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Held in Brisbane 30 May 2015.



The Djinnang Association held their annual Reunion and AGM “get together” on Saturday afternoon, the 30th May 2015.


Once again there was a marvellous roll up, with 132 revellers arriving from as far away as Perth WA, Townsville Qld and Burnie in Tas, to get together, meet old mates, tell lots of tall tales, and (secretly) check out who is starting to show their age……


As usual, the get together was held at “Club Central” in William St, in Brisbane. The Club, which was established in March 1964, was originally called the State Service Club and in 1994 changed its name to the Public Service Club in an attempt to attract new members. Then in September 2010, it launched ‘Club Central’ as its new trading name to further expand its membership base and increase patronage. With the demise of the Irish Club in Elizabeth St, there are not a lot of Clubs left in Brisbane city.


The photos in this page have been crunched to enable it to open faster, you can access better quality photos which you can print or download by clicking each one.



Gate keepers for the reunion at the Club were Deb Tape (Secretary and reader of the polls) David Tape, (Treasurer and holder of the purse) and Gail McDermott who rode shotgun, ensuring no one got past her without paying the bribe.


The reunion started at 2.00 pm, in the downstairs bar. At about 4.00pm, the President, Gavin Smith, closed the bar to not too many cheers from the populous, opened the meeting and began by welcoming everyone to the 2015 meeting and recognising the Association’s three life members Ron Bellert, Ray (RG) Thompson and Rex Ralph (Deceased).


Secretary Debra Tape read and tabled the 2014 minutes noting that there were a total of 230 financial members in 2014 (151 perpetual members and 79 annual members). Deb thought that the increased interest in 2015 would see those numbers rise slightly. Members thought that the Club was becoming a little tight for the growing numbers in attendance but with fine weather, the outside beer garden area was able to be used and there really wasn’t a problem. If it had rained things would have been different. The committee will investigate future venues.


Deb advised all that as a matter of historical interest, the first Annual General Meeting in the minutes book for Djinnang was back on the 14th May 1983 which was attended by 88 guests and was chaired by Ron Bellert who was elected as the inaugural President, Tom Green, Jess Hurley, Ray Barry, Jim Barrett, Jack West and Trev Nelson were elected at committee members and membership fees were set at $3.00 joining fee and $2.00 annual fee.


As is normal, all committee positions were declared vacant, and the following were elected:


Gavin Smith - President

Debra Tape - Secretary

David Tape - Treasurer

Brian Webb - Publications

Yolanda Lever - Committee

Gail McDermott - Committee

Ron Faulkner - Committee

Alyn Hawkes - Committee


The crowd, all at attention during the AGM.



Some of those at the reunion were:  (all pics left to right).


Glen Walton, Barry “Basher” Kirwin, Alan Moorcroft, Mick Holt.


Barb and Bob Bland, Robyn Russell, John Isaacs.


Barbara Watson, Dianne Webb.


Brian Webb, Dave Weston.


Carolyn Wilson.


Catherine Coffey, Dennis Greig.


Con and Faye Chatham, John Goss, Bob Spencer.


Ernie Gimm, Marion and Joe Barlow.


Dorothy and Col Cliff.




Dianne Hoopert, Noel Hartigan, Carolyn Wilson, Nicola Hartigan.



Some faces in the crowd.






I am currently trying to make friends outside of Twitter and Facebook - while still applying the same social media principles. It works like this - every day, I go down the street and tell perfect stranger passers-bys what I had for breakfast, how I feel, what I have done, where I had dinner the night before, what I will be doing today and what I think about almost everything. I give them pictures of my family, my dog and me doing some gardening and spending time in the local library. I also listen to their conversations and tell them I love them. And it works - I already have 3 people following me - 2 police officers and a psychiatrist.



And while the troops wined, they also dined, the Club brought around trays of the usual, which when mixed with a beer/wine or six, go down rather well.




Jeannette Kiergaard, John McCormack.


Lalee Jagiello, Ken “Swampy” Marsh, Shirley Watson.


Wendy Matheson (nee Turnbull).


Glen Walton, Reie Highfield, Lance Highfield, Gary Hagan.


Lisa Williams, Trev Benneworth…….I love this job!!!


Mal Dicker, Con Chatham.


Marg and Ian Greenacre.


Margaret and Jack Khan.


Roy Green, Col “Limpy” Mallett, Ray “RG” Thomson.


Lisa Williams – sprung, with her toys…


Mick Lawson, Sylvia Hodges, Kerry “Kero” Harrington.


Peta Brough, “Aunty” Joy McPherson, Carolyn Wilson.


Ros Smith, Jenny Bell, Betty Yardley.


Standing:  Sue Ansford, Margaret Holmes, Shelly Mathers, Joy McPherson.

Seated:  Annamarie and Kev Donahue.


Standing:  Shelley Mathers, Diane Kelly.

Seated:  Jane Keenan Gary Francis, Mick Conyard.





Some group photos.





Mick Cook, Roy Green, Martin Lunn, Bernie Culey, Ron Bellert, Col Mellett, Jeff Wessels.



Back:   Gavin Smith, Wayne Dalmeida, Noel Hartigan, Steve McNaughton, Mark Brown, Ken “Swampy” Marsh, Ken Perkins, Howard “Bull” Donald (Standing).

Middle:   Brian Webb, John Cridland.

Front:   Des Williams, Lance Highfield, Glen Walton, Ray “RG” Thompson, Mick Holt, Geoff Wessells, Alyn Hawkes.


We're short one name here - can anyone help??







There weren’t a lot of Switchies at the reunion, only the lovely Catherine Coffey.




Standing:  Graham Saunders, Dave Weston, Frank Hodges, Eddy Collas.

Seated:  Dennis Greig, Mick Lawson, Mark Wilson, Trevor Horne, Ron Faulkner.





Back Row:  Trevor Wood, Jeannette, Frank Brown, Sylvia Hodges.

Middle Row:  Barb Watson, Christine Senior, Carolyn Wilson, Wendy Matheson, Diane Hoopert (standing).

Front Row:  Robyn Russell, Lalee Jagiello, Mal Dicker, Deb Tape, Shirley Watson.


They say that Trev had a smile on his face the whole time he was in the RAAF  - and well he might!!!.




Joe Barlow, Jack Khan, Ron Russell, Mick Roberts.



At about 5.30, the President invited everyone to move up stairs for dinner and judging by the number of stayers, it was obviously clear that everyone had a great afternoon and all were looking forward to May 2016 when they could do it all again.



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