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Sick Parade.

If you know someone who is a bit crook, 
let us know so we can give them a shout out..




Len Scrace.


Len underwent open-heart surgery on 22 February 2018 that the Holy Spirit Hospital north of Brisbane. Len turned 80 on the 11th Feb this year and other than his heart problems he seems a man of 22. He was placed in a coma after the operation and brought back on the 28th Feb. He is now out of hospital, but he still has a few more medical appointments to attend.  His Mitral Valve was leaking and has been fixed during the operation. The mitral valve is a valve that lets blood flow from one chamber of the heart, the left atrium, to another called the left ventricle. In mitral valve prolapse, part of the mitral valve slips backward loosely into the chamber called the left atrium.




Mal “Bugs” Rose.


For all those who remember or know Mal "Bugsy" Rose, his wife advises that Mal now resides in Mingaletta Nursing Home in Port Macquarie and that she expects his stay there to be permanent?


Don Pollock says:  “Bugsy was the loadmaster on A4-231 on its ferry flight from Downsview Toronto Canada to RAAF Base Richmond. A laugh a minute on that and other trips.  He had the fantastic ability to "find" things that made life a little easier when operating far from home. We all got quite excited when we got a fire warning light way out over the Pacific.  The two aircraft in formation broke away and from a safe distance confirmed that they could not see smoke from our aircraft.  According to Bugsy "they would need binoculars to see us from where they are!" He might also recall how we narrowly missed the Oakland Bay Bridge on the early morning take off from Alameda.”


Dick Jones says: “Give him my best wishes please.  We were at Vung Tau together and I remember his Junkers at Richmond.  We met up many times later on ANZAC days and at Bankstown Aerodrome where we both worked at neighbouring establishments.


I think he also was involved in the building of the Schweizer 2-22 and 1-26 gliders in the RAAF Richmond Gliding Club in the 1960s.


Bob StJohn Says: “I have seen Bugs in his "home" and I will see him again. He was fluid with me but then forgot how to get back to his room!! He did say that the price of admission was a six pack of VB and to spread the word though I don’t know how the nursing home would appreciate this.




Ron Raymond


Ron say he’s weathering a bout of kidney cancer and so far he’s on top of it with the help of chemo pills - he says he's been at it for 10 months and, thankfully, the scene has improved some.


All the best Ron – looking forward to seeing on the 25th - tb





Roy Robinson.


Lance Haslewood advises: :I’m sorry to advise those who may know former Warrant Officer Roy Robinson (aircraft metal worker), that he is struggling with cancer and the prognosis is grim. Roy is well-known through the helicopter world having served with 9 Squadron both here and in Vietnam.


Those wanting to pass-on their well wishes or to make enquiries should do so through his wife, Ellie Robinson. Ellie may be contacted via her Facebook page.





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