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Page 3 Girl.



Our lovely Page 3 girl this issue is the fun loving Dianne Hoopert who was spotted at the Hideaway Bar at RAAF Laverton about 2 or 3 years ago. One of the last 21SQN get togethers.


Dianne Seidman (as she was back then) joined the RAAF in May 1968 and after Radschool was posted to 27 Comm Centre at Vic Barracks as a Trinop, a mustering which was later changed to Commsop. She spent all her permanent RAAF career at Vic Barracks.


Eventually, she got married and as the laws had changed by then she was able to stay in the RAAF but after a couple of years, her husband was posted to Townsville, but not her. Co-location was just not heard of in those days – so she decided to discharge.


Several years later she joined the Reserves and loved it. With the enormous advances in technology, she was working on some great equipment under guidance from some very knowledgeable senior NCOs.





Mandy Sullivan (left) and Jenny Quinn.



This photo was given to us by Jenny Quinn and shows the two girls at Laverton in September 1978. Both had been posted to Williamtown as Comm Officers


Mandy’s dad was then the CO of 2OCU.






Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation.



Air Operations Communications Centre.

Sydney, 1983



Peter Jordan (right) sent us these photos, the one above shows the Air Operations Communications Centre Sydney (AOCCSYD) circa 1983, situated at the then HQ Operational Command at Glenbrook NSW. Pete says he can still remember this photo being taken. “I was on the teleprinter receiving an operation sitrep from a USN P3C that was flying in the Pacific Ocean.


In those days we used punched paper tape to transmit our messages. Info was then typed directly onto the teleprinter which was then transmitted by HF to the aircraft computer systems.”


Across the back of the room are the teleprinters we used to keep in touch with the other AOCCs at Townsville, Darwin and Perth." 




A bunch of bones with the person scraped off.




"38 Commcen circa 1978 (or thereabouts) also known as ASAFRELAY Sydney. A major relay station for fixed strategic comms located at RAAF Base Glenbrook and part of the RAAFTUS Unit.


Comm centres were identified by a numeric in those days. The Comm centre for HQOC was designated at 65 Commcen. In the middle of this photo you can see an upright console that held machines we used to call 'reperforators'.


These were our 'receive circuits' and all incoming messages came into here via torn paper tape (it had small holes in it and could be read by running it through another machine we called the TD (transmit distributor). The operator would then 'split' (make a copy) if the message was to be relayed to more than 1 circuit and then the copies would be hung up on the 'transmit circuits' for the transmit operator to send. The transmit circuits are on the immediate left of the photo. In the foreground and right hand corner is the Telex position.


Not all units had a dedicated Comm centre and relied upon Telex communications."



Something other people have, similar to my character lines.



The Transmit Circuits.



"The bank of machines over the back of these are the receive circuits. The receive operator would hang the perforated tape onto the 'washboards' you can see on the top of the console in the foreground. Messages prioritized 'Priority' and above were hung in the red section for transmitting before all 'routine' traffic. It was a very busy place in its time. Imagine hundreds of paper tapes, some up to 12 mtrs long hanging off these washboards. And of course the machines made a lot of noise as well.


The thing hanging from the ceiling is the circuit status board. If the circuit was off line for a crypto change or if the machinery was U/S, then the WOFF Comms could get a snapshot of what was occurring. These machines operated at a speed of 75 baud (= 100 wpm typing) which was not fast at all considering modern computer technology."



They say that housework can't kill you, but then, why take a chance?



RADSCHOOL Bones Competition Shooting Team.



Back Row L-R:   Brian Flux, Kerry "Red" Robinson, Wayne “Grimmo” Grimson, Andy Bridger, Mark Howell.

Front Row L-R:   Trevor Longmore, Tony Pitt (Captain), Gordon Ross, "Scotty" Scott.


This event was held at the Army Survey Regiment in Bendigo. It's good to see Mark Howell managed regulation fit overalls in order to expose his ankles and also note Mark Howell is emulating Adrian Pitt by keeping his left pocket zip down. Nice attempt at being uniformly dressed when all else has failed. 


