and domestic violence.

Mental health treatment unchanged.

New DVA Secretary.

Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Receive healthcare while your claim is processed.

Reporting the death of a DVA Client.

Support available for those affected by the OSI investigation.

The healing power of sport.

What is a VSO?



Joined a gym - nearly.

Naked truth.

Some days.



1,000 person choir.

ADF personnel pay rise.

Balancing the dots - tyres.

Bionic Reading, what is it?

Concession Cards - the differences.

Dickson - the first airport in ATC.

Earworms explained.

Emergency Landing.

Evolution of Tertiary Education to Engineering Officers.

Fry an egg the right way.

Galileo's Hypothesis.

KitKat info.

Men and women's view on mess.

Men chest-feeding?

Not my ABC.

Owen gun.


Possum Park.

RAAF evacuations from Vietnam 1975.

Service Stations - big changes coming.

Soap - does it last?

Stan Grant - 50 Shades of Grant


The Brisbane Garage Girls and their WW2 secret.

The Home Front - a good read.

Titan submarine - the loss of.

Vietnam bike ride.

Vietnam war era music.

WD-40 - explained.

Why is a cockpit called that?

Winfield Cup ARL.


Get togethers.

Jock Cassels 100th.



15 popular home remedies - and do they work?

Hiccups explained - and how to get rid of them.

Sleep - why it's so important.

Testosterone patch to solve a women's low libido.

Your liver - and what it does.


John Laming:

Is your check-list really necessary?


My Story:

FltLt Stephanie Hume.

My Story: Terri-Ann Eden-Jones.

Reg Saunders.



The voice.

Welcome to Country.


Page 3 Girl:

AIRCDRE Barbara Courtney.


Pension rates:

Pension rates - Sept 2023.


People I meet:

The People I meet.



Tambo Teddy.


Requests for help.

2 Sqn - 1968.  Help needed!



26 Radio Appy reunion.

Djinnang reunion - 2023.

RTC 1234 reunion.



Apply to join Scootaville Qld or NSW 2024 or both.

Scootaville Qld 2023.


Units, Squadrons and Bases:

37 Sqn celebrates two milestones.

Gallipoli Barracks - Open Day.



ANZAC Day Brisbane - RAAF.

Bronyn Bishop on Aboriginal funding.

Emergency landing of the week.

Sleep - why it's so important.


Your say

Aboriginal culture - the lies.

ADF to wear gender uniform of choice.

Australia Day - the truths.

Fluid gender.

Fossil fuels - can we do without them?

Laverton names wanted.

Manufacturing in Australia?

Native title.

Net Zero - is it possible?

Reality TV - how boring!

Solar Panels - are they the answer?






Unfortunately, after 24 years and 80 editions, I can't continue with the RAM. This is the last issue. I have just run out of time, Scootaville now takes up too much of my time and as Scootaville pushes into other States, it's only going to get busier. In 2024 we're holding Scootaville in both Qld and NSW and in 2025 we hope to include Vic, SANT and WA.  Tas perhaps in 2026.


It looks like the Kiwis are coming on line too, 2026 could see Scootaville in all States of Aust as well as in NZ.


The Association and the websites will remain, all the Course Photos will still be there as will the 80 editions of the RAM. We're going to start a new section which we'll call SPECIALS - this will include coverage of Reunions, Events etc, more of a Blog than a Magazine.


A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed over the years, it's been fun but unfortunately its days are done.



But - if anyone would like to carry on with the RAM, please get in touch.




Scootaville 2024.


Next year we're holding Scootaville in both Qld and NSW, the Qld version will get together at Chermside on the 27th August and leave on the 30th August and travel via Warwick, Goondiwindi, Toowoomba,  Maroochydore, Gayndah,  Gladstone, Rockhampton, Sarina, Airlie Beach, Ayr, then Townsville - arriving on the 13th Sept - 20 nights


The NSW version will get together at Windsor (opposite RAAF Richmond) on Mon the 18th Nov and leave on the 20th Nov and go via Muswellbrook, Mudgee, Dubbo, Parkes, West Wyalong, Wagga, Canberra, Bathurst, Katoomba, Lithgow and back to Windsor -  20 nights.


We're holding discussions with Channel 7 with the aim of them sending a crew of 3 along with us in Qld, to record the whole event and produce a one hour program for showing on 7 Mate and 7 Two. This will give us National coverage and enable us to solicit donations Australia wide. We're also talking with the New Zealand Air Force Association and we've invited 4 of their members to join us on the Qld run next year. We hope that in 2026 Scootaville is running in NZ - it becomes a joint Aus/NZ event, they will send a few over here every year and we can go over and there.


What this means though, as we can only take 40 people on each trip, due to accommodation availability, and as we've got 7 spots already pencilled in (3 X Ch 7, 4 X NZ) if you would like to be involved, it would probably be a good idea to get your name in now, you can do that HERE. If we get too many applicants, we'll have to do a draw from the hat.


As we go Australia wide, it will be far too big and far too complex for us to handle, it will require a centralised body to manage and oversee it which is why the Federal Body of the Air Force Association will take it on. The Radschool Association Inc will still be involved but only on a minor scale, we'll start the hand-over, take-over next August when we go Queenslanding.


The ultimate aim is still to raise funds for Legacy and for homeless Vets in Australia and for similar charities in NZ.






We have to hold an AGM this year so if you're a member and you wish to participate, please go HERE, fill in the form and nominate who you would like to run the Association and if you'd like to propose any changes, fill in the General Business section and get it back to us by the 6th December. We'll then send you the Agenda and ask you to vote. We'll have the AGM on Monday the 11th December where we'll make available the results of the ballet.






Don't forget our raffle.  We're raffling a wonderful Tambo Teddy, proceeds from which go to the Scootaville event which raises funds for legacy. If you haven't already bought a ticket or tickets, they are only $5 each, - please do. 










You can download the full magazine in PDF format HERE.

It is a very large file, contains 252 pages and will take a while to download.


The margins have been set so you can print on both sides of the page.



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