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Page 18

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Where are they??



    Where are they now?




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Denise McKenna.


Does anyone know the wherabouts of Denise McKenna. Denise was on 147 WRAAF Recruit Course (Feb/Mar 1965) after which she was posted to Laverton as a Dental Assistant.





William ďBillĒ Oliver


Andrew Child got in touch, he writes, Hi this is perhaps a long shot, William Oliver- Bill to most, was a radio tech with the RAAF from 50s to 69 and served in Butterworth from about 1960 to 65. He was also at Laverton for some time and taught at Wagga Wagga around the 80, 90s. Bill passed away this week and his wife has no photos of him in uniform. Was just wondering if anyone knew him and may have a photo


If you can help, please email Andrew HERE




John Smith.


Jason Smith got in touch, he says:  : Hi I need some assistance, this is an odd request, but I am now desperate. I have been searching for over 4 years for my father. I can be contact on 0447 665 679.


The information that I have is below:


Name: John


Place: Sydney

RAAF base at the time: Amberley, he was a pilot.


I was born July 9 1997 so I can only go by past 9-10 months so that gives me a time frame of August September 1976. My mum said the relationship was over a 2-3 week period. I have been searching for significant events that may have included the RAAF in Sydney, such as demonstrations, training or celebrations to no avail. The relationship was promising but mum ended it, and he was not aware of her being pregnant. She said he wanted a relationship even though she was Aboriginal he didnít care about that stuff, but at the time it wasnít looked upon as a positive.  


I need help, and I was thinking if I put a storey and a photo of mum I might get a response, I donít know if heís alive or dead, I donít want to cause any trouble he may be very happy and married. But I need to find out if he remembers and is interested in making contact. The only other avenue that I have is Thatís Life magazine or social media. I want this to be discrete. I am not a vindictive or bad person. I am a single dad with two children one 18Yo and 13Yo. I just want help to close this chapter in my life and to move on.


If you can help Jason, you can email him HERE



Bob King.


Manun Pholsratta is looking for BOB KING he used to be an instructor at Radschool and as far as he knows Bobís last posting was somewhere in Melbourne. Manum says he would really like to get in touch with Bob again as he was very kind to he Thai blokes during their stay at Radschool.


If you can help you can get in touch with Manun HERE






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