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News and Reunions!





Anzac Day 2018  Brisbane.


The following Order of March was released by the organising committee. This year, the March will be led by the Army, followed by the Air Force with the Navy being tail end Charlie.


Air Force Squadrons will march off at about 11.15am.


The RAAF will form up in the following order:



  23Sqn City of Brisbane


  RAAF Airfield Defence Sqn


  2 Sqn Assoc


  3 Sqn Assoc


  RTFV-35 Sqn Assoc


  38 Sqn Assoc


  460 Sqn Assoc


  467/463 Sqn Assoc


  Combat Support Assn


  RAAF S.W. Pacific Assoc


  Sunderlanders Assoc


  RAAF Nashos


  RAAF Police Assoc


  RAAF Cadets




2SQN Victorian Banner




The question arises, how long before banner of the 2SQN Association (Victoria) is interred in a dusty old cupboard in a forgotten room and not to see another ANZAC Day March?


Like in many other veteran-based associations, the ranks of WW2 and Vietnam War veterans in 2SQN Association (Victoria) are thinning.


Since the early 70’s, the Association’s Banner has paraded in Melbourne’s ANZAC Day March. It continues to play an important role in reminding people watching the March about the role 2SQN has played in warlike operations and the sacrifice of its young men and women who served and currently serve in the Squadron. 


If you have served with 2SQN or are a relative of a former 2SQN member, you are invited to join us in Melbourne’s ANZAC Day 2018 March from Flinders Street to the Shrine of Remembrance. Please contact our Secretary, Walter Sherman sherman2016@bigpond.com  for more details.




GEMS Patron.


The Ground Equipment Maintenance Association Inc (GEMS). advises they are honoured to welcome their first Patron - Air Vice Marshall Warren McDonald, the current Deputy Chief of Air Force.


Warren started his RAAF carrier some years back as an MT Fitter Apprentice.




2018 Djinnang Association Reunion.


All those who attended the 2017 the reunion have told me they had a great time and as always enjoyed catching up with old mates. The reunions and the ongoing camaraderie is what the Djinnang Association is all about. The next reunion to be held on Saturday 26 May 2018. If you intend to be at the 2018 reunion please contact the webmaster.


The venue for the 2018 will be the Hotel Jen, which is just over the road from the Trans Hotel, where it was held last year. The event will be held in the Parkland rooms 1 and 2 which are on the 5th floor and which includes a wraparound balcony (smoking is permitted in a small area on the balcony).  The venue has just been fully renovated, and they changed the name of the venue room after the renovation.  


Hotel Jen is located next to the Roma Street Transit Centre.  Those flying in can catch the sky train directly from the airport to the Roma St. Transit Centre. A special accommodation deal has been booked in a block of rooms for us.  Cost per room per night is $165 including full buffet breakfast for 1 person, or $185 per room per night with full buffet breakfast for 2 people.   If you don’t wish to have breakfast included, $20 per person can be deducted from that price. 


You MUST use this code when booking  DJI260518 (which is short for Djinnang Assoc. 26 May 2018) and you MUST phone to book your room between 8.00am and 5pm Monday to Friday in order to get this deal.  Phone number for the Hotel is 07 3238 2222 and ask for Reservations. If you call on a weekend you will not get through to the actual Hotel, and they will not know about the special deal we have.


We are being offered a discounted parking rate of $36 per day at the Hotel if you are staying there (subject to availability).  Alternatively, if you only want to book parking for the duration of the reunion, going online at secureparking.com.au and booking ahead will only cost about $11 at the Roma Transit Centre secure parking carpark (151 Roma Street).  The Hotel has its own Secure Parking carpark, but this is more expensive apparently.

  • There are no stairs at this venue and toilets are located on the same level.

  • Patrons will be entitled to 1 free drink and platters of food will be served throughout the afternoon.

  • A coffee/tea station will be set up at no cost to patrons.

  • Dinner is available downstairs in their restaurant if required.

  • The cover charge unfortunately has again risen this year.  $30 for non-perpetual members and $20 for perpetual members.   This is necessary in order for us to attempt to cover our costs, unlike previous years. 

Looking forward to seeing you all there on the night.


Don't forget to put your name on the Djinnang website so that your mates will know to come.  Click Here!


Gail McDermott

(Secretary, Djinnang Association)




ANZAC Day in Scotland.


If you’re an Oz or a Kiwi and you’ll be in Scotland during ANZAC Day this year, and you’d like to attend the very first Dawn Service to be held in Scotland, get in touch with Scotty Potter. You can email him HERE.


Scotty is working with the Royal British Legion Scotland, (like our RSL) which will hold the service at the Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle.


If you’ll be there this year, you will be most welcome.






The TELSTECHs Association Committee has again decided to hold a “Get Together” on the evening previous to the Djinnang Reunion - this year it will Fri, 25th May 2018.




The last 2 TELSTECH Reunions were a huge success, so this year’s function will again be held along the same lines as last year. It will be held at the Hotel Jen, 159 Roma St, Brisbane.