Found on a tombstone in Florida

Ma Loved Pa,

Pa Loved Women,

Ma caught Pa

With one in swimmin...

Here Lies Pa.



No 5 Plotters Course.

Ballarat, 1956.


Bill Kelly sent us this pic


Back Row L-R:   Gus Gibbons, A.Burton, Frank Musgrave, Ted Feeney, Joe Tolley, Bruce Ryan.

Front Row L-R:   Ray Collins, Bill Kelly, Tony Piepers.


Bill says – “Back in those days the radio theory for Plotters was taught at Ballarat, from memory this took two months and was trade tested at the end. Those that passed went on to 1 CARU BROOKVALE and followed up with radar theory and practical, along with basic meteorology, basic nav etc. This took about two months to course completion.”


Below is the  back of the pic. 




An elderly man gets in an elevator where a pretty blonde smiles and says brightly "T.G.I.F."

The man looks at her and replies, "S.H.I.T."

The blonde shakes her head and slowly repeats "T.G.I.F."

The man even more slowly, repeats "S.H.I.T."

The blonde, really annoyed now, explains that T.G.I.F. actually means Thank God it's Friday, and it's not a swear word.  “I was only trying to be nice" she says.

To which the older man replies,

"My dear, S.H.I.T. is not swearing, it means Sorry Honey, It's Thursday.




Peter Smith sent us this.


Back Row L-R:   Miller D (QLD), Syd Scotcher (Qld), Towle J (NSW), McGuin M (course orderly) (QLD), Williams C (NSW), Vermeulen Nick (SA), Smith Peter (QLD), Burton, Johnson L (VIC), Sanderson T (QLD), Kingston G (QLD), Tyler R (VIC)

Middle Row L-R:   Koch H (VIC), Bunker D (SA), Veaudry H (QLD), Heath, Bruce G (QLD), Turner, Lacey R (QLD), Darker

Front Row L-R:   McGowan, Kochivathkin R (QLD), Tolley J (QLD), Gurerra, Prein K (QLD), Brand E (NSW)


Graduated from the course but missing from the photo: Cummmings L (NSW), Element A (QLD), Haynes G (WA), Henley R (NSW).


Peter is a bit short on first names, if you can help please do. After Radschool, he went to 481 Maintenance Squadron, at Willytown, to work at the Cyrano Section.



Elfie Gahan, who was Elfie Kocholla in her WRAAF days, and who used to work at the Radschool library from 1969-1972 sent us these pics.  Unfortunately, Elfie didn’t have any names, can anyone help??



186 WRAAF Recruit Course. 1969.


Elfie is in the back row, second from the left.



32 RMTA.




33 RMT




35 RMT


Back row, 3rd from left - Brian McCormick










55 RMC, 1965.

Reg Wood sent us these pics.

Standing L-R:   Barry Skeen, Wayne Smith, Llew Jones, Stew Hardy, Mick Sparkes, Reg Wood, Gerry Millward, don't know, Keith Hayball, Ray Burrows, Glen Rees.

Seated L-R:   Ray Tame, Ian Collett, Ian Smith, Brian Brierly, Rob Kelly, Ian Tyrer, Edgar Sprengel, Col Isaac, Allan Mathews.



35 RTC


Standing L-R:   Ian Tyrer, Ken Winning, not known, Ian Games, Reg Wood, Peter Johannsen, Gordon Shaw, Bruce Hanwright, Graham Murray, Stew Hardy, Ray Rollands.

Seated L-R:   Hardy Dey, Bruce Dawkins, Vic Lanyon, Ross MacGillivray, Allan "Cuppy" Buttershaw, Ray Tame, Allan Mathews, Marty O”Loughlin, Steve Lewis, Keith Hayball, Rob Kelly, Lindsay McKee



No.6 Clk Med Course.

Wagga, July 1974.


Denise Ranger, Robyn Fuller, Maureen Mitchell and Carol Patterson.



If you're sad because you're alone on Valentine's Day,

just remember nobody loves you on any other day of the year either.




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