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Lynton Thomas Winn AM, MID, MSc, BSc, BEc


In the last edition, we advised that Lynton Winn, a former RAAF pilot, had recently passed away. Unfortunately, at that time, we did not have any further details. Kevin Kirk has provided some more information.


Lyn passed away very peacefully just before midnight on Friday, 17 February 2012, after a battle with Gliomablastoma, which is a form of brain tumour. This is not the only battle that Lyn was involved in, as he served with No 2 Squadron, in Vietnam from 23rd September 1970 to 21st July 1971 and was "Mentioned in Dispatches".


Lyn was also seconded to both the Canadian and US Air Forces and was the first pilot ever to be selected to do a Master of Science Degree at USAFIT. Following various postings, including as CO of No 11 Squadron, Maritime Surveillance, based in Elizabeth, South Australia, he was sent to Canberra as the youngest peace time Group Captain. LyLynton Thomas Winnn left the RAAF in 1982, having been awarded the “Member of the Order of Australia” in 1981.


After leaving the RAAF, he joined “The Australian Administrative Staff College” (later became known as the Graduate School of Management), as a Member of Directing Staff and spent 9 years there.


Lyn when CO of No 11 Sqn    


Notably, he quickly became the Director of Studies having implemented a new computer system, developed the Colleges IT capability and presenting a new direction and dimension for staff. He was admired for his technical skills and for being a “nice guy”. He brought a change of discipline and attitude to those who came to the College which required an exposure to a broad range of ideas and management skills from theory to practical.


The College was very disappointed when Lynton left in 1991 to join Lincolne Scott, an international consulting engineering practice. He left the company in 1998 to form his own business - Windows Warehouse, which actually dealt in windows and doors and not software.


Lyn will be sadly missed by his wife Bev and family and by his many friends and colleagues, particularly those in the RAAF.




Peter “Bart” Richardson


John Sambrooks advises, “It is with deep regret that I inform you that Peter (Bart) Richardson has passed away on the 1st March, 2012.  Bart was diagnosed with a brain tumour in May 2011 and was responding reasonably well after an operation in Sydney in September last year which removed 95% of the tumour. He had a bad seizure in late November and slowly started going down-hill from then. He recently had another seizure and was hospitalised and unfortunately did not recover. Our deepest sympathy to Mary and all of Bart's family. 




Bill Barnes


Denis “Irish” Maloney advises that Bill Barnes, former Sgt Safety Equipment Worker, passed away in Newcastle on the 15 March 2012. Bill served with 35 Sqn at Vung Tau between November 1968 and November 1969, but prior to that did two tours on Malaya, one with 2 Sqn, a tour at Ubon as well as Laverton, Williamtown and Amberley. This in a service career of 20 plus years.


Not only was Bill an old mate of mine, but he was a sort of an Uncle to me as well, seeing as he married my widowed aunt in 1970.


Bill was buried on Wednesday 21 March.




Jock Ballantyne.


Gerry Hemy says it is his sad duty to advise friends that Jock Ballantyne passed away on Wednesday the 28th March 2012. There was be a private funeral.




Chris Kirkhouse.


Robert Hill, an ex RadTech (9 years), worked with Qld Rail and then in the private sector for a couple of years. He has continued studies and is now a junior Doctor in Alice Springs. Robert did advise that Chris Kirkhouse ex-Radtech ground, who lived in Perth, had cancer and unfortunately, had not much longer to live. Since then Robert has advised that Chris passed away at home on the 5th April, 2012. He was buried on the 12 April, 2012.




Roger Kenworthy.


John Sambrooks has advised us of the passing of Roger Kenworthy in December 2011. Roger spent many years at Fairburn and while there played with the RAAF Rugby League team in the Canberra competition. He had the reputation as a fierce and rugged competitor who gave no quarter and who was always involved in the tough stuff never taking a backward step. His son, Roger junior, played his early football with Queanbeyan and then with the Canberra Raiders. Roger senior leaves his wife Jill, daughter Wendy and son Roger junior.


John says he played league with Roger in Canberra in 1967/68 and remembers him as a great bloke.




Norm Brown.


Jock Young advises the sad passing on the 30th April 2012 of Norm Brown from Asbestosis. Norm was an Airframe Fitter on No. 14 Apprentice Intake and even though he didn't serve in Vietnam he was well known to many at Richmond, Williamtown and Amberley. Our thoughts are with his wife Pam and his children at this difficult time. Norm’s funeral was held on Friday 4th May at the Traditional Funerals Chapel, 17 Anzac Avenue, Redcliffe



Stanley Edward Buswell.

Graeme Rickert saw our notice of the passing of Stan “Buz” Buswell in a previous issue. Graeme says although I joined with Buz and remained a good friend for almost 55 years, I never served at the same location after our graduation from the Radio Apprentice training scheme.


Stan was born on the 26 July 1941 and was 70 years old when he died on the 4 January 2012. He enlisted in the RAAF as a Radio apprentice on 15 February 1957 and was one of a group of six Western Australians who travelled by train from Perth to Frognall where our  Service and academic training was conducted.

 Stn Buswell

Buz continued on the Diploma stream which involved three years of study at the RMIT in Melbourne followed by one year (1960) at the RAAF School of Radio which was then located at Ballarat. Buz was not awarded his Diploma in Radio Engineering at the end of his period at Ballarat as he missed a couple of critical subjects which he subsequently picked up in his own time.


After completing his time at Ballarat, Buz was posted to Melbourne Telecommunications Unit where he served at No 1 Transmitting Station, an “outpost” station located on Point Cook Road midway between Laverton and Point Cook. In those days the area was a mixture of grazing and semi swamp-land with only the odd farmhouse. A far cry from the developed suburbia there now.


(Note: the following is fairly approximate.)


Buz spent time in various postings to Headquarters Support Command at Victoria Barracks, Melbourne, at the Radschool at Laverton and briefly at Pearce WA. It was at the School of Radio where Buz’s true interest and skill shone through. He was a natural at instructing and gained great satisfaction in helping others in developing their careers. I’m sure there are many of his past students who will well remember his enthusiasm and somewhat different instructing style that helped them complete their training.


I believe that Buz served at the School of Radio on two separate occasions. First as an NCO and later after he was Commissioned. Buz was posted to Pearce and took that opportunity to retire from the Service while back in his “home State”. His date of retirement was 27th July 1979 with the rank of Squadron Leader.


After his retirement, Buz spent some time as a small business owner involved in TV repairs and other electronics interests. It was not too long before his true interest in instructing again came to the surface and he joined the TAFE system where he taught for many years until his retirement.


Buz leaves many fond memories. A bit of a larrikin at times but always motivated to help others.


The photo of Buz above was taken in 2008.




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