We have booked a dedicated area and as we won’t be requiring money up front, we do require numbers. If you are attending please let the Committee know, the contact details are:


Mobile:               0419 805 282

Email:                 nippermc@hotmail.com




Australian Army Rifle Company Butterworth (RCB).


A case for recognition during the 2nd Malaysian Emergency.


Following the Australian Governments’ failure to agree to the RCB Review Group’s legitimate claim for recognition of their service 1970-1989 as warlike, the Group intends to take further action to secure an independent judicial enquiry.


All RCB persons who served at that time are encouraged to support the RCB Review Group.


See HERE   and HERE





Friends of the Mirage Reunion.


Everyone who has worked on or flown the Mirage are invited to a get together to be held at the Stockton RSL Club on the 30th June 2018, starting at midday.


Further details HERE.




RAAF Butterworth 60th Anniv Reunion.


The month of June is also the 60th anniversary of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (2 Jun 1958) and this celebration at Butterworth is the finale of those events. Whilst the RAF handed over in 1955 on a free loan, it was not formally operational by the RAAF until the completion of work by 2 Airfield Construction Squadron (2ACS) (accompanied by 478 Maintenance Squadron) which arrived on 12 Sep 1957 and completed work in May 1958. The RAAF formally took control on 30 Jun 1958 with No. 114 Mobile Control and Reporting unit, No 78 Wing (Sabre fighters) and No 2 Squadron (Canberra bombers) being deployed.


We have proposed the last week in June to both Defence Minsters of Australia and Malaysia who wish to attend, but we have not received any confirmation at this time. There are many events under planning but it is a bit premature to discuss with you now until confirmed. But there will be a formal parade, a fly over, organised tours of UNESCO Penang and other landmarks (Hong Kong Bar) and a gala ball.


Finally, I just want to emphasise that the dates are not confirmed as are details of events.


P.S. You should be a M-ADAA member! Please register at our web page www.m-adaa.org


LTCOL Nic Weston | SO1 M-ADAA

Malaysia Australia Defence Alumni Association (M-ADAA)


Office +60 (3) 2146 5571

Mobile +60 (12) 6229511




Penang Reunion.


Jimmy “Scotty” Potter got in touch, he says: “Morning gents from a bloody cold, but blue skied Scotland. As you will all be aware there is an upcoming event in the planning stages in Penang in June. This might be of interest to any attendees who would like to make their money go a bit further. Was hoping that you (all) would be kind enough to circulate the interest of the Bayview Hotel (Old Merlin) in Penang and the Bayview Resort Hotel in Batu Feringhi to attract visitors for this event to stay with them.


Initially, and fairly quickly, an idea of numbers and rooms would be a good place to start, to negotiate best possible rates. As I have now retired I am happy to assist with co-ordination of this initial phase, if it would be of benefit. Or I have included the email address of the contact if anyone would like to go direct. I think we could negotiate a better rate if do a bulk booking.


Contact at Bayview hotel is casey.k@bayviewhotels.com Casey Caruna Director of Sales.


I will also be arriving in Penang to get better acclimatised than I did last year, 12th of June, so if anyone is arranging meet and greets, or any other events and I can provide any on the ground support please let them know that I am a resource at their disposal.


If anyone can let me have email contacts for any other associations, clubs or other services that might be interested in attending and might be interested in saving money please feel free to forward them this email and copy me in, thanks.


Retirement gives me too much free time, so help me fill my days.


Look forward to hearing from you and being whatever assistance I can.


Jimmy Potter.

11 Sqn 68,  2 Sqn 69,  3 Sqn 72.




Congratulations to the educators who may have found a cure for dyslexia.

That's music to my arse.




Honour Our Fallen Ltd - ABN Pending.


Honour Our Fallen is a newly raised not-for- profit organisation (registration pending) formed to honour and preserve the memory of those deceased military personnel, buried in Australia, who served our Nation in all conflicts and theatres since the Boer War.


In partnership with local Schools, who will research and locate ex-Service personnel graves in local cemeteries, in any area and thereafter, on each Anzac Day beginning in 2018, place an Australian flag on each gravesite or memorial plaque (see HERE).


We request all veteran groups, historical, community, ex-Service associations and schools through member newsletters, and individual families and friends of deceased veterans, to all complete a simple “Flag Request” form to assist us in our research and commemorative activities.


Honour Our Fallen was launched on Remembrance Day, 11th November 2017, through media announcements and via correspondence to a number of Government authorities requesting their assistance, with positive results to date. The program will allow us to implement our plans in concert with the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1.


Commemoration will include Army, Navy, Air Force, Nursing Corps, Women’s Services, Merchant Seamen and Peacekeeping personnel from all conflicts dating back to the Boer War. Honour Our Fallen’s mission is to perpetuate the memory of all deceased veterans and to build pride in our community, particularly our youth, in the virtues of service to our Nation and respect for those who died protecting our freedom and way of life. This in turn should lead to greater recognition and respect for those presently serving in uniform.


