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Where are they now?




Col Bradford


Kevin Rasmus asks:  “I am hoping you are able to help me or refer me.  I am looking for Col Bradford (right), an ex ENGO.  He was on number 80 Pilot Course in 71/72, regrettably he did not pass. He was at one stage a SENGO at CFS at RAAF Base East Sale.


I came across Col when he was in charge of apprentices as a civilian at RAAF Base Wagga. Since then I am unaware of his whereabouts.  I am organising a reunion of our pilot course and trying to track him down.


Are you able to help as to his whereabouts or any contact details?  I have searched White Pages, Facebook, Skype to no avail”.


If you can help, let us know and we’ll pass on the details to Kevin – tb.




John Jackson.


Greg Purdy asks:  “In Vol 60, Page 5,  there is an article on a return to Butterworth by John Jackson ex gunny (right).  I was wondering if it is the same John Jackson who became a RADTECHG that I served with at BSPEA in mid 1975.  Could you please ask him and if it is extend an invite to contact me.


Over to you John – tb






Why do we say something is out of whack?   What is a whack?




Stuart Henry Bosanquet.


Pat Johns got in touch, he says:  “My father, Stuart Henry Bosanquet was part of the Comms people BOFU Japan, 1947. His photo is on RAAF Radschool Association Magazine – Vol 39 Page 3. I have some questions that I would appreciate being answered if possible, My father never spoke of his time in BCOF and is no longer alive to ask. Can you please tell me whether he would have volunteered for BCOF service or not? What was his job title and role in BCOF and Japan? What unit was he attached to? Where was he stationed? When would he have left for BCOF and returned home?  My father never spoke about what he did over there and it would be nice to know


Even information on what it was like to be there and work areas in general would be good

I could then know a bit of what it was like for him in that way


Are there any books you would recommend I read that may assist me?


If you can help, let us know and we’ll pass on the details to Pat – tb




Air Force Components in Butterworth and Singapore in the period 1969 – 74


Colin Campbell writes:  “I am documenting the history of the ANZUK (Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom) Force and its precursor organisations by examining original documents held by the National Archives of all three countries as well as those held by the Australian War Memorial.  It is obvious there is much more material than what has been officially released in recent years.


It’s been more than forty years since the existence of the ANZUK Force in Singapore. The air component of the force was mainly based at Butterworth with elements at, and detachments to, Tengah in Singapore. The RAAF, RNZAF and the RAF all had units deployed in this period.  I wish to establish contact with service people and dependants who served in the area.  Personal accounts would add greatly to what would otherwise be a very dry account.


The units include No 3 and No 75 Squadrons, 4 RAAF Hospital, the RAAF Dakota detachment, 478 Maintenance Squadron and the Base Squadron. I would particularly like to contact anyone who served in the Headquarters of the Integrated Air Defence System in Butterworth, although it was not part of ANZUK.


By way of a reference, I have published an extensively documented history, More Bang for No Bucks, the history of a self-propelled Artillery Troop in an Australian Cavalry unit in Vietnam.


My contact details are:


E:                    colinrcampbell@bigpond.com

M:                    0408 442 186

P:                    P.O. Box 701,   MAWSON   ACT   2607




Paul McLaughlin.


Belinda Vedeika says:  Hi there, hoping you can help? I'm trying to track down Paul McLaughlin (1AD CMRTF) he is seen in one of the pictures in the Magazine Volume 44.  I was wondering if you could anyway point me in the right direction in locating him ?


If you can help, let us know and we’ll pass on the info to Belinda – tb.




Butterworth Photo


Rick Smith says:  Hi guys, you're doing a great job, keep up the good work. I was wondering if you know the whereabouts of, or do you guys have a copy of, the COMMCEN Butterworth staff photos that were hanging in the traffic hall? I have recently come across a photo taken of the RADTECHS at Butterworth in 1988, but I can't find the photos of the Operators that were taken at the same time.


Just thought I'd put it out there.


If anyone can help, please let us know – tb





Janet Doreen Roy.


We heard from Angela Hirsch, she says:  I discovered your page searching for information about my now deceased biological mother, Janet Doreen Roy (164WRAAF RTC) – right.


I found her photo on your site in a group with other ladies.


I am unsure what more you can do for me but I thought I should reach out just in case and see what you have for me. I don't know al lot about my mother, I am starting to look for more records now including my adoption file. Unfortunately, her family had not seen fit to let me know of her passing and I only found out when I started a family tree on ancestry. Ten years after the fact. She died on the 19th March 2007.


She did marry twice, she was Janet Doreen Mavor first them Janet Doreen Henley. She lived in Geelong, then Lara then moved to Tasmania.


I am under the impression she went to Brisbane after training. I am very new at searching the past so if you are able to help in any way to find more information about her service time, it would be very appreciated. 


My biological father served with her in Brisbane and now I am trying to find him.  She didn't leave me any information to the best of my knowledge although I am going to contact the family.  


Thank you



If anyone has ANY information, please let us know and we’ll pass it on - tb




Why does "slow down" and "slow up" mean the same thing?




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