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Where are they now?



100 Year old Ex-RAAF Personnel.


So they can be rightly honoured, the Radschool Association is trying to contact all ex-RAAF personnel, both men and women, who have turned, or are about to turn, 100 years of age. If you know anyone who has or is about to reach that milestone, please let us know so we can contact them. Their details will not be made public but their details will be passed onto the RAAF's History and Heritage Branch which is keen to know of them. It does not matter what their mustering was, not does it matter if they served overseas or in a war zone, the only requirement is their age and that they served in the Air Force. 


If you know of someone who is ex-RAAF and has or will turn 100 within the next 12 months, please contact us here 100@radschool.org.au or you can or get them to provide their details here www.radschool.org.au/100




Robert Maxwell Wark


Warren Whittaker is trying to contact his old mate Sergeant Loady Robert (Bob) Maxwell Wark who was with 35 Squadron in Vietnam from Jul 1964 - March 1965. He says: "Bob was given an award for bravery for repairing a damaged Caribou in November, 1964 when under fire from the Viet Cong. Because we are now both 78 years young I would like to speak to Bob before we get much older.   Hoping you can help me."


If you can help, contact Warren direct on merrilliewhittaker@yahoo.com.au




38 Sqn Personnel Archerfield.


Marilyn Campbell writes, I am trying to locate photographs of RAAF 38 Squadron personnel who were based in Archerfield, Brisbane, in the years 1944-1945. I am also looking for photos of RAAF trainees at No. 2 Wireless School, Calgary, during the war.


Do you know where I could find these photos? (I have already searched Point Cook and AWM photo collections).  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


If you can help, let us know and well pass on the info to Marilyn.  tb.




Peter Chappelow.


Geoffrey Schmidt got in touch, he says: Do you have an email address for a Radtech (later RadO) Peter Chappelow? I was given an address of 'petesandyc@live.com.au' but without luck. Or if you dont have an email address, then perhaps a phone #? We worked together in the mid to late 70s at 481 Sqn Willytown Field Training Flight as I recall? I suspect he probably retired in the Newcastle Area?


Keep up the good work much appreciated.


If you can help, let us know and well pass on the info to Geoff. tb.




109 RTC.


Tim Corcoran got in touch, he says: I was on 109 RTC at Laverton from mid-1977 and graduated November 1978. In 2018 our course will celebrate 40 years since our graduation. I have spoken to a few of those who were in 109 and we have decided to hold a reunion to celebrate.


To get this started, we wanted to list all those who were at any time a part of the course; whether they started and didn't finish or were back-coursed to 109 to finish their training. We also need to include the Telstechs who were split off just after the halfway mark of the course.


Are you able to advise where we might be able to get a list of who started on the course? Are there any official records we can access to get the names? We could then see if you are able to pass my details to any of them that are recipients of the magazine and we can employ methods such as Facebook searches to find others. I would also welcome any suggestions in regard to the planning of a reunion, what activities should be or could be included (tour of Rads buildings, airman's mess and the other important sites of Laverton). Any info would be great or a contact number/address for someone else that has already run such a reunion.


I give you permission to add this to the next edition of the magazine or diseminate the information to others that may be able to assist. Many thanks and let me know if there are any questions.


If you were on 109, let us know and well pass on your details to Tim. tb.



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