Go to honourourfallen.com, pre ANZAC Day 2018, complete a Flag Request form and press submit. We do the rest.


Rick McCarthy OAM


Honour Our Fallen


Postal Address:  PO Box 2123,  BOWRAL  NSW  2576

E-mail:  info@honourourfallen.com.au

Website:  www.honourourfallen.com




I talked to a to a homeless man this morning and asked him how he ended up this way. He said, "Up until last week, I still had it all. I had plenty to eat, my clothes were washed and pressed, I had a roof over my head, I had TV and Internet, and I went to the gym, the pool and the library. I was working on my MBA on-line. I had no bills and no debt. I even had full medical coverage."  I felt sorry for him, so I asked, "What happened? Drugs? Alcohol? Divorce?" "Oh no, nothing like that," he said. "No, no.. I was paroled.




50 Years of the P-3


Planning is underway to celebrate 50 years of the P-3 in Australia and to co-ordinate this we have setup a website to capture as wide an audience as possible.


The address is https://50yearsofP3orions.eventsmart.com and it works on DRN  too (may need to open it in Chrome). It has some very limited information at this stage, however there is a survey so that you can register interest and keep up to date with what’s happening. Feel free to forward this email to anyone outside of the distribution list that you think would be interested as well.


(The DRN is the Defence Restricted Network, the ADF’s Intranet.)


In the next few days we will have an email address so that everyone can ask questions and help contribute; this will be published on the website. Until this is setup please contact me or SQNLDR Benn Carroll if you have any immediate concerns.




Michael Hawkins


Crew 4 10 SQN

RAAF Edinburgh

Edinburgh SA 5111







38 Sqn Anniversary.


All past and current members of 38 Sqn are invited to what could be the Squadron’s final hurrah. An anniversary bash will be held at the Base at Townsville in September. Details below:





Click below to see an ABC video of RAAF Townsville, produced about 1963 (we think).

Why is "phonics" not spelled  the way it sounds?




2018 East Sale Reunion.


The 2018 East Sale Reunion will be held in South Australia, details below:


2018 East Sale Reunion



Venue:   Vine Inn Barossa

14 - 22 Murray St

Nuriootpa  SA  5352





Friday 19th October  to  Sunday 21st October 2018


Friday 19th October.


Meet, Greet and Welcome on Friday afternoon / evening for those

who arrive on Friday. To be held at Vine Inn. Finger food at 7pm. Drinks at own expense



Saturday 20th October.


  • Daytime Activities: Take a Wine Tour??? Look around local area.???? Up to individual.

  • Reunion Dinner Saturday night Venue 7pm. Main gathering at Vine Inn. 

  • (Please let us know if you would require a la carte??? Or set menu ????   or special Meals????    We must know by end August).

  • Drinks at Own expense.



Sunday 21st October.


Farewell Breakfast Sunday morning at the Venue TBA.



There are Cabins available at Barossa Tourist Park, Contact

Email info@barossaturistpark.com.au www.barossaturistpark.com.au.



Motel accommodation reservations@vineinn.com.au  www.vineinn.com.au

Phone 1800 088 167 Toll free. 4 Star. Functions to be held here.



Motel accommodation Vine Court two bedroom deluxe self-contained apartment. Booking same as above.



The cabins at the tourist park have just been refurbished and look quite neat.



There are plenty of caravan sites available.



Airport pick-up, must know who intends to fly in, could be cheaper to hire car?



If you have any questions, please contact:

Ian Shaughnessy    Email:  bprince1@internode.on.net

Mob: 0429 094 274




The Jeep.


The little Jeep has been with us for a while. During World War II it became the primary light wheeled vehicle of the United States Military and its WW II Allies, as well as the postwar period; becoming the world's first mass-produced 4-wheel drive car, manufactured in six-figure numbers. Willys built 359,489  and Ford built 277,896. The jeep proved both exceptionally capable and versatile, and General George C. Marshall called the squared-off little vehicle “America’s greatest contribution to modern warfare.


The design of the World War II jeep was the result of a long process, involving the contributions of both U.S. military officers and civilian engineers, the latter mostly tied to three companies: Bantam, Willys and Ford, and has repeatedly been called a design by committee. In Autumn 1941, Lt. E.P. Hogan of the U.S. Quartermaster Corps wrote: "Credit for the original design of the Army's truck ​¼ ton, 4x4, may not be claimed by any single individual or manufacturer. This vehicle is the result of much research and many tests." Hogan credited both military and civilian engineers, especially those working at the Holabird Quartermaster Depot.


See the video below:






Capital Theatre Melbourne.


The RMIT has purchased the wonderful old Capital Theatre which sits opposite the Town Hall in Swanson Street in Melbourne. They plan an extensive refurbishment on the building and have offered significant past organisations that were involved with the RMIT the opportunity of purchasing a plaque which will be mounted on the donor wall in the foyer.


You can see further details HERE.










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