Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 45

Page 17

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Sick Parade.


If you know someone who is a bit crook,

let us know so we can give them a shout out..



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Graham “Blue” Silk.


While we were in the Blue Mountains recently, we thought we’d call in on an old mate and his lovely wife and ‘sponge’ a cup of coffee. Any and everyone who was at Richmond in the 1960’s would have known “Blue” – at the time Blue and his Healey were better known than John Lennon.



For years the only people who knew he had been Christened Graham would have been “Meggsy” from Pay Section and Kev Carroll, the OIC Queer Trades at 38 Sqn. To everyone else he was just fondly known as “Blue”.


Unfortunately Blue hasn’t been in the best of health. He’s had quite a bit of heart work and not long ago had a very serious brain aneurysm. Not content with those terrible ailments, he thought he’d have a go at double pneumonia which he caught and thankfully beat just before Christmas 2013. Blue reckons all this sickness stems from his time behind the counter making Welsh Rarebits, could well be!!


No surprisingly, he’s now retired, having sold his business interests, and he and Erin, who hasn’t changed a bit since we first met her many years ago, take it easy at their lovely home in the mountains, though we did notice all the sporty cars have gone, these days the garage houses a shiny black Subaru. Well he is 70!!


(Was great seeing you both again – tb)




Ted Ilton


Ted has not been too flash lately. Early this year he noticed a small lump in his lower right rib cage. The initial diagnosis suggested it was nothing sinister and that it could await further examination until he returned home after the Point Cook Airshow.


Not long after returning home from Melbourne, Ted had a biopsy which unfortunately revealed the lump was malignant.


He has now started a treatment/reduction programme which fortunately is not Chemo but a painless Radiation procedure. This will continue for a little while then he will be admitted to the local hospital for increased and concentrated treatment and where he can watch all the pretty nurses go by.


As you can imagine, it has flattened him a bit, but he’s determined not to let it beat him and anyone who knows Ted will know he doesn’t give in easily.


All the best Ted, we all hope you have a speedy recovery. 




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